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  1. I don't Mt. Olympus is as bad as people make it out to be. When the park was Big Chief Carts and Coasters it was pretty sketchy. Back then it didn't seem like any employees spoke English and the management were jerks. Most of the time when I rode the coasters my restraints weren't checked. One time I rode Cyclops and my restraints was up high and my seat belt was loose. I damn near stood up on the drop of death and it scared the hell out of me. The go karts had a 3 strike policy, which was ridiculous. The go kart rules were too subjective and I think the ops liked giving strikes. People were getting 3 strikes within an hour. Some of them may have deserved it, but it was out of hand. People were getting strikes for going too fast, going too slow, bumping, crashing, etc. It's hard to avoid those things when people aren't experienced and every go kart operates differently. Thank god they are more lenient now.


    Ever since it has become Mt. Olympus I haven't had a bad experience. I haven't been there since 2006 so some things may have changed. The ride ops don't always check my restraints, but I expect that. The coasters are usually in good shape except Hades. Opening year Hades was rough, which I didn't understand. I always thought it was fun and I have not been on Hades 360. Zeus is another good coaster and Cyclops has the awesome drop of death. There are a wide variety of go kart tracks and they are a lot of fun. The flat ride selection is small from what I remember. I'm not into water parks anymore, but they have a pretty good water park. I would recommend visiting the park.


    Did anyone ever go to the other Big Chief location down the road? I never went there, but I drove by it a few times. It looked small and I could only see a few small go kart tracks from the road. Some friends told me that the go karts there were better, but the current park had the better tracks.

  2. Cedar Fair isn't neglecting the park just because they don't get a major attraction every couple years. Compare Michigan's Adventure to other small parks around the country. Those other parks don't get major attractions often. Cedar Fair is managing a smaller park the way it should be managed. Attractions of any kind will be added when it makes sense financially. It sucks waiting years for a coaster, but you have to be patient. Hopefully a Chance Hyper GT-X is coming in the near future and the "negligence" will be forgiven and forgotten.


    If the park adds something next year I can see it being a Zamperla Skater Coaster. Cedar Fair seems to like these and I think it will be a hit. I do agree that a smaller drop tower would be a nice addition at some point. A smaller pendulum ride would be nice too.

  3. While I was waiting for the Kings Island 2015 announcement, the guy next to me started telling me what he wanted for 2015. He said he wanted a launch coaster just like Top Thrill Dragster and I said that's not going to happen. He said he thinks it will and I said that they just added Banshee, so no. Then he said it will replace Vortex because it's sinking. I took a deep breath, told him that Vortex isn't sinking and that it's a dumb rumor. Then he said that the Bat was removed because it was sinking. I walked away because the guy just didn't get it.


    Later that same day I was waiting for Banshee to open and a couple asked me how to get to Flight Deck. I pointed to it and said follow the path to the orange and grey coaster. The guy asked why the colors changed and I said it got a new theme and is now called the Bat. He said that the Bat is stupid and unoriginal so it should be changed back to Flight Deck. I just laughed to myself when they walked away.

  4. It's fun to think about what might be replacing the Good Time Theatre, but here's some other food for thought. Alan Schilke mentioned RMC's schedule beyond 2015 in an IAAPA interview. He said RMC is working on 3 coasters for 2016, 4 for 2017 and there are openings for 2018. Wildfire has been announced for 2016 and 2017 includes S&S work. Could Mean Streak be one of these projects? I hope so. If and I mean IF Mean Streak is one of the projects I don't think it will happen until at least 2017. Hopefully the coaster gods can work some magic and make this happen.

  5. The bad:

    ...claim to be the cleanest park in the world, but are far from it.

    ...claim every year that it's the best Fright Fest ever, but it gets worse every year.

    ...cater to the YOLO crowd.

    ...you have to wait in the overflow line before going into the single rider line. During this wait you see every train with empty seats.

    ...you have two wild mouse coasters. (I know SFGAm doesn't have two anymore.)

    ...you are plastered with advertisements no one cares about.


    The good:

    ...you have a top 10 coaster.

    ...you have an RMC coaster.

  6. How can Blue Streak be better than Gatekeeper!?!


    I assume that you haven't been to Cedar Point so I will base my response on that. Blue Streak may not look like much, but it's an airtime machine. It's underrated and it's still a lot of fun even when it's rough. I like Gatekeeper, but Blue Streak packs a bigger punch.


    My vote for worst coaster is Wildcat at Hersheypark. There is nothing enjoyable about this ride whatsoever.

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