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  1. That is the #1 piece of advise for riding Millennium & Dragster. For these two rides your thighs and waist are the key aspects. If you try to “suck it in” when getting into the seat your tense up your thighs making it harder to get in. Whenever someone was having trouble getting in I would always have them take a big breath in, then exhale and relax which would nearly always get them in.
  2. I own these ones. I haven’t framed them yet but I can also say they are incredibly high quality prints. I plan to eventually own them all.
  3. Okay gotcha, sad to hear the resort is open again but the coaster is not. The day of my visit was Sunday, December 3rd, I've been out of the loop since then.
  4. ^ & ^^ Buffalo Bills is closed for a renovation currently. I was in Las Vegas at the very beginning of this past December and the website still said the coaster would be open. My friends & I drove out there to ride and that’s when we found out the whole resort and casino is closed for now. They must not have an estimated time for completion.
  5. This is awesome news! More RMC's can only be a good thing!
  6. I have the same problem, I was lucky at 1 Park last year. Canada’s Wonderland had a Leviathan shirt that was grey with just the logo, clean and simple. I bought it that day.
  7. This is very exciting to see! A trip back to Canada's Wonderland in 2019 is looking like a plan for me!
  8. That's a good quesion with Mr. Freeze, but note Maverick uses LSM's while Mr. Freeze uses LIM's I don't know if LIM's have the same effect as LSM's. I don't know the exact differences but as a comparison Wicked Twister uses LIM's vs. Maverick using LSM's.
  9. Mirroring what others said Xscream and Music Express are must rides.
  10. Based off of me personally talking to guests the past 3 seasons they usually said their favorite ride was either Millennium, Dragster or Gatekeeper. Occasionally guests would say their favorite was Maverick or Raptor.
  11. This is amazing they have the rides running in such cold temps. I just keep checking back in the thread for Boldikus & Coasterbill's commentary on how the rides are doing
  12. Winter Chill Out is open to everyone. When you buy your ticket you can select your start time. Last year I believe they were in 30 minute intervals starting at 8AM ending at 11AM. However those 11AM & 10:30 Times sell out really fast. I'm talking within an hour or two of going on sale. If you do decide to go when the tickets go on sale (I think Tony tweeted January 23rd is when they go on sale this year) buy them right away. Last year the whole event was sold out in less than 48 hours.
  13. It's always wonderful every year seeing the pictures you post of the parks you visited! Thanks for posting!
  14. This is in no particular order. Somehow I managed to get to 22 parks this year so I had a lot of rides to pick from. Boulder Dash (New) Wicked Cyclone (New) El Toro The Voyage Lightning Rod (New) Fury 325 (New) Montu Intimidator 305 Maverick Leviathan
  15. It hasn't been announced publicly by the company yet but a Senior Vice President in corporate retired. The Park President of Magic Mountain got promoted to the Senior VP spot. The Great Adventure Park President is moving to Magic Mountain. The New England Park President is moving to Great Adventure. The St. Louis Park President is moving to New England. The La Ronde Park President is moving to St. Louis. An associate in finance was promoted to park president of La Ronde. Changes officially take place January 1st *None of this has been announced publicly so this is all speculation. However, I trust my source I heard this from.
  16. I rode it for the first time this year 15 days before it closed. I didn’t think it ran to bad. Certainly not the smoothest coaster but it produced some strong air and I liked it enough to ride it a couple times the day of my visit. I took this the day before they announced Georgia Cyclone was closing.
  17. Great TR so far! The first half of Mako is something else. That first half feels way faster than it actually is!
  18. Great trip report! Always a hilarious read. Someday I'll make it out to Dorney.
  19. I visited Great Adventure, Great America, New England, & Over Georgia this year. A “trick” I do to tell if a park has overall good operations is look up at the rides for a few seconds. If you see a train or two running the course of any given they’re decent. If you see 3+ trains running on any given ride then they’re pretty good. If you look at the rides and most of the time you don’t see a train on the course then the park has bad operations. Strange, but it works for me. Great America & New England always had 1-2 trains on a course at any moment. I’d consider their operations “okay”. Superman & Mind Eraser were the only two rides going at a “good” pace. While at Great America all rides moved at an “okay” pace. At Over Georgia I almost never saw trains on the course. They were “slow” overall. Mindbender was the only crew that did a good job getting the trains out. Great Adventure I visited 4 times this year. January, April, June, & October. They were “great” across the board. I always saw 3+ trains running looking at the rides at any given moment. El Toro crew was a standout sometimes being ready before the ride was ready to send another train. Nitro at times would send a train the second the one in front of it dropped off the lift. At Superman we stacked for a whopping 5 seconds before advancing into the station. Green Lantern we never even stopped in the brakes, the train just rolled right in the station. Same with Skull Mountain. Great Adventure was on their game this season.
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