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  1. I was very lucky this weekend and I also attended Great America’s opening day. With the park not opening in nearly a year and a half I was expecting utter chaos, and ended up having a great time! 

    We pre-purchased gold flash passes because we knew it would be a busy day. Now my group is kind of crazy, but knowing Maxx Force isn’t on gold flash pass with the park opening at 10:30 we were at the toll booths at 9:15am and when we got in we rope dropped Maxx Force and ended up on the 4th or 5th train of the day. With flash passes getting on every ride in the park we wanted to was a breeze, Justice League was closed but I don’t think that’s a huge blow. We were planning on skipping Little Dipper & Dark Night before we got to the park. (the latter of which was closed also) 

    In terms of ride operations, for a park that didn’t open for a year and a half I think they did a darn pretty good job! There’s were multiple occasions throughout the day where we never stopped on the brake run and rolled right into the station!

    Maxx Force was the only new ride for me and WOW what a launch! You can absolutely feel how much more powerful the initial thrust is than rides like Dragster or Kingda Ka! 

    This visit ended up being my favorite visit I ever had to this park!

    Final Tally
    Maxx Force x1

    Whizzer x1

    Viper x1

    Raging Bull x4

    Demon x1
    X-Flight x3

    American Eagle x2

    Goliath x2

    V2 x1

    Batman x1

    Joker x1

    Superman x1





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  2. I've seen The Bourne Stuntacular four times now, I was pretty impressed! The pre-show explains the story so you don't have to see the films to understand the story. The technology used in the show made my jaw drop at one point because it was so good. I think it's a solid addition to the park and definitely worth seeing on a visit!


    We should meet up for a park lap one of these days!


    Yes! We absolutely should!

  3. I had an awesome time at Carowinds on opening day! Copperhead Strike is a ton of fun, plenty of twisty moments, good pops of air! The hangtime in the jojo roll, the first loop and the stall last for what feels like a really long time! Carowinds has another winner on their hands! With Fast Lane I snagged 3 rides on Copperhead Strike and somewhere around 15 rides on Fury 325. Seeing this park grow over the years it gets better and better.


    Some of my friends that I’ve worked with at Cedar Point all met up for opening day!


    Amazing addition to the park!





  4. PS: If you're staying two nights and you have a car then sign up for this promotion and hop to this hotel on the second night. Doing this will net you 8000 points which is enough for a free stay at many Choice Hotels that you can use in the future (assuming you book through Choice which you should).


    Thanks for the tip! I'm a choice hotels member and that is the exact hotel I was planning on booking! Can't wait to be back at Carowinds on Saturday!

  5. You can absolutely hit everything in one day if you get Fastlane Plus. Start at Dragster if it's open because it's going to break down 150 times throughout the day and it could screw up your plans if you save it for last. Get on the first available row. It's infinitely better in the front but just get on it once so you at least got one ride in. If you care you can come back later.


    This is the best advice!

  6. I got on the last train of the year on Millennium and thanks to a stroke of luck and a nice ride operator at Dragster, I also got on the last train of the year there too. This has to have been the only time a Dragster breakdown worked out in my favor. (Also shoutout to Josh Rice who's a member here. His crew was outstanding this year and congrats to him for getting such a high ridership number)


    Thanks! Dragster had its best ridership of the past five years in 2018!

  7. I was there on the Saturday before Labor Day weekend and the water side looked packed. On the ride side, nothing was a walk-on and the midways were decently busy.


    That’s great to hear! I’ve also been watching from afar since the Koch family took over and I really hope they see continued good results. As someone noted in this thread I agree with family friendly additions and classics like a scrambler you can see them building the foundation for this park to have long term success.

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