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  1. ^^ And there will also be teasers that likely show up well before the announcement. I can imagine that they didn't bother putting up teasers Opening Day (like they did for MT, and Banshee) because of all the other new things to be seen for 2019. For now, they want the focus to be on that (and I don't blame them - this is perhaps the most exciting non-coaster/non-major thrill ride opening year I've ever seen at KI) Teasers will show up no later than early-July, I'm predicting. But I would not be surprised if they show up some time in May or June.
  2. The reason that an old, clunky B&M would stick around for a time longer is the same reason why old and clunky Arrows have stuck around this long (and will continue to do so). Love em' or hate em' - they're workhorses. Why would they do that? Because the ride is too short (which was a complaint in 1992) and I don't think adding a different train type will build enough demand to be worth it. But Patriot/Vortex is even shorter (by a little) and that didn't stop them from converting it to floorless. Carowinds' Vortex might get converted some day it might not. Either way, I don't think its going bye bye anytime soon. EDIT: And as a side note, I'm curious as to how much these floorless conversions cost. Any ideas?
  3. They'd convert it to floorless before they'd remove it, most likely...
  4. Interesting... So I found this from Wild Gravity Travels The brown track with MCR marked on it, obviously is likely Hershey's 2020 hyper, but right behind you'll see some gray track with MCT written on it. Allegedly, B&M's hyper models go in alphabetical order based on the letter after MC. EDIT: ^This was Fury's track, not the other track currently sitting at Batavia. Fury was MCN, and there's between three hyper (models) since then. Mako, and the two in China would have been O, P, and Q, respectively. So MCR would make sense for HP's hyper, but the question then remains as to what happened to MCS? My guess is that might have been CGA's rumored but-supposedly cancelled hyper, which would make MCT track for KI's 2020 B&M (or vice-versa). If the MCT track shown above truly is destined for KI, then I would sure hope that is just a primer or something and that gray is not the final color
  5. Awesome reports! (commenting on the last three TRs...) Anakeesta: Rail Runner looks like a lot fun (and scary!). I don't think I've ever ridden a true mountain coasters, however I can recall riding an alpine slide when I was 7 at Attitash Mountain Resort in NH (maybe you've heard of that?) It was a fun and real uniqe experience. Its quite thrilling and scary to be in control of your own brakes! SFGAdv: Yup. El Toro never disappointments. It has a way of standing even at an already-great park otherwise. Best of the best. I am hopeful though that they can make a strong addition to their coaster lineup sometime in the near future. Don't get me wrong, I love the flats they've added in recent years and even the 'cookie-cutters' in Dark Knight and Joker have value in their own right, but I think am not the only one who would like to see a new signature coaster added for a change. Fixed it for ya. (unless that is, one of them wasn't operating that day?) I often forget this park has five B&Ms. But really even that fact alone is crazy (even though one of them is unfortunately, a stand-up) ) But to be fair, I personally don't hate GL. Its worth at least riding once in a day. Or at least, I liked it A LOT better than the only other standup I've ridden (Mantis - I DESPISED Mantis). Hershey: Love this park. Have been there twice so far. Once in 2011, and then in 2016... With Skyrush opening in 2012, I ended up waiting four years to finally ride it. But it certainly did not disappoint! Tied with Maverick for my #1 steel. The restraints don't bother me too much, but I understand why others would have serious problems with them.
  6. Per the NOC documents unearthed last August, we can pretty much 99.9% says its a B&M at this point, only question is what kind... And needless to say, most fingers would be crossed for a Giga. Based on how much of an improvement Fury was upon Leviathan built 3 years earlier, I can only imagine what B&M would have in store for a giga built five years after Fury. That is interesting. I'll have to look for outline of the logo sticker. That is, when I take my annual obligatory Invertigo ride.
  7. And according to some its "basically Valravn only a little bigger and faster" (even though it isn't).
  8. These look awesome! Throw in some underglow lights and you very well may be able to consider these coasters as righteously 'pimped'. (PS. And I mean this in a good way )
  9. ^I am sort of confused on that as well. Because on their site they clearly have Beast listed for 9:30 ERT from the months April-June. I can't find anywhere it says that it doesn't apply to opening day. https://www.visitkingsisland.com/tickets-passes/season-pass-early-ride-times Or perhaps if you get off the ride after 10?
  10. I've yet to ride any of the 'Sky Rocket' clones, but I hope to once I make I finally make out it to BGW someday. To me they look like pretty solid rides. Or at least, allow me to say this.... It seems that there is a fine line between so-called "gimmicky/cookie-cutter" cloned coasters and what would could also just seen as an elaborate/top-notch flat ride. Now yes, obviously this is objectively a coaster, but if it takes up about the same footprint and cost about as much a good flat ride, then why must it carry the denigrating label of 'gimmicky clone', as some would call it. I mean, you're getting a damn 200ft RMC next year for crying out loud. They could have just given you nothing for 2019.
  11. https://www.visitkingsisland.com/blog/2019/april/top-storylines-as-kings-island-begins-2019-season A recap of all the nice little touches being added this year. While I won't be there opening weekend, Friday/Saturday can't get here soon enough because I'm excited to see what teasers, if any, are present by Firehawk's old spot.
  12. Awesome report! Idk I mean I've been to Hersheypark in June before with Storm Runner being a walk-on.
  13. Don't know if this has been brought up before but for whatever reason I can't seem to find Kings Island from the index. (Can only get there from a link in the park's thread)...
  14. The original Bat at Kings Island would be another example. It has been rumored that Vortex was sort of a 'replacement coaster' offered by Arrow. Per KIExtreme: https://kiextreme.com/history_bat.php
  15. 40 * 36 = 1440 riders theoretically (with no empty seats). 1440 / 1200 riders per hour (theoretically) = 1.2 hours = 1 hr 12 mins Get on by 10:42 AM and you should be fine?
  16. even less German than a Burger King. Panda Express! And elsewhere in Oktoberfest there's also Hank's Burrito Shack. But to be fair, IIRC during Winterfest they had some kind of shcnitzel or authentic German food stand set up. So yes, current management thankfully is at least TRYING to bring back much of the original charm it once had (as with other areas of the park).
  17. My personal ranking of the Metallica albums (with some spaces added for emphasis of drop-off)... 1. Ride the Lightning 2. Master of Puppets 3. Kill Em' All (As you can see, I prefer their earliest work) 4...And Justice For All - Don't get me wrong. I like this album, but I just don't LOVE it like some do. Its got an amazing top 4-5 songs but the rest is just garbled filler to me. 5. Hardwired...To Self Destruct - a very refreshing "return to form". Or at least, as strong a comeback a band could possibly make at this age. 6. Death Magnetic - certainly a vast improvement following the absolutely shittastic abomination on the ears that was the album prior. But even then, thats not exactly saying much. 7. Black Album - Not a fan of the turn they took here, as I would imagine was the sentiment of other earlier-Metallica fans in 1991. I think its a decent album musically, but obviosuly its not Metallica in hardly any way. Only song that I'll even actively go to listen to is Wherever I May Roam. Everything else is either, poppish, lethargic, or just flat out BAD. 8. Reload 9. Load (of shit) 10. St. Anger (TF?)
  18. Could not agree more. And may their Loopers remain Sooper and Dooper for years to come!
  19. Possibly. Either that or they cleaned up the existing ones really well. There does seem to be a bit of a shine to them. And on an unrelated note, this paint scheme is suddenly giving me a serious urge to buy Starburst! Legend has it they're being paid off by them to implement 'subliminal advertisements' into their rides. (Lol jk not really, but if this was Six Flags it'd be a prime opportunity to do so )
  20. Fair point. We do, after all want this poll to be representative of all parks as much as possible, many of which are open year-round, and may have new rides open at any time during the year. (Much unlike Golden Tickets releasing their results as early as September, which only further shows their bias toward seasonal North American parks. )
  21. A closer look... https://pbs.twimg.com/media/D36G49tWsAIf_Om.jpg
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