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  1. ^Back in my day, In-Charges went back for IC Training in February leading to OJT with crew members until the week of opening for the season. I doubt they'll have Hurricane Harbor opened at that time since it will still be a little chilly outside. But at the same time, I started 2006 as the Assistant Foreman at Thunder River and I was up in the tower dispatching boats on opening day. So with that said, it will be up to management but I'm sure they're gonna go the Skull Island route and open up once it gets warm. At least TPR members will be able to get pictures of HH since you can see clearly once inside Cotton States (Home of my baby the great GASM - sorry I just had to. )
  2. Surprised no one mentioned both trims on Mind Bender at SFOG. I always wondered how it would feel to hit that horizontal and final loop at full speed.
  3. There you go Lookin pitiful Just because I let you go There you go Talking bout u want me back But sometimes it be's like that I STILL LOVE THIS SONG!!!
  4. Everyday I search Craigslist for open job opportunities. And i'm always sending out my resume in hopes that I get an email or a call back. Well today I came across an advertisement claiming to be from a company that allows their employees to take phone calls from their home. I figured.... why not? So I call the number... The lady was obviously new and had no idea what she was saying. It sounded like she was reading from a script. She directs me to a website and then she says "now click on 'payment'".... HOLD UP! Payment? Since when do you have to pay to work? I thanked her for her time and hung up the phone all while going back to the Craigslist Tab and flagging the advertisement as Spam.
  5. No love for Google+? I never really considered YouTube a social media outlet but I do see how that would fall into the category. And Vine has turned into an amateur porn site on the low key but there are still a few funny videos I come across every now and again.
  6. Its been snowing all day in Baltimore. It just now started to lighten up. I went outside and snapped a few pics. The high for tomorrow is 23 with a low of 18. Right now its 24 degrees according to AccuWeather.
  7. I just rebooted my phone and now i'm in... Its worth a try. Whew. I was getting worried for a minute. lol
  8. Is anyone else having trouble logging on? After installing KitKat on my Note2, I redownloaded TS:TO and now I cant log into my Origin profile...
  9. I use Twitter more than anything now. I used to be a Faithful Facebook Servant but I had to deactivate my account due to technical difficulties. I use YouTube and Vine as well BUT Twitter is where its at!
  10. TPR Randomly logged me out a few seconds ago and I am not retyping that paragraph... BTW, this is the first time I've visited TPR on my actual computer (Im always using my phone because i'm just that lazy)... Updated my Galaxy Note 2 to Android 4.4.2 Kit-Kat after 3 days of trial and error... This is my 100th post on TPR!! I wonder if those hot dogs are done...
  11. Job search websites like Indeed.com... You have me go through this whole process of signing up, entering all of my previous employment information, address, etc etc etc. So I finally get to the job listings... Click on a position I think would interest me... and i'm taken to another website where I have to re-enter the same information?!!?!?!?! For what? What purpose does that serve? I swear, companies just do this sh*t to piss people off.
  12. It looks the same to me with the exception of the mic being built into the panel. I know the buttons below the screen on the green side are for the gates, (entrance and exit/ open and close) and to lock/unlock restraints. The center button near the bottom is the warning horn and the outside buttons are to dispatch the train. The dispatch buttons do not have to be held until the train leaves. Once u hear the current collector rising (sounds like air being released), you're good to go. All those buttons on the yellow side control different parts of the ride (catcher open/close, jog up/down -- 4 buttons per catcher. Platform up/down. Current collector up/down -- the current collector is that little arm that drops down and connects to the train while it's in the station. This sends power to the train to lock and unlock the restraints) If you look at an off ride video of a GIB you'll see it near the front of the train above the track.
  13. Looks good so far. I'm loving the detail you put into the Hulk. That exit path, what CS is that from? I've been searching for something similar. Also, in your final pic I noticed you have a large walkway area for guests. That doesn't confuse them or have them walking in circles? I've always used single paths due to the large path issue had with RCT2 but I've never tried it with RCT3. Can't wait for the next update!
  14. Yay!! A release date!!! I can't wait to see the first few videos creators upload to YouTube. My laptop has a hard enough time running RCT3 so I know it would give me a blue screen if I tried to boot up NL2. Either way, I'm excited!!
  15. Banshee is looking great. Looks like imma be heading to Kings Island this year. I think they should play a scream when the train is dispatched, something similar to that dark - epic tune that plays when they dispatch a train at Batman the Ride at SFOG. There will more than likely be speakers on the lift so maybe some eerie type music will play as you're going up. I guess we'll find out soon enough. Lol
  16. Finally!! A GIBs panel!! Makes me wanna push the horn button just because.
  17. ^I'm taking it that the Evac platform reply was sarcasm and had to do with the pic he posted. I must say that's my first time seeing a GIB without one.
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