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  1. Thursday's are usually pretty quiet. The water park is usually mobbed every day, you'll usually have your longest waits of the day there. The Tornado and Brain Drain usually have the longest lines, Brain Drain can have an hour wait at times, usually it's the longest line I wait in all day. In addition, the water rides in the park like Grizzly Run and Thunder Rapids usally have decent line ups all day. As for the dry park you shouldn't wait more than two cycles on pretty much all of the rides aside from ROS which can be anywhere from like 2 to 5 cycles depending on when you hit it. But even with that I don't see you waiting more than 15-20min for any dry ride. Hoped that helped. Have fun!
  2. A 150-200 ft Funtime star flyer similar to some of the first ones six flags installed would be a great fit in the park. There could possibly be room in that grass area between twister and motocoaster. That would liven up that area a bit more.
  3. I can stand by SbSteveZ's report. I was there today too. ME was open and no paths were blocked. Also ROS was down for a good portion of the day and as I can see no second train. I'm not sure where this came from. Hopefully this can get cleared up, I'm curious to know if maybe someone knows something we don't?
  4. Just out of curiosity, does anyone know the status of UFO. Is it's return even a possibly at this point?
  5. I was at the park today and rolling thunder was testing for a good portion of the day. There were a bunch of guys in white shirts around the ride so I'm assuming it was getting inspected by Larson today. Should be back up and running soon. Aside from that and the Ranger, the only ride that was down was the Giant Wheel. In addition I was pleased with how efficiently trains were being dispatched on the coasters, it kept wait times at a minimum. I managed to get through the whole park in 3 hours. Seems like now that summer is in full swing the bugs have been worked out.
  6. I noticed the other day that the tipping bucket in Hooks Lagoon is gone. Does anyone know if they're planning on putting it back in? It's a shame, I took my little sister in the fort and I remember it being a lot better when I was a kid 10+ years ago. Now only a few gadgets in there work, she was bored in minutes when I remember spending hours in there. It really was a shame to see it begin to become an eye sore as the rest of the waterpark continues to evolve.
  7. Nice Instagram today, we can almost see your nose hairs You should see the outtakes... Lol! Doug, is there any talk around running rides with two trains? Going to defer answering this question for now. That doesn't mean "no" though! Expect an update soon. Anyway, here's a construction photo to tie you guys over. Steel should start flying today. And check out our Facebook and Twitter for some fiberglass action this afternoon. [attachment=0]ImageUploadedByTapatalk1429543441.352076.jpg[/attachment] Understandable, thanks for keeping us in the loop. You clearly love your job and it reflects in the work you do. Well done!
  8. Exactly! These were just DAILY issues that you just heard people on the midway talking about. How do they expect people to pay $50 a day to put up with this? HFE needs to have full control of the park or nothing will change. All day all you hear on the midway's is complaining, and they have every right to. Someone up at DL needs to get the clue that things need to change. They have taken a few steps in the right direction but customer service is a huge lack. Let me be clear, the employees are all very nice but there are other customer service problems that need to be fixed ASAP.
  9. ^ I totally agree there were numerous time I could have used one of those "guarantees" but you have to jump though hoops to get to them, and whats the point? (lets not count the rain checks because that is obviously out of there control.) What does it look like to the customer? "Oh sorry your day was frustrating. Why don't you come back on us, but spend more money on food etc. and see if it's any better." A true guarantee is something that they stick by. If they say they guarantee short lines but don't do anything to reduce the time in line what is the point? They are relying on people to just suck it up and not take the time to go try and get an exit pass from GR. Just nip these problems in the bud so people never have to experience them at all. For a theme park of Darien Lake's size it is pathetic to see one train operations and rides constantly down. It is just stupid to give people the passes to come back if they're just going to go back and do it all over again. I've had a long fuse on all of Darien Lake's antics and have always been optimistic in their promise for improvement. But enough is enough.
  10. With that being said there are some really frustrating parts of the park that could be easily fixed. But, overall since HFE has been in the equation the park looks better than ever. A lot of much needed cosmetic work has been accomplished. If they started shifting towards a customer service approach in the next few years DL will be an outstanding family resort. Most days I am there the problems that occur are minor and can be overlooked and in fact most of the time I leave feeling like a had a fun experience. But there's other days as well that aren't as pleasing. However, if HFE continues on with the park I could see it truing into something really great! Do I want to see a new coaster? YES! But I would much rather see the park regain stability before moving forward on new rides. I go there like once a week with my SP, that's just my viewpoint.
  11. Your wish is granted! I personally like this combo myself. [attachment=0]me2.png[/attachment] The green wouldn't go any darker, so i messed with the opacity to bring in some of the darker teal color. If you notice the sky looks more orange, it's because it is. I dyed the background to paint the track easier. If I took my time, I could've painted each rail and tie, but that would have taken about a week. At least we get to see what the combination would basically look like. You should seriously consider sending that picture to the park. ME could use a paint job that's more unique and isn't as close to the colors of ROS. The coaster is in the parking lot so it is one of the first rides that guests see and it should pop. If they actually see what it would look like it might get some wheels turning. Very cool, thanks for making them!
  12. ^ I'm down, as long as there's a committed operator that will keep it open, I'll be happy! HFE would be nice though.
  13. Passholders get 50% off at other Herschend properties, you can find this on the 2nd page of the DL coupon book you get when you process at the park.
  14. Didn't get to travel much this year so here's the best I've got: 3. SkyRider (Canada's Wonderland) (Photo Credit: worldofstock.com) 2. Ride of Steel (Darien Lake) 1. Leviathan (Canada's Wonderland)
  15. Ride of Steel- Darien Lake Still one of my favorite steel coasters.
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