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  1. Question, I am sorry if this has been talked about already, but has it been officially confirmed that StR is leaving?? And the talk of challenge park moving been confirmed?


    No, they just tore down the final lift and drop because they like to practice demolishing and rebuilding things in the winter since the park's closed and they're bored.


    You never know. I have heard that Cedar Point has started this new maintenance log that requires the team to deconstruct and rebuild items in the park. This is a program to speed up building.


    All joking aside, I did not notice the final lift being gone or it being talked about, maybe I am having a dumb moment, but Thank you for clearing that up!:D

  2. Pleasant Surprise:


    Legend (Holiday World) - Everyone talked about how horrible this ride was, but I loved it!! I was a huge fan of the lateral Gs and how this coaster intertwined with the water park.


    Boss (SFSTL): so many people would not ride this ride with me, so I had to ride it single rider and this woody became my top ten wooden coasters!


    Roller Coaster at Arnold's Park: I was under the impression that this ride was going to be rough because of the age and state of the park, however the reno they did was amazing and this coaster was so much fun to ride.




    Voyage (Holiday World) - I did not hate this ride, but with all of the positive hype that I was reading about, I went with high expectations and was not 100% disappointed but I feel that it did not live up to its name.

  3. Not trying to sound Nit-picky but some sections of Vortex's lift look "burnt"


    I'd love for all of Vortex to look burnt... preferably with blowtorches.



    I agree 100%. Vortex is awful.



    It makes me sad that Vortex is so horrible, it has (had) potential and then it is so far gone that there is no way to save this ride (my own thoughts). However, Vortex does offer an incredible amount of land for future plans.

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