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  1. No, they just tore down the final lift and drop because they like to practice demolishing and rebuilding things in the winter since the park's closed and they're bored. You never know. I have heard that Cedar Point has started this new maintenance log that requires the team to deconstruct and rebuild items in the park. This is a program to speed up building. All joking aside, I did not notice the final lift being gone or it being talked about, maybe I am having a dumb moment, but Thank you for clearing that up!
  2. ^thank you. By the photos I would assume that as well, but you never know. I am getting excited to see what they do with that area.
  3. Question, I am sorry if this has been talked about already, but has it been officially confirmed that StR is leaving?? And the talk of challenge park moving been confirmed?
  4. Does anyone know if Cheetah Hunt and Montu is open? Last I was there they were closed for CC construction.
  5. Idk Magnum has some pretty crazy ejector airtime My only worry is the last section. If there was a handle bar to hold on to it would work.
  6. I have to say Magnum XL or voyager. Trying to find a coaster that you could live on without restraints and still be insane. These two I feel I could handle and not die.
  7. Pleasant Surprise: Legend (Holiday World) - Everyone talked about how horrible this ride was, but I loved it!! I was a huge fan of the lateral Gs and how this coaster intertwined with the water park. Boss (SFSTL): so many people would not ride this ride with me, so I had to ride it single rider and this woody became my top ten wooden coasters! Roller Coaster at Arnold's Park: I was under the impression that this ride was going to be rough because of the age and state of the park, however the reno they did was amazing and this coaster was so much fun to ride. Unpleasant Voyage (Holiday World) - I did not hate this ride, but with all of the positive hype that I was reading about, I went with high expectations and was not 100% disappointed but I feel that it did not live up to its name.
  8. Ok, I am one of those people that have specific seats that I love on my favorite coasters. Example, Banshee is row 6, outside left. However, in general my favorite seats happen to be either right behind middle or back row.
  9. I find 'Tony Hawk Top Spin' at Six Flags St. Louis to be just enough fun for me! I could ride that ride all day and not get bored.
  10. I'd love for all of Vortex to look burnt... preferably with blowtorches. I agree 100%. Vortex is awful. It makes me sad that Vortex is so horrible, it has (had) potential and then it is so far gone that there is no way to save this ride (my own thoughts). However, Vortex does offer an incredible amount of land for future plans.
  11. 1991 1) Phantom's Revenge (or better known as Steel Phantom) - Kennywood 2) The Ultimate - Lightwater Valley (it's so long!) 3) Bullet - Flamingo Land After looking at all 50, I would say that these were the top three from that year, in my own thoughts.
  12. I read them. I love them to be exact. It helps me find topics that I may be interested in on this forum. It can be hard to find a good topic to get involved in sometimes when there are so many topics.
  13. I need to get on Tennessee Tornado! But as of now, Magnum is my number one! I used to hate that ride, but now it is simply one of my favorites.
  14. Simply incredible! I am so glad that they were able to get this back and running! Dreamland is now on my bucket list!
  15. Beautiful reports everyone! Thank you from someone who wishes he could attend! ONE DAY!!!
  16. ^it seems more and more that these Golden Ticket Awards are bought out more then true voting on.
  17. Overall for me, I love the new restraints. However, as many people have stated they hold you a lot more into the seat, and for that reason I do respect the old ones still.
  18. Ok so question: what cedar fair park will test VR on their coaster?
  19. ^for how tight that space is for a dive coster, I am very surprised that we were still able to get 4 major record breakers from this coasters. (10 total!)
  20. Thank you. I saw this during the pov, but could not get a screen shot in time! Thank you!!
  21. I am surprised they are not announcing what is happening to the midway or entrance. I guess this will be announced later!?
  22. Even though we knew what was going on, but still this is exciting!
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