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  1. Pete Owens did just confirm on air that the park is fine. They do believe about a dozen or so cabins have either been a total loss or damaged. That was the update that I saw on the news just now.


    Also staying at the park will be closed tomorrow. And further assessment about this week and will be decided upon talking to the city.



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  2. If it were a 2017 addition they would have announced it already to boost Season Pass sales during their Halloween event. It wouldn't make any sense to tease a much less impressive Soak City announcement now to drum up sales and wait until the park is closed to announce something infinitely more interesting.


    Plus we also have to think about how huge this project may be and the fact that winters suck. Look at Twisted Colossus. That took a long time, but they had great weather. I would say MS will be a bigger project (because of height, and how much may have to be removed). With that in mind, this (in my opinion) will be built durning next season as well. Personally I would love to see a coaster being built durning a season, bring attention to the park, and interest for the next season.


    I think we will see some changes to Frontier Town next year, but the main change will happen in 2018. Could be wrong though.



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  3. The park has to be bummed about this.


    They have been so tight lipped about the whole thing, and to have it spoiled by a simple oversight like a logo on a truck.


    How? They teased it so much we all new it was going to happen. Richard Michael Crosby being very obvious for RMC. Also for the fact the trucks show up after the death of MS. If the trucks showed up before then I would agree. At this point we already knew RMC. However, we still have no idea what the track layout will be. In retrospect that will be the huge announcement. More then confirming RMC or GCI (my opinion).



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  4. what are some changes people are looking forward to in Frontier Trail? (Besides a new coaster)


    I would like to see some new shops added to the trail. Maybe even a couple of new restaurants and a flat ride or two.


    I'm nerdy and I have no shame: I believe the Frontier Trail is the corridor from the MF tunnel to the Wave Swinger/hospital haunt, while the Frontier"town" is the Maverick/Mean Streak area heading toward Gemini -- which area did you mean? Did I miss a support announcement mentioning new stuff, or are you speculating on your own?


    Other than eventual new plans for the Shoot the Rapids spot, I'd like to see almost no further changes in the back-left part of the park. Aside from some larger restrooms, I'm good. There's already a fine gift shop near Mean Streak that can be tweaked to anchor the coaster's post-op merchandise. The rustic theme and relative abundance of trees in the Frontier areas make for a great change of pace from the beach views & open plazas of pavement elsewhere. While Mean Streak will benefit greatly from surgery, a Frontier face-lift would be at an ironic risk of getting botched. Cedar Fair doesn't have a track record of doing "rustic-modern" like SDC/Dollywood, so I'd prefer it simply resists the temptation to add back there for the sake of change. Aye, many a generic plaza were born this way.


    Skyhawk fits in well enough and is fun, but I don't want anything else crowding the aesthetic, creating more pavement, or chopping down trees. Same goes for the old-fashioned shops and petting zoo near Millennium Force: keep the pace slower, keep it shaded. Seeing Twisted Son of Mean Streak's 360 Revenge & Maverick be two kick-butt neighbors to one another is the only change I want to see!


    I misspoke, I did mean frontier town. My apologizes.


    It need to keep that laid back feel for sure. Adding more trees would not hurt either when they are done with MS.


    As for Rip Cord. (I don't believe this) I was talking to an employee, one idea they had (a while back) was to place it outside the park, near the beach area. But I feel that there is no room for that anywhere out there.


    Someone once said the shoot the Rapids area, but looking at all the construction they would still need to do to move it there would (in my opinion) not be worth it.


    Any other ideas?



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  5. For those who don't get it yet... R(ichard) M(ichael) C(rosby). = RMC. He paused to make it even clearer.

    Yeah, that doesn't mean anything. I'm sure Richard Michael Crosby was his real name and the initials are just a coincidence...


    Good point. But you never know. If it does mean something then it was a cleaver to place it in front of our nose. However, since we have beat RMC over the head, and we will know soon enough, what are some changes people are looking forward to in Frontier Trail? (Besides a new coaster)


    I would like to see some new shops added to the trail. Maybe even a couple of new restaurants and a flat ride or two.



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  6. So has anyone else heard the "news"/teasing that Melt Bar & Grilled is putting a location in or near Cedar Point? I for one am UTTERLY STOKED. Cheese 4 dayz


    Yep! I loved their Twitter conversation with Tony. It was awesome! 99% this is going to happen based off that conversation! I would love to see them in the park! However, it has to be a full menu type of thing. Now a water down version. If that makes sense.



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    To continue the sarcasm...The day RMC is going to convert a coaster like Mean Streak by May of 2017 starting in late September with a Lake Erie Winter, is the day my 5'7" self can dunk a basketball.


    Better get practicing then because we all know EXACTLY what business decisions CF/CP are doing for next year because we are ENTHUSIASTS!!


    (/end sarcasm)



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  8. I just go to quaker steak and lube now. I like the food a little better. They made a deal with the park that they can not have a mark up so the price for food and drinks is the same as if you went to a local one.


    I'm shocked that this page is not blowing up with fan boys talking about how a Rm has to be coming to mean streak since Six flags is not using them for 2017.




    Ok there we go!;)


    Anyways they are using them, with the three free spins by S&S. RMC may not have a lot of work for 2017 with these three tracks, but that could be for various reason that don't need to be discussed.


    What does need to be discussed: what do you think will be "new" with the Skeleton Key rooms? With 16 days till Halloweekends what are you thoughts? Have you ever been in a skeleton room? Are they worth it?


    Thank you!:D



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  9. I can finally breathe. So happy CW didn't end up like KD this year. Too Soon? Jokes aside tho, so happy about the Soaring Timbers ride. I love a good flat ride, gives me that CNE feeling a lot. Plus the new water park additions is a good fit, another excuse for me to hit the gym for next summer.


    Anyways, it's weird that CF only added one coaster this year, and it isn't a B&M. Makes you think why they spent so little this year. Looks like 2018 is our new coaster year......hopefully.


    This is why I don't think cedar fair is done with announcements. I think we are still going to see RMC announcements for CP and KD.


    However I am so stoked for these additions at CW!! This makes me want to visit so bad. I love how they keep adding really unique and awesome flat rides!!



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  10. Well the park is dead today! Maverick's line ends at the bottom of the stairs.



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    I'm here today as well with my brother. All the coasters are a walk on or at most just outside the station, including Valravn. The longest wait we've had has been about 15 minutes when someone threw up on Millennium Force. We're having a fantastic day!


    It is a beautiful day to be here at the park! The only down side, I can't ride my favorite seat on Magnum. Anyways, PM me if you want to meet up for a bit.



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  11. I remember that Iron Horse thing being discussed a few months ago, and someone said that it was a drink somehow themed to the CP and LE Railroad.


    EDIT: Found the post.

    Hey guys, I hate to put a damper on any possible clues for an RMC Streak (because yes, it likely WOULD be the best thing ever!), but Iron Horse on that board probably refers to Iron Horse Porter, which is a Brew Kettle Craft Beer that they sell at Cedar Point (themed to the CP&LE Railroad, according to THIS.) Additionally, Frontier Trail refers to Frontier Trail Ale, which I have actually partaken of at that very establishment a couple of times this year. Sorry to be a buzzkill, but sadly, I don't think this is a clue...


    Thank you for finding the post. Sorry I don't have the best way to go through hundreds of posts to see if it has been talked about. All I have is a phone right now. Also, I learned something today! I did not know iron horse was a reference to a train. The bar did not know why it was called that, so thank you again for answering that question and helping me learn something.


    Also as far as I knew, Magnum was running two all day, at least every time I rode it.



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  12. I have a dream that one day coasterbill won't have to repeat himself on where to sit on Mean Streak


    That day is unfortunately coming. I'm really excited to see what's coming but I'll always miss Mean Streak, especially because it's very existence pissed enthusiasts off so much.


    Hahaha. This right here is to funny. All I hope is what comes next is just as "huge". I will miss how beautiful mean streak looks, but that is about it.



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  13. Interesting note. I was at the fontina trail brewery (can't remember the name) anyways under the list for "cedar point brews" there is a brew called "Iron Horse". As far as I know there is nothing called that in the park (speaking for halloweekends). Is this a clue for Mean Streak conversion? Being that every beer on that list is named after something in the park, except that one.



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  14. The front row is the sweet spot but you need to lean forward with your back off the seat back. That's always been the case, though it's still better in the front of any car even if you don't do that last part.


    Will have to try it one last time. Unless the green train just sucks. I have never been shaken or Bounced around so much on a roller coaster other then that time.



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  15. ^^Wait, they're not running Mean Streak (down a train) in the rain? Once Mantis pulled the third train it always ran in the rain. This honestly makes no sense to me.


    Which row did you ride in?


    I can already tell you which row he DIDN'T ride in.


    Hahaha. Truth.


    Edit. Did one more ride and rode in the second to last car and that ride was what I do remember it to be. It was tolerable. Guess the front has gotten worse over the years.



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