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  1. I’ll honest but I wouldn’t of have been so disappointed had Rockstar announced RDR2 PS5 instead. Heck I’d even take a remastered version of one of their older PS2 games over this supposed enhance and extended version of GTA V. Speaking of that we all know this has nothing to do with enhancing/extending the actual game but online only. Otherwise I think the only way this announcement wouldn’t of disappointed me is if the release year for GTA VI had been revealed as well.

    ^ So will you be buying the game again then? I knon I won’t be unless they allow us to transfer our PS4 story mode data to the PS5.

  2. Rockman & Forte(Mega Man & Bass): Super Famicom/GBA

    I’ve now played all 12 games in the original series.

    Here’s my ranking of each game from best to worst

    1. Mega Man II

    2. Mega Man 11

    3. Mega Man 7

    4. Mega Man V

    5. Mega Man VI

    6. Mega Man IV

    7. Mega Man 10

    8. Mega Man 9

    9. Mega Man

    10. Mega Man III

    11. Mega Man 8

    12. Mega Man & Bass

  3. ^ Yeah seriously WTF was that review. I don’t know what Doug was thinking when he did this. This was easily one of his worst NC reviews ever if not the worst. Some consider it so bad that they’ve dubbed it the worst review in history of the internet.

  4. I rode Vortex for first time last year and I didn’t think it was that bad for a Arrow mega looper. I’ve always found it interesting that the last inversion on Vortex was the batwing and not the double corkscrew. Honestly I think Anaconda was worse. Other those two I’ve only ridden one other Arrow mega looper and that was Shockwave in its final year if operation so 17 years ago I think.

  5. I visited HW on June 22nd(along with KK) and I loved the Voyage. Didn’t think it was rough at all but not perfectly smooth either. As for the other woodies I enjoyed the Raven more than the Legend. Heck I’d say even Thunder Road was better than the Legend. What killed my ride on the Legend was that helix towards the end. There was just way too much jackhammering during it.

    Just like the Beast thought there’s no way the Voyage is ever going to get the RMC treatmeant. I think at the most they should switch the PTC trains to either the timberliners(like they had originally planned to do) or millennium flyers.

  6. On the subject of Six Flags Great America roller coaster called "American Eagle" - I think the coaster is just fine where it is. The only criticism I have is that coaster could use a fresh coat of paint to make it pop. As long as that coaster attracts long lines of people willing to ride it and ride it again, but on the other side, that ride should stay where it is.


    One more statement to make - The Whizzer is the last coaster of its kind and that park should fight to keep that fine coaster from going anywhere, and we the riders and amusement park flyers would protest loudly if Six Flags should ever consider this verboten act.


    Actually Whizzer is not the last of its kind. There’s one in Columbia that was relocated from WOF. But I absolutely agree that Whizzer should never be removed. I’m indifferent when it comes to American Eagle though. Part of me wants to see the park RMC it and the other half doesn’t.

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