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  1. Fury 325 Goliath SFOG Montu Maverick El Toro Thunderhead Medusa SFM Kumba Phoenix Dania Beach Hurricane Drop Tower- Falcon's Fury Dark Ride- Spider-Man Indoor Coaster- Mummy USO Family Coaster- Cheetah Hunt
  2. I've touched the grass on Kumba's helix. That's the only time I've tried to touch something I wasn't supposed to. It didn't feel too good.
  3. The airtime hills on Fury 325. I didn't expect them to be so strong. They were very unB&M. Gives me hope for Mako.
  4. The entire new Failure album it's so good.
  5. ^ The best seats on Cheetah Hunt are the first two rows, they give the best airtime up the tree. Get a back row, far right seat ride on Kumba. Montu is great in the front or back. Same for Sheikra. Make time for Falcon's Fury, you won't be disappointed.
  6. I have a couple. The first is HRRR at USO. The restraints fit me weird, it's rough for its age and has way too many blocks/brake runs. The queue line is long and annoying as shit. I seriously hate this ride. The second coaster is Manta at SWO. The pretzel loop is awesome but the rest of the ride is kinda meh. I don't hate it by any means, I just don't get the hype.
  7. I remember being mesmerized by Cedar Point back in 1994 as a 13 year old. I think it has lost a lot of its charm since then. Recently, I'd have to say Epcot or Dollywood.
  8. Don't know how you could call Fury a snooze fest. The airtime is the best B&M has ever done. If I ever get tired of taking overbanked turns at 90 mph, I'll find a different hobby. You can say it's overhyped, I get that, but to say it's a snooze fest is kinda crazy.
  9. I saw some pretty big people riding Fury. Didn't see any walks of shame. I sat next to a guy that was at least 6'4'', 320lb and he fit.
  10. Yes, we are jaded when it comes to B&Ms. There was a time when a B&M coaster meant a forceful coaster with a unique layout and great speed and even airtime. These days B&M delivers "safe" coasters that deliver consistently good experiences for all of the parks but coaster fans often find them underwhelming because there isn't anything new or exciting to them them when compared to how "cutting edge" they were back in the 90's. It isn't that B&Ms are bad coasters, because they most definitely aren't. They're just safe, almost simple when compared to the balls-to-the-wall craziness that fans have come to expect from Intamin Rocky Mountain Construction these days. The general public eats up new coasters from all makers, but yes, the fans often turn their noses up to B&Ms when they are announced because they feel that there is little about a new B&M that is unique or intense. While I'd be disappointed if it did end up a B&M, I'm still of the firm belief that a new B&M is better than nothing (or at least better than another Maurer Sohne in Orlando)... I'll ride it happily either way. And if it ended up being a B&M hyper like Goliath at La Ronde I'd frequent it often. I agree with everything you say but I believe B&M is going back to what made them popular with enthusiast. Fury 325 was a huge surprise to me. It was fast, felt out of control, and the airtime it did have is the best they've created, by far. I'm definitely an Intamin fanboy, but a Goliath clone from SFOG or La Ronde would be awesome. I just want the airtime moments from Fury times 10.
  11. ^ Cedar Point has Raptor, WT, and Iron Dragon.
  12. I think they're both in South Carolina. I'm not a local or anything but Thunder Road is pretty craptacular. That being said, I think Hurler should be scrapped immediately. What's with GCIs aging so horribly? I don't believe Hurler is a GCI. Correct. Its "International Coasters Inc."....who have only built the two Hurlers ^ My bad. I guess I should check rcdb more often. I can see why they only built two.
  13. ^ I guess they both run into both states. I was saying they don't each exclusively stay in their own state. I can definitely see Thunder Road getting the axe. It had by far the shortest queue of any ride at Carowinds. It was a walk-on on a Saturday when the rest of the park was slammed.
  14. I had about 12 rides on Fury. It's not as intense as I305 but I felt the four airtime moments it had were great. I put Fury ahead of I305 right now. I haven't ridden I305 in four years. I think I tend to rank more recent coasters ridden a little higher. They both blow MF out of the water. I need to get back to VA for I305 rides and Tempesto.
  15. I think they're both in South Carolina. I'm not a local or anything but Thunder Road is pretty craptacular. That being said, I think Hurler should be scrapped immediately. What's with GCIs aging so horribly?
  16. I honestly don't think this coaster will be a traditional hyper. I think we'll see something original for its size.
  17. ^My last stay at the Breakers was in 2005. We just filled solo cups with liquor or beer and went to the pool/beach. I think the only rule for the beach area was no glass containers. It's been awhile but I remember it being ok to take alcohol to the beach. I would check out the website or call to be sure.
  18. Sorry for the double post. I thought I'd give the Cliff's notes version of a trip report. Afterburn: Nice snappy invert. Month is still my favorite. Afterburn comes in between the dragons and Alpengeist in my invert ratings. Nighthawk: Terrible. If I ever have a kidney stone, I'll come back and ride Nighthawk to jar it out. Vortex: Not bad, only because it was short. My second favorite after Georgia Scorcher. Hurler: Needs a RMC makeover. Thunder Road: Not terribly rough but very boring. No airtime at all. Goldrusher: Good mine ride. The tunnels added a nice touch. Intimidator: Fun ride. It has the floaty airtime you would expect from a B&M hyper. I wish the trims didn't grab so hard. I put it even with Diamondback. Fury 325: This coaster blew my expectations away. The first drop was awesome. The turns were fast and felt out of control. The turn around had weird sideways floater airtime. I'd put it on par with the best B&M hyper airtime. The first proper airtime hill was closer to ejector than floaty, as were the the last two. Overall, Fury is mostly about speed, which it does right. The airtime was an unexpected treat. I'd put it as my favorite giga coaster, just above MF and I305. Overall, Carowinds was a great park. I loved the atmosphere. Taste of the Carolinas was pretty sweet too. I'll try to post pictures soon.
  19. ^ I was at the park today. The crowds didn't get that bad. The park was dead until about 2pm. Ride Nighthawk first if you want the credit. Fury was awesome, by the way. Strongest airtime I've had on a B&M. Fury has a small queue now for the front row. It added about 5 minutes to the wait time.
  20. TPR is an escape from everyday bullshit for me. I don't post much but I read a lot of the posts. The less immature crap I have to sift through, the better.
  21. I hope they dual these things properly. If so, it's a top ten coaster easily. That double down should be insane.
  22. Wildcat, Disaster Transport - Cedar Point Speed the Ride, High Roller - Vegas Python, Gwazi - BGT Dania Beach Hurricane Son of Beast, King Cobra - KI Texas Giant, Flashback - SFOT Florida Hurricane, Zoomerang - Boardwalk and Baseball
  23. I suggested a wing rider because it seems more themeable and marketable than a hyper. I'll take an Intamin hyper over any other design. Hell, clone Goliath from SFOG and I'd be ecstatic. Whatever it is will be great.
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