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  1. Any idea on manufacturer? Is this for 2015? Was thinking it was just old rumors been recycled .Hope it turns out to be true a big fun would fit corkscrew site and proberbly not need planing as it would be slightly smaller than the ride removed!



    Stu k

    It's going to be very similar or a clone of Roar-o-saurus at Story land New Hampshire. It will be manufactured by Gravity Group.

  2. I would call Helix the all-mountain ski of roller coasters. A coaster that is good at everything, but not exceptionally good in any specific area.

    This was my biggest issue with Helix. I felt that it has a lot of "good" moments, but not really any "great" moments. The airtime moments were both good, but not better than the wooden coaster on the other side of the park.


    I would have preferred the ride to be "F**KING AWESOME" at just one thing rather than "Pretty good" at a variety of things.

    That's too bad, I was hoping this ride would be on par with rides like iSpeed and Maverick.

    Having rode both said coaster multiple time this year I would say Helix's airtime is much more intense than Balder.

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