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  1. Thanks again for the feedback We are prepared that we might need some Flash Passes in some of the parks (guessing Cedar Point also offers something like that) because of the limited time we are staying at each place. I'm asking cause we have been to Six Flags Great Adventure once before and we absolutly needed that Flash Pass that time! It was a saviour. But then we went to Six Flags Magic Mountain this May and we bought the Platinum Flash Pass because of our previous experience at Great Adventure. The staff failed to inform us that there were allmost none visitors to the park so we actually didn't have any use of the passes at all, lines were super short anyways. So yeah, we spent a lot of money on nothing. By deafult I would say Six Flags Great Adventure and Cedar Point is two obvious parks we need those passes, is there any of the other ones you would recommend buying passes? I would hate not having the time to ride them all!
  2. I must thank you guys for your incredible patience with me, really helpfull After loooong discussions with my "team members" (one friend of mine and my wife) on this trip it looks like we will visit the following: - Six Flags Great Adventure - Kings Dominion or Busch Gardens Williamsburg - Cedar Point - Six Flags Great America - Six Flags over Texas - Six Flags Fiesta Texas - Sea World (San Antonio) - Schlitterbahn (New Braunfels) This list is what I'm currently stuck with because they didn't want to drive from Chicago to Texas and we are ending up flying instead. Of course... I might be able to argue that we should hit both Kings Dominion AND Busch Gardens Williamsburg but then we will have to cut one of the other parks. Maybe one of the two in Texas. What do you guys think about the list? Should we reorganize it somehow?
  3. Thanks everyone for all your great feedback I wish I could do it all but the party I'm in wants of course to experience some other things America has to offer other than just amusement parks. Me on the other hand will try to put as many parks in there as possible That beeing said. I have a though choice to make. If you guys would have to choose either Kings Dominion or Busch Gardens Williamsburg. Which would it be? Thinking about comparing both extreme ride but also the park in general.
  4. Thanks, good to get experiences from others on the road. We might fly from Chicago to Texas to save a little time though.
  5. Thanks a lot for your feedback, appreciate it! We are talking about extending the tour to 3 weeks and also take a flight from Chicago to Texas. That way we will save 14 hours of driving. It's great with that feedback of adding smaller parks I didn't think about.
  6. Thanks guys for replying. Appreciate your views! We really want to also cover Texas but it's highly likely that we might fly from Chicago to Texas and drop SF St. Louis and Silver Dollar City. I noticed reading though something about parks in Texas closing early. Do you guys know why parks there close during August?
  7. Hi everyone! I really hope some of you could help me with some information I've been trying to look up over the internet. I'm travelling from Norway to visit a lot of amusement parks, including Six Flags Great Adventure and Cedar Point. I will probably be in the US from mid-June until beginning of July. I have been to SFGA before once and would love to come back there again. Also been to Orlando and Tampa and done most of the parks down there. Last but not least last year I was at Six Flags Magic Mountain which I by the way think afterwards was kind of hyped. For me it was a little dissapointing as I felt SFGA was a better park. Now, if you guys had have to prioritize which parks to visit from my attached possible travelling route, Which parks would you guys recommend stopping by? It's perfectly fine to recommend some parks not on my list yet if I've missed anything. In fact I would appreciate it! The route as it is right now may be changed as there are a lot of states in the middle of the driving route I'm really curious about. My list for now (which has to be shortened some): - Kings Dominion - Six Flags Great Adventure - Cedar Point - Kings Island - Six Flags Great America - Six Flags St. Louis - Silver Dollar City - Six Flags over Texas - Six Flags Fiesta Texas - Schlitterbahn (suppose to be a great waterpark??) And you guys, thanks in advance for helping out! Any other tips and advice will be greatly appreciated! Also regaring sights along the route or if you feel I should change my route. Possible travel route
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