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  1. I'm trying really hard still to get things lined up for the Rose Bowl!
  2. Hell yes! To the Rose Bowl we go! A perfect record in the Big Ten. Also a new record that will be very hard to beat - when will the next Big Ten team win all in-conference games and win them by double digit's? It's a great day to be a Spartan. Anyone in Cali want to be my host family for a day or two?
  3. ^ 100% agree with you... unless the dollar becomes our friend...but that would be hard to accomplish in order to allow the rooms to be more affordable. However, since advance booking is a requirement, VegasCoaster will at least be able to dine on some of the wonderful cuisine! I miss the Kobe, Fugu, and okonomiyaki!
  4. Worst - 4hrs opening day for TTD... I wasn't going to leave without riding it...Since that day, I've gone back many, many times and have never seen the queue line 100% full plus a line out the front and down the Midway. That's why everyone told you NOT to go on Saturday, or as Robb and many of us have mentioned, you need to get Fast Lane/FL Plus.
  5. Burrito's definitely when outside of my neck of the woods (like others said in the south they are awesome!) Here in the Mid-West I still have to give it to Burger's because of this one special place - Blimpy Burger. Haven't been back since August when I found out they had to move out of there due to the University buying the property www.youtube.com/watch?v=hVTcAkfuRFw
  6. ^ A lot of people never knew him...sad...on top of 27yrs in prison and other life struggles in South Africa.
  7. Iron Maiden - it was an epic show to see live. I was finally able to see them after years watching vids and enjoying most of their music. Also, right around this concert, I shot the fireworks for Skillet's performance on the last night of a big festival where they were the headliners. Perfect way to end the festival - I was just a few feet from the beautiful drummer - she was sick and played crazy stuff while her and the drumset went up 30ft in the air, spinning and tilting...Skillet put on a monster show! Holy crap their drummer was eye candy.
  8. Oh boy...I knew I must've read a poorly written news article. Go figure - hard to get accurate stuff without all the added fluff unless you have a new place or forum I must check out! In other news, yes it's really cool to see his efforts and now I wonder where all his cars are going... Here are some of Paul Walker's cars: Lamborghini Gallardo Lamborghini Aventador Lamborghini Murcilago Porsche GT3 RS3.8 Ford Escort Cosworth Toyota Supra5 Nissan Skyline's GT-R, R34, etc 67 Year One Nova 64 Impala 64 Chevelle 64 Malibu 64 Nova Wagon 67 Nova Wagon 7 BMW E36M3's 63 Corvette Convertible 67 Ford Mustang Porche Carrera GT Ferrari 360 Challenge Strasdale Ferrari F430 1978 Trans-am Smokey and the Bandit Edition WSQ
  9. Which one? I thought you weren't the lazy type! Definitely! If Reddit went from 40K to 122K participants in their Santa Gift Exchange this year...I'm curious how TPR can grow...
  10. <> Just wanted to hear everyone's view on the HUGE game this Saturday at 8:17pm EST! Hopefully the Spartans can upset the Buckeyes, guaranteeing them the Rose Bowl and upsetting OSU's title run? #1 Defense (MSU) vs #1 Offense (OSU) ... My alma matter smells Roses and I'd also love to screw work to travel for a once in a lifetime journey if we don't get back there for a long time! We deserve it - we are always underrated... 8-0 in conference wins all by freakin double digits! Only loss to ND (when our offense sucked) by 4 pts because of terrible pass interference calls.
  11. Well, good news is a good portion (if not all) of production with him in F&F 7 is done. Not sure how much they needed a double for... just like The Dark Knight. He was in a spot just like Heath ledger getting more publicity for good quality stuff recently and his life was taken many years ahead of time.
  12. YES! This is what I've done the past three times and it worked perfectly. Multiple rides on storm runner nearby before anyone fills in. Haha...I did find out to skip Great Bear if the queue is busy. Just not forceful and makes me fall asleep after so many times on Raptor, Montu, Alpengeist...
  13. I agree with you. Plus HW offers a lot to those who cannot navigate the park on foot. Like SDC, I saw golf carts for rent (unless that changed/perhaps was a special event). Put in a few flats or a new roller coaster and be prepared for the onslaught of visitors
  14. Great... just what I needed after getting all the credits in Vegas. Time for another trip - to those that visit remember the golden rule: "Do you wanna gamble? Or do you wanna win?" Nice looking cars for sure - here's to hoping the ride doesn't suck with such a small footprint.
  15. Thank you Robb and Elissa! Through the years, your forum was in my pocket everywhere I traveled and I read quite a lot as well as have enjoyed all the vids. I've already tried to join a few TPR trips with my fascination of Japan and Scandinavia - hope to finally figure out the logistics and get time off with work. I finally caved and signed-up to thank you both - enjoy the holidays.
  16. Stewart's Orange 'N Cream soda - sooooo good.
  17. Received a package that tells me it's for the TPR gift exchange... woo hoo!
  18. Good movies over the holidays, quality time with family, great football games to end the season and bring on the bowl games, and the start of the NCAA basketball season...lots of other stuff perhaps to list but I'm really tired.
  19. I definitely got on Jr Gemini with a random kid...similar to others here!
  20. ^ I see what you did there... I see X-flight...lots of people want one on the east coast? Haha
  21. ^^^ Just like people are still saying the same about Maverick - perhaps figure out how to enjoy yourself if you keep getting beat up versus complain and moan. I think the only time I actually thought the restraints on Maverick may have been a slight nuisance was when I rode it for the very first time...
  22. ^ A walkway to the backside of Kinda Ka for Zumanjaro. So far, that's all they had released as 'plans' alongside expanding that area. I'm sure in a few years they will need to bulldoze more trees since they changed their mind again on what they want to do
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