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  1. I'd say it's a *little* more themed than Verbolten and a lot less themed than Taron. Which, IMO, is "disappointing" considering the property it is based on.


    They kept calling this a "story coaster" but I'm kind of at a loss for where the "story" is other than the pre-show and the audio that was difficult to hear while on the ride.



    That is extremely disappointing if they just dropped $300 million for this ride. IMO, for 300M, you could have Dueling Dragons with FOUR coasters dueling

  2. 15th Coaster - Fastest, Tallest, Longest, Sweetest...


    By 'sweetest' I sure hope they are blowing delicious chocolate smells all over the new coaster...or at least in the queue


    We would have that extra sense that you see sometimes on indoor attractions...M&M show/attraction, Hershey Chocolate Tour, Soarin, Avatar Flight of Passage, other rides that escape my mind...or the amazing Polynesian Lobby smell.

  3. ^^ Looty, I managed to get to all three in a day but it wasn't feasible to get all rides in...are you asking how feasible to ride everything?

    That would be a fun challenge and I would take you up on that if I was back in Japan soon!



    Why can't California be Japan?

    I don't think there is a single person in Japan asking why Japan can't be California...


    Japan doesn't want to deal with California and the nonsense that everyone deals with there...

    Not to mention Japan loves fireworks and many other hobbies that are banned in California. CA is not making people happier, Japan is.

  4. Smooth as butter...for the most part which means it's going to beat Medusa out of the #1 spot woohoo!!!!


    Hey Robb,


    Coming up to the MCBR, was there a bit of whiplash sitting in the right seat as you hit that turn hard into the straightaway?


    Looks like the left seat doesn't jam around as much there. Perhaps that's why Fred (RMC) appears to prefer the left seat.


    Either way, we can FINALLY have an amazing coaster at CP without all the complaining about GK/Val.

  5. As for KI that is probably the best type of struggle to have. Having done Beast, Diamondback and Bat at night I'm going to have to fight how to fit Banshee and Timbers night rides in my visit.


    Same here and loved all the Beast, Diamondback (without seat belts) and Bat night rides!


    Looks like I'll have to find a babysitter for my kiddos who aren't tall enough and try to sneak in a bunch of rides or see if I can get multiple days at KI soon.

  6. Thanks again Robb for putting up with all this $h!t. Definitely a funny time reading some of the ridiculousness and continued backlash at your success.


    I appreciate living vicariously through you since I'm limited in how much I can travel after 5 kids...

    (but still hope some day to get back to Japan with TPR or on my own adventure)


    Figured I finally should post with the holidays coming up to boost morale and keep others smiling especially with the year ending and more people will find time to bash you or continue to post random crap thinking you've got time for it.



  7. The Wonderland website has a few accommodation links on it which aren't really in the "expensive" category.


    For me it would be in Vaughan (use the website links) or search around the airport.


    Thanks! I did check the suggested ones in their website links and was shocked reading some of the reviews. I think the ones nearby the airport seem to be the best and just noticed that isn't too far of a drive. I think I'm all set thanks to a few replies.

  8. I'll be heading back to the Wonderland in a few weeks...figured I'd ask here to see about recommendations for a place to stay nearby. IMO, I'm looking for an affordable place to just crash after a long day as I don't think a 5+ hr drive late night will be a good decision. No need for a fancy place like a 5* resort or Casino, just a nice comfy bed and possibly complementary breakfast would be ideal



    The last few times we did end up trekking 5+ late night and it was just brutal.

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