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  1. Yes the ideas are great, but the park still has lots of room to build on inside the current borders. I look at what HFE did with the old pizza corral and scrambler area turning that into three rides instead of one and a food stall and still allow for ample room to walk and such. I could see similar things happening in other parts of the park as similar smart development happens. This is 100% why i think HFE would be the best owner for the park moving forward
  2. Yes there is alot of room if Galaxy Theater and the go karts are removed. But its not unlimited back there as it backs up to the campgrounds. A good size coaster would definitely fit though. The better bet is the ROS plaza going towards rte 77. There is a ton of land up there, and moving over towards the hotel. There are two other large plots of land for expansion, the old cuda area being one. The second being behind scrambler and over towards the laser show area. Since we are getting into September, new ownership announcements could be made as early as the park closes for the year.
  3. First off i want to test the locker filter theory. Second, the go karts do make the park money. Almost all up charge attractions make parks extra money. If they dont, they take them out. The fact that the go karts are still there after 25 years or more means they are still bringing in money. My other question is why can't they keep the go karts and still add a coaster there in the future? All they would need to do is put the supports in the gass in the middle of the go kart track and make sure the coaster track stays high enough above for the go karts to pass under. The galaxy theater may need to go though. It was not meant to be a theater, and they should demolish it and make a "true" theater elsewhere in the park, preferably near the boardwalk or pirate area.
  4. ^^Maxair at CP is the giant frisbe. DL does not attract enough guests to warrant that large of a ride. I think DL would do just fine with either the Zamperla or Mondial versions. I do think a ride like that is desperately needed at DL.
  5. Yes, if Predator was going to be re-worked by any company other than a standard retracking, it would be closing about now to be able to do the demolition and then have ample time for full construction. I have to say that most likely a new flat ride or two and possibly a waterslide. Obviously this will all depend on ownership, but if any owner is planning on painting and possibly rethemeing ROS with new trains, a flat placed in that general area could go a long way. I hope it would be a frisbe style ride.
  6. Also, the park seems to really empty out after about 7pm, so possibly wait until then for a few longer wait rides. Also, the giant wheel is pretty simple with tires driving the thing. Either both tires blew out AND the drive motor for those tires went also, or something is up. Look for people around it when you go, they could be measuring and surveying for lights...
  7. Yes, I did not see Ranger overtaken by any weeds and i was at the park last wednesday night. Twister was installed in 2000, but I am pretty sure it was purchased used at that time, so I'm not sure anyone actually knows the exact age of the ride. As for the suggestions, a ride in Ranger's place, you bet! A flat ride in ROS plaza with a retheme and repaint of ROS? Absolutely! Remove the go kart, batting cages and galaxy theater for a new coaster? Sure thing! My only thing would be moving the picnic pavilions to cuda hill, as they could just build there as opposed to building in two places. It may be a cost savings thing, but a decent idea nonetheless.
  8. Premier was always extremely good about advertising to draw attendance as well as adding decent attractions that bring in guests. I would not be upset if they bought the park, as the future would be good. I juxt think it would be better overall under HFE. With that being said, Premier is doing very good with what they have been given to work with
  9. I think the bucket on hooks was removed due to a few people getting injured by the force of the water hitting them and knocking them over. I don't think it was due to mechanical issues at all, more a safety thing.
  10. Yes, these are what i was talking about for ME. Didn't Kentucy Kingdom just retro fit T2 with these? I totally think it would make ME much more rideable as the coasters layout is pretty decent, its just the shaking that kills it
  11. I think the second gen trains on mind eraser would go much farther in making the ride more enjoyable. ROS is still rather smooth. ME is just a headache
  12. Absolutely agree with all above posts. Also, dont forget CNL announced that three of their parks have already been sold, and only one has announced the sale. If DL has been sold it will not be announced until after the operating year is over. On the flip side, any maintenance and possible painting could be done before the operating year is over if the new owner was allowed access to the park and funded the work. This is how I think ME painting is getting accomplished along with visible parts for ME trains
  13. I agree that SF really just milked the park for revenue to send elsewhere. The additions SF made other than S:ROS were minimal and cheap, while the campground brought in tons of extra cash. SF wants to run mega-parks like SFMM, SFGAm and SFGAd, DL is not in that category and never will. The park owns tons f land, but the amusent part is pretty land locked withouth either moving parking lots or taking out camping areas, which are pretty much free money. I do also think Hershend had the right vision for the park, and would create/build the best overall park experience. I too hope they still have interest, as I can see an awesome true theme park in about 5 years with a good mix of family and thrill rides just like their other two major parks, Dollywood and Silver Dollar City. I just hope they still have the interest to buy the par.
  14. I would not look at anything that happened for either PARC or HFE as they did not control the money investment part. if either of them controlled the investments, things may look different. I do think adding new modern flats to replace some of the aging ones is an excellent strategy. Also, I think there are a few spots in the park that could benefit from a flat ride. Most notably, by ROS queue and Mind Eraser could really benefit from a flat ride for additional traffic.
  15. I agree with all three above statements. Motocoaster is surprisingly good and definitely unique. And the ownership announcement would probably happen similar to the management change did last year, after the operating season is over and the current management team has time to move out, hence smaller additions for next year if the park is sold. I think a flat or two would be the max, maybe a waterslide.
  16. I still think that the park has ben sold to a party that is not Premier. Remember when CNL sold Elitch Gardens and announced who they sold it to, as the new owners were going to keep Premier on for management. At that time it also came out that they sold two other parks, but no announcements on those. My guess is that the new ownership would be making the announcement, and since they are not in plcace yet, no official announcement. All I can say is that something as large and intensive as Rowdy's Ridge was announced in February and open by May. I would not expect a new coaster, but a new flat or two with a new themed area could easily be pulled off. Then in 2017 once new ownership is fully in place, a new coaster could be installed.
  17. So the fact that your friends don't know anything yet tells me a few things. First, whatever is being planned is under wraps by only a select few, possibly including a sale of the park. Second, there are no plans fully set out at this point, or not yet finalized. Third, the people you are asing just are not high enough up on the chain of command to get the information
  18. I agree that the area by twister is in need of some help. When we went to the park the other night, my son wanted to go on the antique cars. My wife took him on, so I had time to look around. First, the go karts take up a huge piece of land. Second, the batting cages are there, and again take up space that could be used. Third, the walkway in that section is extremely large. They could easily re-work the path to make it smaller and easily use that space, along with some supports inside the antique cars, and you could easily fit a pretty good size coaster there. If they take the old galaxy theater down, then you have tons of room. Also, I am pretty sure I saw people coming off the bridge over the antique cars. I am not sure how they got there, but the reality is that the park needs to badly re-work the motocoaster entrance, queue and exit to fit better within the park and not require you to go all the way around to get to
  19. ^I totally agree that getting two train operation back on at least some of the coasters is a big step. Obviously ROS is the ideal coaster for two train operation as it tends to have the longest waits. I am hoping that next year they focus on that. Also, i think they are doing what they can now, as this week is Kingdom Bound week at the park, and it tends to have the most attendance and longest waits on just about every ride. If they can get at least two coasters running two trains, they can cut down some of those waits. I would fully expect the park to go back to one train operation next week
  20. Went to the park tonigh, and everything except Ranger was up and running. Rolling Thunder was fully running as well. I have to say that the park has done a super job with the lights on the rides. The last time I was at the park at night, most rides were missing lights, or most were burnt out. Needless to say, it was less than spectacular. Now if they could just do the same on the giant wheel and get predator back as it used to, it would be great at night. Either way, it is significantly better than it was
  21. Yes we stopped by the movie. Nice turnout and nice idea. Unfortunately my son is 5 and teen beach movie did not hold his interest long. He is however excited for lego, nemo and frozen. I will say that all the concessions were open and staffed well to move people along very quickly which was nice to see
  22. So we just came back from a quick after dinner park visit, our first of the year. Here are my minor reports. A significant number of rides were closed including rolling thunder and boomerang. All the water rides were closed, but I assume tht was due to later at night. Mind Eraser also closed while we were there and was just running some test runs. Overall the crowds were very thin, especially on a Friday with beautiful weather... I have to say that a park with only six coasters having two down is probably not good. ME supports do look to be fully painted, the track is not close. The positives are that the Rowdy's Ridge area of the park was very busy with families having fun. That more than anything tells me that what HFE did while they managed the park worked well and gets my hopes up that they have or will purchase the park and do that type of treatment to the rest of the park.
  23. I dont think anyone is surprised that boomerang is broken. It was really a matter of time. The other things are only mildly concerning if they continue. I highly doubt Ranger will ever operate again, so that is no biggie
  24. Only a few people know what the plan really is/was, but I think what most of us look at is what they did with renovating two major areas of the park in a small time. The would not have started those types of projects if the long term goal was not to continue similar things through the rest of the park as time moves on
  25. Also, I forgot to ask...Doug, I know ME is currently having the supports painted. When are they planning on painting the track? Since full operating season is just about here, will that be waiting until fall?
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