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  1. Mt Olympus seems to change how they describe their rooms a lot. At the moment, they break it down between 'Rooms 0 to 1 minute to the park' (which cost more, and I suspect that's the Hotel Rome based on price and location) and 'rooms 2 to 5 minutes to the park', which would be everything else. And, yes, the Hotel Rome is much nicer. It's still not great (it's Mt Olympus after all), but it at one point was it's own resort hotel and is right stfched to things, the others just old motels with all on-site amenities taken out by Mt Olympus.
  2. I get that you're probably joking, but nobody's getting fired for 'conflicting dates'. This is an unprecedented situation, everybody gets that, nobody with any sense is (or should be) thinking any dates they find mean anything until we get some official announcements. My home park is SFGAm. Between the app and the website, there are a bunch of May and June dates out there that are absolutely not happening. We're in the middle of a pandemic, I'm ok with a website that has some wrong dates.
  3. Press release says Riptide Bay. There's still some land right in-between Riptide Bay and Maxx Force that's likely where it will go, they didn't even bother doing any landscaping on it this year which was a pretty good hint it was just temporary...
  4. The log flumes are very old, from a time when log flumes were much more popular, and rarely run at the same time anymore. My stance is this: I think an RMC Eagle would be great, even with Goliath right down the midway. And I'm sure they could make it different enough that it would be great to have both. BUT, I feel like if Six Flags is going to invest in another RMC they'd get a lot more bang for their buck in a park where there wasn't a similar ride 500 feet away. (And even if you don't think it's a similar ride, the general public would...)
  5. Just FYI, I believe that every Six Flags season pass/membership gets you into all their parks (at least all the dry parks). I do not believe there are single park season passes at all. I don't know about other parks, but SFGAm has a 'Thrill Pass' that they say is the same price as a one-day ticket (but doesn't have discounts) and goes until Labor Day. Not quire sure who would buy it, but it's out there... A Thrill Pass gives you unlimited visits to Six Flags Great America through September 2, 2019 for the same price as a one-day ticket! Buy a day, get the rest of the summer FREE. Hurricane Harbor requires an additional fee. Please note Hurricane Harbor, Fright Fest, in-park discounts, free tickets for friends and admission to other parks are not included with a Thrill Pass. Children two and under free.
  6. Website currently says this: ATTENTION: OUR ONLINE STORE IS EXPERIENCING TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES DUE TO THE HIGH VOLUME OF FLASH SALE PURCHASERS. WE EXPECT THAT SERVICE WILL BE RESTORED BY 6:30PM EST / 5:30PM CST/ 3:30PM PST. THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE. I know a lot of years they extend it a bit, even when they don't have technical difficulties, so I bet it happens again.
  7. If their goal was a more direct path to the water park, they already could have easily done that without removing anything by using the area by Sky Trek Tower (and didn't they actually have an alternate entrance down that way already at one point for 'early access' or something?
  8. I've seen it noticed elsewhere (sorry if I missed it on this thread) that our teasers (except for the Water Park setting) match up pretty well with what SFMM is teasing, and the cleared areas are similar size. This being Six Flags and the other clues we have (names, etc) seems pretty likely that both parks are getting the same thing (a launched racing coaster?)
  9. Just because they haven't done one before doesn't mean they won't do one. Correct. They're a local company that has done work on some other stuff at SFGAm, so it doesn't seem outside the realm of possibility that Six Flags might contract thrm to build a water ride, even if they've never done it before.
  10. They've said they have an announcement next week. Probably a Mardi Gras festival based on the timing, so announcing the name of their new Roller Coaster in Mardi Gras would make some sense then too.
  11. By the way, I know a few pages back some people were wondering if there were going to be blackout dates or some sort of premium to use a different pass at Magic Mountain, but this from the Press Release announcing the new schedule seems to say that's not happening:
  12. Anybody who knows enough to know that different Six Flags parks have different prices probably also knows that the time to buy them is before the prior season ends, so I don't think the timing really plays into it for a lot of people...
  13. If you're talking about California vs New Jersey, sure, but there's quite a few people that go to both SFDK and SFMM, and having your pass processed at SFDK isn't a big deal, especially if it's a membership and you won't have to renew it each year. I believe the SFDK pass is currently a little bit cheaper than SFMM already, but at the moment I don't think it's enough for MM to really care, I just wonder if they will care more if the disparity becomes larger. I'm in Chicago, and I've known people to go St Louis to get passes (about the same distance as DK and MM). Personally, it seems unlikely to me they'd change anything - Magic Mountain already had a much longer schedule than a lot of the other parks for a very comparable price, would they really try to raise it enough to make this an issue just because they added a lot of days that most people won't use anyway?
  14. If SFMM's pass costs more than at other parks, then are they going to change how they handle other parks' SPs? Will guests from other parks have to pay an add-on price or buy a "platinum" pass or something to enable usage at SFMM? Does SFMM stop honoring passes from other parks altogether? Start blackout dates for passes from other parks? If SFMM raises the price for their pass but continues honoring SP's from other parks without a change, buying a membership at SFDK will be a popular alternative. Six Flags has always had some parks with more expensive passes than others, varying by maybe $20 or $30 bucks between high and low. The way they try to prevent people from buying at a different park is that you have to process them at the "home" park (plus you don't get things like BAFF at other parks), and I guess they assume that people aren't going to drive usually many hours just to save a bit of money. Don't know if that would change if there was a big increase in one park's price..
  15. They didn't go before the village board, so they can't build anything over 200 feet (or 125 feet for areas close to houses). It's possible they'd build a small SkyScreamer, but I think that would be rather disappointing.
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