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  1. I've heard several rumors that most launch coasters (hydraulic cable launches, LIM launches, LSM launches) can be launched at a speed much faster then what they normally operate at. For example I remember hearing that Dragster could really launch at like 130-140 mph if they wanted it to, and I also recall people saying after Superman re-opened at Magic Mountain that it was launching at a faster speed and climbing higher up the tower.

    Ive heard this as well

  2. all from Kings Islands facebook

    One thing bothers me on thinking, I see that Banshee comes very close to the ground. I guess they may somehow fence the area around the lowest areas to the ground but I just wonder if the fence will be tall enough to keep "deer" out? It would be deadly if a coaster full of riders smack into a deer being in the way by the low points in this ride! I know that I have a four foot fence around my yard as well as my neighbors all around me on all sides. The deer just jumps the fence as they get spooked! I just hope and pray this never happens!!!!

    Concerning diamondback

    Yep, almost fell off and died because your rides are made to support fat people

    It needs a safety belt. Love the ride but it's not worth my life. One mechanical error away from a serious accident

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