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  1. My biggest pet peeve involving amusement parks is when the company that owns them will use a commercial featuring others parks coasters. When I see an add for Kings Island and I305 is in it to me that's false advertising and it drives me crazy.

    My other big pet peeve is when you stay at a hotel near an amusement park (especially the ones owned by the park) and the damn pool closes at ten when the park closes. Leave it open a couple of hours after the park closes so people can actually use it as most of your clientele is coming for the park and from the park.

    Both of these but seeing I 305 on a KI commercial is just wrong

  2. If your a platinum passholder KI has ert 30 minutes before the park opens on both Diamondback (sit in the back for ) and Banshee (front has best view) if not do Firehawk and flight of fear first as these get long lines that dont move very quickly. Banshee, Firehawk and FOF have a no loose items policy and do not have bins but they offer lockers for temporary storage outside the entrances

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