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  1. Here's the kind of person I don't "get" We have had people tell us they weren't going to do a tour because "there's not enough new credits for them" and I would be all "but we are going to parks like Europa Park, Phantasialand, Holiday Park, Mirabilandia, Efteling, Parc Asterix, Heide Park...all with amazing and awesome coasters!" and they would say "Yeah, I've been on all those...We're gonna travel to some crappy place and ride kiddie coasters instead to pad our coaster count QUALITY OVER QUANTITY!!!

    I would have loved to go on a tpr europe tour and I hate that the whiners ruined that chance .

    I also agree with your thoughts of quality over quantity as ive always found adults that ride kiddie coasters to increase a pointless number to be sad at best.

  2. regarding staff and cleanliness; as much as reviews and people praise these aspects, I did not find them better than elsewhere I’ve been to. Kings Island was as clean and as friendly as this place. Some staff, in particular the food outlets staff was not that friendly. The park was clean, but not more so than KI or even Dorney Park.

    Expensive souvenirs; more so than Cedar Fair or Six Flags, no really.


    I have been to HW 1 time a year for the past 3 years and Ive never noticed the staff being better or worse then KI or other parks I have visited.

    Regrading souvenirs on my last vist ( August 11th) I didnt think HWs were expensive I Bought a HW lanyard and a Voyage pin for 4$ total and I saw plenty of resonably priced shirts and other items.

  3. 4gs and still its super smooth

    Heres some pics I took with my dslr on my recent trip


    Whos ready for a nice launch?


    Big crowd to see Thunderbirds launch


    I wish he would have to got to see it :(


    Its a very fun ride and its also very photogenic


    Reactions to the launch


    In the clouds


    On the way to ride it you can see peeking out it over the trees


    I cant leave out this awesome ride


    Gotta love the banking


    Still in them


    The top of the Legend


    Legend is 15 this year


    Raven is 20


    Its up there for sure


    I had a great time and I cant wait until I see this again

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