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  1. They'd never remove Viper since it has a record-setting (and record-holding) 7 inversions for US steel coasters. Ninja needs to go for environmental degradation though.


    Technically Viper does still hold that record in the US, but Scream also has that many inversions. Shit, they could build something with 8 or 9 to take its place.

    Ninja better not go anywhere though. That's one of my favorite non-inverting coasters ever, and its extremely unique

  2. While I don't hate Viper, if we had to nominate a coaster for removal, that would definitely be it. They could put something pretty amazing in it's spot. Don't think we see it removed though until after the 50th anniversary. I'm convinced they want 20 coasters for this, and #20 is going to be some sort of record breaker. My money is on either a 450ft poler coaster surrounding an all new observation tower, or a custom RMC that breaks the speed or length barrier for a woody.

  3. Robb..... Is it too soon for me to put my name on the list to work media day for this? Assuming you aren't coming out yourself that is. I'm beyond excited for this!

    We don't have any control over media day, who goes, or who works it. That's all up to the park, sorry.


    EDIT: Sorry, I misunderstood the question. There's a good chance I'll come out for this one!


    I figured you guys might come out for this one haha. It looks freaking amazing. RMC just keeps hitting home runs!

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