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  1. I waited at least 2 hours for S:UF at SFDK the year it opened on 4th of July. Waited just over 2 hours for Tatsu at SFMM in late July of this year, and waited close to 3 hours for Roaring Rapids at SFMM last year in early August. It was a hot day, and it was my son and I's first ever trip to the park. We were fooled by the way the queue was set up, and by the time we realized it, we had already been in line at least an hour. Wouldn't ever wait that long again though.

  2. Just filled out the survey myself.... Gotta say (while keeping confidentiality of course), if they truly go the route that they talked about in the survey, I think that would make for a very unique ride, and one that would definitely attract some attention to the park and be a must ride for most of my trips there. My only worry is the ride that is currently named something similar, though seemingly not as immersive as this potential new ride. How long is this potential new ride going to be? Seems like this could need a lot of construction. Is the existing similarly named ride going to stay, or will it be taken out/partially reused?


    No matter how they choose to do it, if this potential ride is built, I think it will be a great addition to the park.

  3. that was exactly the issue. The restraints came almost all the way down, but the seatbelt thing at the bottom simply wouldn't connect. It wasn't tight on my gut at all, but rather on my chest. I PROBABLY could've made it fit, but the ride op didn't seem to want to help at all, and I didn't want to push it. Like I said, I was more in shock because that has been the only ride ever that I haven't fit into.

  4. Took my first trip to SCBB this weekend. Thankfully had some amazing weather while there, and an overall fun experience. Giant Dipper lived up to expectations, as it's definitely a fun woody. Crazy Surf exceeded all that I expected for it based upon just looking at it. I had no idea how much fun that thing would be. My only real complaint is about Double Shot. Being honest, I'm a larger than average guy. 6 ft, 250 lbs or so. Not HUGE, but definitely bigger than average. That said, I have NEVER not fit into a ride before, but somehow this ride couldn't accommodate me. Has anyone else had this experience? Very disappointed that I wasn't able to experience this, as I've never had a chance to ride anything similar.


    Even with that bad experience, I had a great day at the park. Looking forward to going back next year when (hopefully) Undertow is open. The only other spinning coaster that I've been on was Tony Hawk at SFDK, and Undertow looks to have much steeper banks and turns on it, so it should be a good time.

  5. ^I couldn't disagree more. I went on DropZone (or whatever it's called now) at CGA and LL on back to back days last year, and the sheer height of LL, combined with the swaying effect you get at the top of it make DropZone seem very tame in comparison to me. The freefall itself is much longer, and the speed is faster. I don't find the view on LL to be bad at all, as you see the entire park when you're at the top. Obviously beyond the park there isn't much to see, but I still enjoy it.


    To each their own though.....

  6. Took my son to Magic Mountain earlier this summer. We get in early due to our Gold Pass and immediately run to Tatsu. We're the first two in line. The start of day testing hadn't been completed yet, so we had to wait about 20 minutes before we actually boarded the ride. We go to the front row naturally. We're strapped in. The seats rotate back so we're facing the ground..... and it starts to absolutely pour. Ride operator asks us if we all are ready for a water ride. Of course everyone cheers, so we take off. That rain pelting your face stings quite a bit let me tell you. The kicker, is that of course the little downpour stopped pretty much immediately after our ride ended.

  7. I was there just this last Sunday and Roar was REALLY rough. Normally I go on that at least 3 times every visit, but we only rode it the once this time.



    As for the location of TS, I was thinking they'd want to have it in a more prominent position. That IS right by where you walk to get in, but once you're inside the park, it would become a little lost behind Roar and SUF. But I guess you put it where it fits best.....

  8. I'd definitely expect Saturday and Sunday to be quite busy. A similar weekend, Memorial Day Weekend I went on a Monday where crowds were much lighter...since the following day was a work/school day. But yea, expect crowds for Saturday and Sunday! The kids areas shouldn't be too bad plus there's always animal exhibits they will enjoy. Only frustrations will be navigating the park with its narrow paths and what I dealt with, countless super-wide strollers to dodge.


    I went on both Father's Day and Memorial Day on Sunday this year, and the crowds really weren't bad at all. It seems like, especially this year, that the majority of the people in the park are families with younger children. In my five trips this year, all on weekends, I never had to wait more than 20 minutes for Kong, Medusa, or V2. Roar we waited maybe 30 minutes max, and about the same for Superman. The water rides on the other hand.... Those can get a little crazy on a hot day. I would expect similar wait times on Labor Day weekend.

  9. Newbie to the boards here, but season pass holder at SFDK for a few years now. Just wanted to get everyone's opinion on/find out if anyone knows where Tsunami Soaker will be going. Obviously it's not going to have a huge footprint, and I'm hoping they don't have to take anything out to get it to fit. If they do take anything out, I was thinking Acme Water Works (it was dry every time I went this summer anyway), Wave Swinger (basically replaced by Sky Screamer), or Wave Jumper. Anyone else have any ideas?

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