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  1. What is the best place to sit for Tatsu? Also, what would be tips for riding Goliath? (I’m especially nervous about the helix part of the ride.) Thanks.
  2. I would be going with a friend, so we wouldn't be using the single rider line.
  3. With Twisted Colossus open and attracting very large crowds, would it be advisable to run to this ride first off? Thanks.
  4. I’ve noticed when you call them now, there isn’t a dial option to speak with guest relations; you have to go through the human resources department to speak with guest relations. I wonder why that is.
  5. In regards to Voodoo, I think the similar ride at Great America is better.
  6. Here’s a trip report for yesterday. I thought for sure there would be traffic problems getting to the park because of the NASCAR race taking place in Sonoma, but thankfully there weren’t any. I did the new ride, Dare Devil Chaos Coaster, for the first time and liked it. While short in duration with not much to it, I thought it had good hang time. I did the Rock Wall Climbing Challenge and got to the top for the first time, though it was the easiest level. I paid $5 to use the dryer outside Tsunami Soaker and it felt good. I was disappointed that Voodoo was closed. The lines weren’t long, which was nice, all less than 30 minutes.
  7. So are you saying I should be ok with Sunday (regarding the two days), as long as I give myself plenty of time to get there? (I've never gone on a race weekend before, which is what has me really worried.) For the time, should leaving a little before 8:30 in Millbrae be sufficient or would that not be enough? (I noticed a little while ago, the time to get to the park from my house was an hour and 6 minutes.) Thanks again.
  8. Thanks for getting back to me and for your traffic recommendations. I do live in Millbrae. Originally, I was planning to leave Sunday between 8:40 and 8:45, but now I'm thinking that would be too late. So, as for the actual day, which do you think would be better overall, looking at things from a traffic and park standpoint? Thanks.
  9. I am planning on going to the park this weekend. I am trying to decide on the day, with my preference being Sunday. I found out today that this weekend the Toyota/Save Mart 350 NASCAR race will be taking place, with the heaviest congestion being Sunday on Highway 37. My question then is, which day would be better to go to Discovery Kingdom, Saturday or Sunday? (I know the park itself would be less crowded on Sunday, but it's the traffic getting there I'm worried about.) Thanks.
  10. I’ve noticed when you call them, there isn’t a dial option to speak with guest relations; you have to go through the human resources department to speak with guest relations. I wonder why that is.
  11. You’re correct it is after the park closes. I had just been curious if that would have an effect on more people coming to the park.
  12. Would Sun. 6/14 be the better day then even with the Discover event? Also, when should Monsoon Falls reopen? Thanks.
  13. Would it likely be more crowded Sat. 6/6 or Sun. 6/14 or about the same? (Daredevil Chaos Coaster will be in just its 3rd weekend of operation 6/6; however, 6/14 is a Discover Exclusive Ride Time day. In any case, I wouldn’t want to wait in a long line for the new ride.) I’m also considering going the 2nd or 3rd Sunday in August, though I’d prefer going in June. Thanks.
  14. Here's a trip report for 9/13 when my two friends and I went. The first ride we did was Undertow. I enjoyed it, with its unexpected turns; it was a smooth experience. One of my friends did the speed ball challenge and as a result of throwing 58 mph won a stuffed snake. We then did the Giant Dipper and it seemed jerkier this time. For some reason we got lucky and the ride operators let us stay on and do it twice in a row. (I don't think I've ever experienced this before.) I did the rock wall and actually got to the top, though I did do the easiest level. Also, as we were walking around, I noticed someone had dropped a $20 bill on the ground, and when I held it out, somebody said they had dropped it and I gave it to him. I had a Mike's Hard Lemonade during lunch. I went in the water during the afternoon by myself and got wiped out multiple times by the waves, which were better than I expected. At first, the water was cold, but I got used to it. It was fun, even though I got cramps and was feeling really light headed and tipsy due to the alcohol. We did Undertow again later on and I switched positions - facing in front instead of the back. The ride experience seemed about the same, though. I was disappointed Crazy Surf and WipeOut were closed. We all had a really good time.
  15. Here is a trip report for Labor Day, September 1. My friend and I did most of the rides, including all the big ones. The new Tsunami Soaker ride was a fun one - got absolutely drenched on it. My friend didn't like Kong and didn't like Roar at all (I think it was his first time on Roar). Of the two, he thought Roar was worse. On the whole, the lines moved surprisingly smoothly; all were less than 30 minutes I think. We attended the dolphin show, which I enjoyed. (This was my first time doing this.) We also did some attractions where you had to pay extra - ride an elephant, 3 point challenge (just him), Rock Wall Climbing Challenge (just me), Go-Karts, and Sky Coaster (was really scared doing this with him and couldn't keep my eyes open).
  16. Based on park goers’ experience, would the lines be less for White Water Safari and Monsoon Falls late in the afternoon? Thanks.
  17. Which day would likely be more crowded – next Saturday the 23rd or Monday of Labor Day weekend or about the same? Thanks.
  18. Here is a trip report for 7/26. The lines were pretty long, but not too bad, especially considering it was a season pass early entry day in July. There was one ride that was closed and that was Berserker. I had a banana split dippin’ dots for the first time and it was good. I also did the wave pool for the second time and thankfully this time I didn’t get any cramps. My friend and I stayed and saw the fireworks show.
  19. Even though August 2nd is a Saturday, would that be a better day to go than August 3rd, which is Fiesta Hispana? (I just found out today about Fiesta Hispana in the newsletter.) Thanks.
  20. I guess it seems then that 8/10 would be the better day to go, even though more kids will be back in school come 8/23.
  21. I have some questions regarding crowds at the park, as I was planning on going in August. Will the Discover Card day on 8/10 likely be extra crowded? Also, would the park likely be crowded 8/23? Thanks.
  22. In regards to what user 'singemfrc' said about season pass early entry, I actually don’t have one. I’ve gone on a Saturday before in the summer, just not sure if the season pass early entry thing was in place or if it’s new this year.
  23. I don’t think I’ve been to the park before when they’ve had the season pass early entry Saturdays. Is it a lot more crowded those days? Thanks.
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