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  1. I really enjoy Ninja as I am one of the few, it seems,who passes the over the head restraints headbanging. All it really needs is new cars or retrofitted with lap bars if possible? and all should fine
  2. Yes, it is showing all around the track, where it is peeling and has faded
  3. Screamin Eagle received the loving gift of new wood in places this year. Paint may follow later Yes they did, I should of said "more"
  4. I was there today for opening weekend, it was alright but didn't have the same feel to it.. but, Freeze was up and down all day, never got a chance to ride it, it stayed closed since I believe 4 all the way to closing.. Boomerang was down, normal Tidal Wave was down, normal Colossus was down which was kind of sad as family wanted to ride The Boss was finally running by 3:30 like the TNT said, I was on the first car when they opened today, first car- second row :airtime; also glad to see new wood on Boss, though it was still rough, but fun non the less! Screechin' Eagle needs some love, a new coat of paint would do nicely Otherwise a very nice day at the park, great to see so much staff carry around brooms and pick up sticks! Oh one more thing, what was up with the security and the group of teens by Batman before they closed, I saw them moving them out of the park, then afterwards I heard they all got tackled and tazed, I guess they really pissed off security
  5. Also Mr. Freeze, when the transformer shot, on the second day of the season-I believe it was 2011; and the ride was down I believe for 3 or 4 weeks.
  6. ^I hate their themed areas, never makes sense, I just try to ignore it and move on to the bigger picture COASTERS lol But also because of their limited space they seem to throw a coaster where it fits, boomerang for example, god I wish they move moved that ride or get rid of it as it is blocking a good view of Screamin' Eagles lift sigh.. or better yet Tony Hawks Big Spin aka Pandemonium, what theme has that to do with the rest of the area lol?? The new flat ride going where the Hannibarrels ride was, another good example..
  7. Does he have a spine? Seems so courtesy of cederpoint.com
  8. Its funny to think the baseball team Cards are so so much better than the football team Rams, since I live in southern IL that is all I hear about is the Cards and the Rams never about Chicago Cubs or Bears (GO BEARS!) which is like talking about Satan around here. On the other note, man I have been living around here for years and still haven't got to see that much of Saint Louis, I still can't figure out how to get around non the less
  9. How about Southern Illinois, not that we really need one around here, but it would be nice to have a park on the other side of Saint Louis as Six Flags StL is 2 hours away and Holiday World is another 2 hours and Six Flags in Gurnee IL is 5 hours away
  10. ^^ 400pounds per car so two 200 pound people are able to fit in one car
  11. ^ Well the thing is that the water park expansion would bring in more money than 1 coaster, more family's and bigger groups of people from the city and from the fairgrounds would come in and spend more money to splash in water then wait for a coaster that there whole family can't ride.
  12. According to the report they sent to the fairgrounds last year, they also were looking into putting a coaster over there right next to the new water park and behind or next to the picnic pavilion "a family wooden coaster" were currently the go cart track is, if I remember correctly.
  13. I always thought that too, and you might be a rarity in its self to get to ride that contraption.
  14. Yeah... stand-ups just aren't good, period. (imo) The only one I ever somewhat enjoyed was Georgia Scorcher. Floorless coasters are very similar to stand-ups without as much head banging. Point in case River King Mine Train when they decided to make a stand up versison and it only lasted a season or so lol
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