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  1. I love "Weeeeee!" Listening to Robb ride a coaster is almost as fun as actually riding it myself!
  2. Didn't this same thing happen on the Top Thrill Dragster constuction cam back when it was being built at CP? Those crazy construction workers....
  3. If Speedos are forbidden, then bikinis should be forbidden too. Just saying....
  4. here's one of it in the station. It was a U-shaped station, so its impossible to capture the entire train in one photo. When it was going up the lift, the back of the train was directly under the front of the train (circular lift), that's how enormous it was. You sat tandem, so 80 passengers max. I hope something happens in that space, it certainly needs a total re-do. Remember, when Dolly pulled out of the Water and Snow park, Gaylord-Marriott were pretty clear they were going to pursue ''plans'' on their own. The plans that were posted on Screamscape look a little dated to me because the "Pearl Building" in the plans was razed after the flood, so there would be no need for that in those plans, also there is a warehouse that is not accounted for in those plans, that's approximately where the "town square" is, so these could be old plans - pre Dolly, pre 2010. My other concern about it is, once again, here's a design that is land locked with little room for expansion. Pretty sure there is a property line along the southern part of this plan, in between the hotel and the parking lot for the mall, around Grizzly RR, complicating expansion in that direction. I wouldn't get too excited about it until they announce it AND construction begins!! But I like this idea a lot, shortcomings and all. I think its obvious that Gaylor-Marriot should build an indoor waterpark to bridge the hotel to this entertainment complex...or whatever it will be. I guess we'll see in time. Good point about the Pearl Building. I wish they would consider it for new development though. Opryland Hotel (now Gaylord Resort and Convention Center) used to cater to many families as well as conventions, but now they are practically all convention business. With the new Music City Center in downtown Nashville, it may be wise of them to consider reaching out to families again. Gaylord will always get convention business because of it's sheer size and space. But the family market is worthwhile too and a concept like the "Opry Walk" would go a long way toward recapturing that share of the audience. Just my opinion and only worth that much....lol.
  5. What does everyone think about the new rumor that Gaylord is building something possibly called "Opry Walk" or "Opry Town" featuring rides and a wooden coaster between the Opry House and the hotel? It was posted on Screamscape and is just a rumor at this time, but the concept art looks cool.
  6. LR looks sweet and the parks skyline is definitely starting to look good again! Excited!!!
  7. Well, this looks to be an awesome coaster. But I think Robb (whom I think is awesome) hyped it up a little too much. I mean, he kept saying he "couldn't believe this was actually happening" and they would "drop everything to make the trip". That to me just sounded like something more exciting than another amazing wooden coaster with inversions. Maybe he was working for Kolmarden and trying to "build anticipation". Trust me, I'm not disappointed by the ride at all. I already suspected the hype might be overblown.
  8. I think smoking in theme parks is fine as long as it is done within the designated smoking area. Any parks main goal is to make money. To do so, they must cater to as many patrons as possible....even smokers. I am a smoker and I always use the designated smoking areas at theme parks and I try to be considerate of others if the designated smoking area is close to a congested area such as a restroom.
  9. I would have say the Yankee Cannoball at Canobie. The airtime during the last 20 seconds is incomparable!
  10. I agree with what everyone saying about Wild Eagle being the best because of it's spectacular location. Dollywood would be a great theme park in ANY location, but the fact that it is nestled in the smoky mountains insures its place among the ranks of the best theme parks in the US.
  11. Lightning Run looks great and the other additions sound promising. The Kingdom will flourish once again!
  12. Really excited to hear this news! I have always been fascinated by the original "Bat" and it's legendary saga. So glad to see King's Island making yet another brilliant marketing decision. Invoking memories of a ride of the past is always a great way to generate interest and nostalgia.
  13. I agree with what has already been said about TN Tornado's color scheme fitting it's theme very well. I also think that Millennium Force's blueish-purple track is a great color and seems to imply a befitting status.
  14. Dollywood by far. SDC is a great theme park, but Dollywood feels like someplace more special than a theme park in my opinion.
  15. We spent the day there Friday and got our rides on Wild Eagle early in the morning, as we anticipated the closure. The park looks great, the construction on Firechaser Express is moving along nicely with lots of footers everywhere. I tried the Cinnamon Bread for the first time (based on the raves I've read here) and was blow away. It was AWESOME! I have to say that while this park is finally receiving some of the recognition it deserves, I think it remains way underrated. The beauty of the park alone nestled in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains is just so worth the effort it takes to get there. On a side note, we also experienced the new Smoky Mountain Alpine Coaster out on Wears Valley Road and it was spectacular! Do yourself a favor and ride it next time you are in Pigeon Forge.
  16. Delta Demon-Opryland Hangman-Opryland Walbash Cannonball - Opryland Chaos - Opryland Rock N Roller Coaster - Opryland Starliner - Miracle Strip Son Of Beast - Kings Island Chang - Kentucky Kingdom Galaxy - Canobie Lake Park Python - Busch Gardens Tampa
  17. Looks fun! I can't wait for the next segment. Will be fun to watch this POV be revealed one piece at a time.
  18. When I was 7 years old in 1985, I rode Geronimo at Water Country in Portsmouth, NH. It remains the only time I've ever genuinely screamed out of fear on a ride. I rode it many more times over the years, but that first time scared the daylights out of me.
  19. I only rode Gwazi once back in 2003, but I found it to be a fun, fast and fairly comfortable ride. It must have deteriorated quickly because it was still a fun ride back then.
  20. I think Pete mentioned in the podcast that the Coaster launched out and did some twists and turns stuff before encountering a "lift". This statement alone makes me think that it cannot be a true shuttle. He also mentioned a "show building" which is the obvious place for the track switch.
  21. Proud to say Dollywood is what I consider my "home" park.
  22. I have a friend who works at Dollywood in marketing. I tried to get some "inside information", but she is refusing to spill the beans. LOL! I guess I'll have to wait for the announcement like everyone else. The suspense is killing me though.
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