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  1. Same here. I am completely comfortable until after the train stops and we are waiting to pull back into the station. A small annoyance, but one worth mentioning. It is particularly uncomfortable if you spent the day before at Splash Country and got a little sun-burned.
  2. I totally get where you are coming from and agree completely. HFEC used to be so good at handing this type of stuff, but they've gotten so big so quickly and almost all the employees from the older schools of thought have fled the company. It's becoming so much more of a stale corporate environment so quickly. The new CEO and most of the management team in Atlanta is more impressed by Six Flags than the chain's own history. This is just one more example in a LONG list of little things that really add up. I understand your point about the wording being a little odd, in regards to "copyright infringement of Kodak", but that certainly would not have ruined my day at the park. And the bottom line is that it is against the rules. If people would just obey the rules, there would be no need for the park staff to issue warnings, whether the wording of that warning is about "copyright infringement" or "safety".
  3. I couldn't agree more!!! This park is just screaming for a wooden coaster. It would be the perfect fit.
  4. These rides all look pretty cool...and I would ride them. But honestly, I'd be a little terrified. LOL!
  5. I don't think so. It's just conversation. I really don't think there is anyone who could possibly complain or be disappointed about this coaster.
  6. I agree a tunnel is not going to happen or else we would already know. However, there is a long tunnel through the mountain on the way into Gatlinburg, which is a gateway into the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, so it would have been a cool and very appropriate addition. But really this coaster doesn't need it. It is going to be so awesome just as it is....the quadruple down (and the airtime it promises) is the part I am most excited about. Perhaps this will be the best wooden coaster ever!
  7. This looks awesome! I can't wait to see the new CP skyline.
  8. Joker looks great. But Lightning Rod looks better and has what is probably the best setting/landscape for any coaster being built for 2016. The glorious Great Smoky Mountains are just too amazing!!!!
  9. Very pleased to see this coaster getting a restoration. It has such a unique layout. The new trains will restore it to its former glory!
  10. I am very happy about the name change. I hated the name Bizarro and thought it was lost on most people. But EVERYBODY knows Superman!!!
  11. If they had been successful, which is making money, they would still be there. Opryland was successful and always made money. The problem was that stockholders wanted an investment that made money year round and Opryland was seasonal. A few years ago, business analysts from Gaylord Entertainment (owners of Opryland) admitted that the decision to close the park was unwarranted.
  12. Hopefully, we'll eventually see a complete POV animation that will answer some of these questions regarding the layout, ride time, etc.
  13. Castaway Bay definitely needs some relief. When I was there, the crowds at Castaway looked so dense that I doubt it could have been an enjoyable experience. While I prefer a new coaster, I think waterpark expansion is extremely necessary for this park. A perfect situation would include both a new coaster and an expansion of the waterpark.
  14. So far, there is no such thing as a bad RMC. Some are better than others, but they are all great coasters.
  15. Has there been any more action on the corkscrew site? Anybody?
  16. So excited to see track already being installed. It is fun seeing every phase of this coaster. And it's only going to get better!
  17. Damn.....I have always liked the charm of this isolated and small park. It is a shame to see this happen.
  18. Cedar Point is completely innocent of any wrongdoing. Anyone who thinks otherwise is a moron. That being said, I feel nothing but compassion and sadness for the victim and his family. It was his own fault, but he certainly didn't deserve to lose his life just because he made a terrible error in judgment. Some people here seem to lack compassion....almost like they are more angry at him for making a stupid decision instead of being sympathetic for the fact that he got killed.
  19. I rode the Smoky Mountain Alpine Coaster and the alpine slide at Ober Gatlinburg. Both were insanely fun, but the Smoky Mountain Alpine Coaster was much better. In addition to the adrenaline rush the ride gives, it is in a beautiful wooded mountain setting. Careening down the mountain side after a long scenic climb was super fun!
  20. Great news! I hope the park continues to flourish and grow. It has so much potential.
  21. Bobbejaanland in Belgium was built by Bobbejaan Schoepen, a country singer just like Dolly. In fact, here's a picture of him with Dolly Parton! gerthans.jpg[/attachment] Gert Verhulst, Hans Bourlon In Germany, the founder of Heide-Park is racing driver Hans-Jürgen Tiemann, who won the Nürburgring 24 Hours in 1997 and 1999. When he still owned the park (it was sold to Merlin in late 2001), there was a small museum in the park with his race cars. Tiemann still lives right next to the park and was in the news last year when he complained the park's new coaster (Flug der Dämonen) is too noisy. [attachment=0]540695113.jpg[/attachment] Hans-Jürgen Tiemann and his wife Angelika, in Heide-Park, May 1998 [attachment=3]heide.jpg[/attachment] In this old photo you can see Tiemann's house (top left corner) and his private karting track. In Finland, Power Park began as little more than a karting track, designed by former F1 racing driver Mika Salo. Wow! Thanks for the information.
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