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  1. I honestly think LR is my least favorite new RMC. it has to do with the hot rod theme. Whilst it was a great idea, I don't see how a ride through the wooded mountains fit the theme. I wish they would had designed more theming aspects.


    Another factor is the launch and drop, which could have been so much better IMO. Imagine an uninterrupted transition from a launch to an amazing drop. The acceleration effect would be such a rush!


    Hate me if you want, but it won't change that I think LR had more potential than was granted.


    I think the theme fits pretty well, and I think the launch and drop(s) will be more intense than you anticipate. However, why would anyone hate you over opinions about roller coasters? That would just be stupid. I love roller coasters, they are one of my great passions, but there are more important things in life. Keep the opinions coming!

  2. bkwjim, I wasn't trying to brag or shove it in your face or anything I just used the quote to establish the presence of the conversation earlier in the thread. I actually agreed with you that we "probably would not see it" , but i'm just glad what we discussed is becoming a reality!


    ImNotOneYou : You asked if talking about the idea was a way of complaining about the coaster, and I said no. You never said that was the closest thing to someone complaining about an RMC unless I missed that later on.


    However, I hope the tunnel includes lighting effects and heavy mist. I believe the upkeep on something like that would be much better maintained at a park like Dollywood.


    blakelemay23, I KNOW!!! I was sincere in my comment when I said "You were right!!!". I didn't take it as bragging or trying to shove it in my face or anything. I knew you were just pointing it out. I was simply supporting you.

  3. I agree a tunnel is not going to happen or else we would already know. However, there is a long tunnel through the mountain on the way into Gatlinburg, which is a gateway into the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, so it would have been a cool and very appropriate addition. But really this coaster doesn't need it. It is going to be so awesome just as it is....the quadruple down (and the airtime it promises) is the part I am most excited about. Perhaps this will be the best wooden coaster ever!

    That's funny! I brought up the idea of a tunnel on the launch about a week ago and it apparently was in the plans the whole time, I believe someone said me bringing up the idea was complaining? idk i'm glad its happening though.


    You were right, blakelemay23!!!! I am so happy that you were correct.

  4. Like many others, I also noticed that the construction pics seem to indicate a roof of some type at the top of the launched lift hill. I think it would be awesome if the two humps at the top of the lift were covered in a wooden tunnel. That would make the moment when you re-emerge into the light and scream down the first huge drop absolutely insane. I wonder what their plans are. I guess time will tell. Maybe there will just be outhouse-sized shacks on the top of those first two humps to indicate.....uhm......nipples.

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