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  1. *Best moment- My first visit to SFOT this season, riding NTAG 24 times pre-accident. *Best individual ride: Last night(October 19th), NTAG at 40 degrees, back seat, full moon, brisk wind, sitting next to some terrified girl around my age. Perfect. *Funniest moment: Ended up carrying on a forty minute conversation with a ride op about Shockwave vs. Mindbender *Scariest moment- Waiting in line for NTAG when the accident occurred. *Strangest moment- Losing my season pass purchasing a Fright Pass *Favorite individual park visit: October 19th. Perfect weather, chilly, a couple rides on everything, Fright Fest tossed in. *Nerdiest moment: Corrected a four year old about the height of Judge Roy Scream *Best non-coaster related thing to happen at a park: Getting free chicken fingers because the ones we paid for were undercooked. *Best thing to happen on a park trip outside of the park: I got nothing *Favorite new experience: Giant StarFlyers *Anything else you'd like to mention as a highlight
  2. Any advice as far as hitting the park on Saturday? I'm stuck going tomorrow(though any day riding rollercoasters can possibly be bad, right?). I'm going with a few buddies from school who want to ride everything we can in about ten hours. Which rides should we hit first? Good haunted houses?
  3. Quick question: I'm looking at maybe going to the park on Sunday. It doesn't appear to be thunderstorms, so do you think most of the rides would be operating? I've got to get a few rides on Shocky. What do you think?
  4. They always had the shin restraints on front row of each car on the train. Glad to hear the ride is open and that its still a great ride. Huh. Guess I never noticed. Do they new restraint pads make it more or less comfortable?
  5. Sweet! Black trains back on. Interesting that they put shin restraints on. Thank you for update^
  6. Nice call man. Hate to change the subject, but has one seen trains running on Shockwave recently, or were those rumors that it was running test runs really just rumors.
  7. It's not really that I want an X-Flight clone, I just think it work really fit nicely in that corner. And it seems like something Six Flags would do
  8. Absolutely. The abandoned shopping center would fit so perfectly with that layout.
  9. Well, according to Screamscape, the Judge is closed for unknown reasons, BUT, Shockwave is SUPPOSEDLY making test runs and could reopen by the end of the month. Come on Shockwave!
  10. North Carolina would be good to. You have Carowinds, Kings Dominion, Busch Gardens Williamsburg, Dollywood, Over Georgia, and even like Great Adventure within 6 hours. (Ok, maybe more like 9 for Great Adventure)
  11. Runaway Mine Train-SFOT Shockwave-SFOT Blue Streak-CP
  12. No, I didn't notice that. It could be a sign. Just for clarification, the rebar and concrete at the exit of Titan is for the ride pictures station, correct?
  13. I also noticed that the sides of the station weren't tarped off. And that Shockwave had both trains on the tracks.
  14. I personally think it will have a 24 foot hill, a 5 degree first drop, and be 85 feet long. Ok, with that out I just can't believe they're going with an RMC. I have been on two of the Rocky Mountain Construction rides, Irat and NTAG, and NTAG is my favorite ride on the face of the Earth. This better be good if it's going to dethrone my NTAG.
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