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  1. I went Friday for the passholder preview and was able to ride TC 3 times!!! While it is short when compared to the other coasters at SFOG, it is now my favorite ride there! The RMC makeover turned a very rough and unpleasant ride into a very smooth and completely new experience...the cobra roll and inversions are awesome.


    Now, I also took a ride on Scream Machine...hoping the old cyclone trains would somehow improve it....WRONG! I was hurting from head to toe when I got off of the ride. I realize it's a classic for SFOG but I wish they would RMC just the track and not change the ride itself b/c the hills would be awesome if not so rough and bumpy.


    Happy Memorial Day!


    I agree completely. Scream Machine is absolutely brutal IMO. I compare it to GhostRider at Knott's pre-retrack. But at least there's really only one horrendous coaster left at the park since Cyclone was redone.

  2. That damage to the Justice League queue must be quite recent. I rode it about a month ago and didn't notice anything to that degree. With that being said, I'm not surprised at all that that has happened. Coming from PA and SFGAdv, now living closest to SFOG, the clientele has been... rough recently. Seemingly worse than GADv by a long shot, honestly. Hopefully the park will consider fixing it up. It just looks awful.

  3. I'm at the park today and it's absolutely packed. A pretty miserable day overall, with most waits encroaching an hour. Superman has gone down three times since I've been in line, with cycle times averaging about 8-10 minutes.


    Seems like everyone is trying to soak up the last bit of summer with today being the waterpark'a last day in operation for the year.


    Also, for my 2018 pass renewal, the attendant said my old pass wouldn't scan and he gave me a new card. Kind of interesting and very wasteful on behalf of the park. Any idea on why that might be/if I should hang on to the old one for the remainder of the year?

  4. Thinking about going to Hersheypark for the first time this summer - is there a big difference between the crowds on a Friday vs. Saturday from June through August? Feasible to do all major rides in one day? Deciding if worth it to burn a vacation day.

    If you get there early and go to the low capacity rides like Fahrenheit first, and follow a good schedule, the lines shouldn't be a problem if you know what you're doing. I usually like to go to Fahrenheit first, and do the rides near the center of the park. Then I like to go to Great Bear, then go to the other rides near the front of the park. Then I wait a while, eat, or take videos or pictures, then go to the back at the park when most of the crowds are at the water park. It also depends on what rides you want to do. If you want to get every coaster credit, you could definitely get it done in one day easily. If you want to go on water rides (Coal Cracker is one of the best log flumes I've been on), or flat rides, it will be a little bit more difficult. But it can still be done in one day. If it's possible, I would recommend getting the Preview Plan. This lets you get into the park 2.5 hours before the park closes on one evening, and then you get the whole day afterwards. This lets you do the rides at the front of the park while most of the crowds are near the back of the park. If you do the Preview Plan, you can do everything done with no problem. I've been going to this park for almost 10 years since I was very small, and this is what has worked for my family the most. This is one of the best parks in the country, and I hope you have a great time!

    What about getting a two-day pass? That's what I was planning on doing to make sure I could get everything done plus rerides. I wouldn't be able to preview because I'd be going all day Friday and Saturday anyway, but if I just went on Saturday I could preview on Friday. I'm talking about summer opening weekend, BTW. I have no idea how busy the park might be so I figured I'd feel better if I had two days at the park, but I'm open to other suggestions. If I only did one day, I could probably fit in another theme park that weekend. I'm already planning Knoebel's for Sunday but there are other parks in the area that I've never been to, like Dorney.


    My personal advice to you would be to do a two day pass for Hershey and skip Dorney, unless you're crazy about waterparks. Wildwater Kingdom at Dorney blows Hershey's Boardwalk out of the water (pun intended?). Hershey also has so many tourist options in the surrounding areas, like the Hershey Gardens, Chocolate World (duh), and the trolley tour. If you've never been to the area, it's really stunning in the summertime and you would be better off doing the park and some of those activities.


    Just my two cents!


    And oh yeah. Skyrush. That's all.

  5. It looks like this flat isn't the only thing we'll see from Movie World, with a development application for a Roller Coaster approved. RCDB says it will open in 2017 and is an extreme steel sit down coaster.


    They also had applications in for a lakeside precinct, entertainment precinct and Hotel.


    It's about time that this park begins to grow larger. I'm actually living in Gold Coast, QLD now for a bit of time, and it's apparent that this is such a tourist destination. Larger expansions would be well-received by the public.

  6. I'm planning to be at the park this upcoming Sunday, Feb 14th (Valentine's Day). Saturday and Sunday are my only options as I'll only be in the LA area for the weekend before I fly to Australia for Study Abroad.


    Has anyone ever been on Valentine's weekend before? Hopefully everyone is out doing lame things like going to dinner and eating chocolates so that the lines are short


    Also, if anyone would like to tag along just shoot me a message, as I'll be going to the park alone and riding buddies are always welcome!

  7. Some more finalized info for this weekend's "extended days".... From Great Adventure Connoisseurs FB Group


    Bizarro, Safari, and Skull Mountain will be closed (as I'm pretty sure most people already knew), but Zumanjaro will also be closed, as well as Batman (...FINALLY being changed to forwards again? It's time)


    I'll be heading to the park Sunday and this will most likely be my last rides in for 2015 before I head to Australia in February and *hopefully* hit up Dreamworld and Movie World!


    Also, 2015 Dining Passes will not be valid but 2016 Dining Passes will be. Weird.

  8. Looking at making a final visit of the year on Sunday. I'm not renewing my pass next year so I'll probably stay until closing with some friends, arriving early afternoon.

    Have they been running two trains on most coasters? Are the houses worth waiting/paying for? Speaking of, how much are the houses this year for season pass holders?

    I did them last year and they were okay at best... I'm assuming they're basically the same this year, sans the one new house.

    If you've gone to Fright Fest this year let me know how thought it was.


    Pg. 473 of this thread has a pretty lengthy review of many of the houses and scare zones. Check it out.

  9. Two years ago I went when it was really cold and asked them about their temperature policy through Facebook and they said as long as it's not snowing Phoenix and Twister stay open. Not sure about Flying Turns or Implulse though. It got down to 31 when I was there and Phoenix was running, albeit slow and VERY cold. Still a really fun time!


    That's music to my ears, thanks! Should be chilly but still looking forward to it.

  10. Planning on heading to the park tomorrow afternoon around opening, and I've checked the weather and see the high is only 50ª. How is Knoebel's with their temperature procedures? The low for tomorrow night is 30º and I bet as soon as the sun goes down in the evening it's going to drop into the low 40º's/high 30ºs rather quickly. Can I expect all coasters to close under a certain threshold?



  11. How was Wildcat running? A couple of my enthusiast friends went to Compounce earlier this year and reported both the Wildcat and Boulder Dash were unacceptably rough. From what you wrote it would seem Boulder Dash was running better than it was when they were there.


    IMHO, I rode both BD and Wildcat in July, and while I expected BD to be balls-to-the-wall crazy and I accepted it's roughness for what it was, Wildcat was almost to the point of being unenjoyable. If it remained in the state that it was, I certainly wouldn't ride it more than once per visit.

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