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  1. I was 12 when I rode my first coaster...The Bush Beast at Australia's Wonderland. Sad that it was closed last year, but such is life. By the way I guess that I'm not that old if I'm still younger than Robb (by 4 years anyway). But remember Robb that you are only as young as you feel...I roll over every morning and feel 4 years younger...
  2. Don't ask how I know this, but there is a group within the WWE of Roller Coaster nuts. The group consists of Edge, Scotty 2 Hottie, Mankind, Christian, Matt and Jeff Hardy and Al Snow. While I know a few of the names are no longer with the company, if you visit a theme park and there is a show on near-by, the guys have been known to slip down to the park for a coaster credit before the show.
  3. I have to agree about Shaun of the Dead, that rocks. And to all of you who liked it, try to find an Aussie movie called "Undead". I promise that you will not stop laughing all the way through, even if they went over budget on the blood by a little.....not much difference between 60Litres and 600Litres is there now??? As far as my personnal collection goes, it is somewhere in the range of 200+ DVD's with over 2000 movies on VHS tape to be copied to DVD in the future. One to watch out for is Electra, as the half an hour of footage that I have seen is great and I only hope that the rest of the film continues on also. Enjoy all.
  4. The only thing about this show is that here in the land down under, we are still on last season. I have a hard enough time not getting onto the net just to see what is going to happen next week as they left us hanging with Bolo and his wife stuck at a train station in last place. Some-one please tell me that Johnathon gets put in his place for the way he treats his wife. If I was in the race and saw the way that he treated her, I think I would have to step in and say my peace, in my own way of course. I will have to keep an eye out to see if the show ever has an international series so that people from other countries can go. I would make sure to enter that one as it would be one hell of a ride. Enjoy all.
  5. Due to a diet and a major lack of sugar in my system, please feel free to lable whatever you feel like as my title. I could just kill for a can of coke about know.....hhhhhmmmmm coke!!!
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