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  1. This looks astonishingly good - time to start planning a California 2016 trip me thinks...
  2. Third visit, but first since 2005 and most definitely not our last. I'll be posting a full TR at some point when everyone is back from Scandi, but I can say we thought Cedar Point was a phenomenal way to end our trip - we would still be riding Millennium Force right now if we could. Other than the rain policy, there isn't a great deal to complain about - operations were good, nice atmosphere in the park, and we loved the new gemini midway.
  3. I saw you guys leave the line for Millenium Force that night. Super unfortunate that you chose to leave the line, as it reopened after about five minutes
  4. Back from the trip; it was absolutely awesome! Will make a start one a TR once folks are back from Scandi. Thanks to everyone who gave advice, everything worked out wonderfully.
  5. Kingda Ka open this evening through Monday according to the tweet below. https://twitter.com/SFGrAdventure/status/469844891452051457 Hopefully I can get to the park on Memorial Day - might be difficult considering we land at 15:30 that day and need to clear immigration, pick up the rental car and drive over there.
  6. So I'm not sure if I have missed this previously, but it seems that Kingda Ka may be open for a limited run on memorial day weekend... This will mean it would be rideable during our trip that begins next Monday, perhaps!
  7. Not the most horrific of delays considering, and at least it will be open for the summer season.
  8. A shame that we'll miss it, it would have been a great way to start off our trip - should make things less crowded until it opens you'd imagine.
  9. True, but the signage near Ka did changed to "closed until late spring".
  10. Hiding the information isn't exactly going to win anyone over either though...
  11. From what I can see on the social media front, the GP seem to be under the impression Zumanjaro will be open for Memorial Day. Seems a bit strange to not let anyone know the opening is delayed - presuming of course it actually is? Compare that with Busch Gardens Tampa clearly stating that Falcon's Fury wasn't going to meet the media and preview events that had already been scheduled.
  12. Doesn't look like Zumanjaro is going to be open for my visit in late May According to a TR on another forum, the signage near Kingda Ka has changed from "closed until Memorial Day weekend" to "closed until late spring" - guessing this means we're looking at June now?
  13. Gah, no delicious Food & Wine Festival for us; we're visiting midweek in early June
  14. Great TR, should be there myself for the first time in just over a month.
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