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  1. ^ Interesting building on the left, there. Is the top of it purely ornamental, or

    is there some actual task it does, or is composed of? Great Mardi Gras shot, too!


    Sorry I am so late to respond, but yes, it is purely ornamental. It used to not have the top on it before the RSA Tower (tallest building to the right) was built in 2007.


    [/This was the building to the left before RSA Tower]


    This was the building to the left JUST after the RSA Tower



    They added the spire simply so it wouldn't look like a tacky skyline.



    Separate from your question, I don't think I posted a good enough picture of the skyline as it only showed 3 buildings, so I'll post another one


  2. I know I'm late to the party, but to be honest with you, I don't know if I like some of the elements on this coaster. It's a dive coaster with a zero-g roll, airtime hill, and dive loop. I've never ridden a dive coaster, but I can tell that dive loops, airtime hills, and zero-g rolls aren't the best elements to put on a dive coaster. It looked like it was just crawling through that zero-g roll on the animation video, and I feel like the trains weigh too much to go through those elements, especially towards the end of the ride when it starts to slow down. Immelmann's, Helix's, Splashdown's, and Overbanked Turns are really the only elements I could imagine feeling good on a dive coaster. It also kind of sucks that this coaster won't be having any theming, especially when compared to Griffon, SheiKra, & Krake.


    Other than that, the first half of this coaster before the mid-course break run looks incredible, however I kind of wish it went under a tunnel on that first drop. At the end of the day, being a roller coaster enthusiast is all about having fun, & there's still no doubt that this roller coaster will be a really fun ride! Too many people out there, especially, ahem, ACEers & Coasterforcers, think that if a ride isn't "the best roller coaster in the world" that means it's a horrible ride. Even though this might not be a top 10 ride, I'm sure it will still be FUN!

  3. I've also seen various pictures of urban explorers venturing into the old SFNO

    My question is, all these years later, SFNO is obviously beyond saving, but why is the area heavily watched by police to keep people from trespassing? It would seem that a sign of enter at own liability and risk would cover it, and not needing the area patrolled? Heck, I'd venture to say based on videos, nothing is salvageable and the place is in complete ruin, mostly from the hurricane, but also graffiti, etc. 10 years later.


    The reason why the area is watched by police is because it's in New Orleans East, which if you didn't know, is the ultimate ghetto...Bloods, Crips, every gang you can name is in New Orleans East. I'm sure the lake in SFNO has become full of dead bodies & alligators, & I've heard that gangs often hang out there at night. It really isn't a safe place to visit.


    If Six Flags does open another park in Louisana, it will certainly not be in New Orleans. I could see them buying out Dixie Landin' in Baton Rouge (semi-big city 1 hour north of New Orleans), like they did to Jazzland. That would make it not quite as prone to Hurricanes, but it would still be in the ghetto of Baton Rouge, which is more dangerous than New Orleans.


    I honestly could not see a Six Flags park in the south being anywhere else besides Baton Rouge. They obviously learned from SFNO that New Orleans was a bad location, Mobile is not quite big enough to have a Six Flags park, neither is any city in Alabama, even Birmingham couldn't get a SF park due to it being relatively close to SFOG. Mississippi definitely couldn't get a Six Flags park, due to their cities not being big enough & the MS Gulf Coast being hit even worse than New Orleans during Katrina. Six Flags Jacksonville & Six Flags Nashville could be possible, but I honestly don't see any other city in the south being more likely to get a Six Flags park than Baton Rouge. The city is booming (Miss America was just held there), and it is already a "household name" due to LSU & the large number of alcoholics

  4. My city is so small we barely even have a skyline, but Mobile, Alabama (a.k.a. "People who think they saw a Leprechaun viral video city"), which is just 45 minutes away from me, has a rather small, but very nice skyline (and is a very good city). They have the tallest building in Alabama, and the same building is also the tallest building on the Gulf Coast outside of Houston.


    EDIT: Moving here soon.


    This was taken during the 2013 Mardi Gras season, Mobile was actually where Mardi Gras first started in 1703





    The lyrics are clever, the beat is catchy, and he is talking about a serious beef between him (Lil' Wayne) and Birdman, which is very intense since Birdman used to be a father figure to Lil' Wayne ever since Wayne was 9 years old. And now they are trying to kill each other.


    A lot of people hate this song and Lil' Wayne's newer music, but I think it is superb.



  6. Before I get started on the main subject of this post, yesterday at Carowinds a 5th grader got left behind on a field trip, and his school was 2 hours away: http://myfox8.com/2015/05/27/5th-grader-accidentally-left-behind-on-field-trip-to-carowinds/


    Looks like someone has already made an online petition to save Thunder Road. http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/savethunderroad


    Good. God.


    Wow. I do realize how near and dear Thunder Road is to Charlotte, but I didn't expect them to go that far. There were people complaining about how Thunder Road is better than a "waterpark expansion", and they don't even know what the new attraction is yet...


    I've had a few theories on what they could be putting in Thunder Road's place:




    I know what you're thinking. But I actually have logic to explain why I think it could be an AquaTrax. They said that it will be making a "big splash" in 2016, which would lead most people into thinking that it is a waterpark expansion. But my brain just isn't that simple. I thought of an AquaTrax as soon as I heard them say that.


    Another reason why I think it could be an AquaTrax is because when Cedar Point was putting out teasers for Rougourou, one of the big executives of the park put out a picture on Twitter of a "to-do list" that said some stuff like "Call Intamin for an AquaTrax" & "Call RMC for a Topper Track coaster"...I can't remember exactly what it said, but I remember those 2 things. Cedar Fair has said that they are trying to make Carowinds the new Cedar Point of the southeast, and a unique ride like an AquaTrax would make up for Maverick. I looked at the cost of Atlantis Adventure at Lotte World and it said that in US dollars it would be 30 million, and Atlantis Adventure was built 12 years ago...they still have 20 million dollars in the 50 million dollar expansion, but here is how I think that they can still make an AquaTrax out of 20 million dollars. Cedar Fair parks don't put a lot of theming into most of their coasters, and Atlantis Adventure has A LOT of theming, including animatronics. So if they weren't going to theme it as much as Atlantis Adventure, I could definitely see them making an AquaTrax out of 20 million dollars. Also, who says that AquaTrax's have to have a launch? The one at Carowinds could just have a lift hill, that would save some money. I am hoping that it will be an AquaTrax.


    Waterpark Expansion: For obvious reasons...

  7. @Everyone on the last page, Go back and read the part where I said if a kid/teenager puts there leg out to the middle of the track (where the launch mechanism would be). That's what I mean. I was talking about a FLOORLESS coaster, not a wing rider. Someone very well could cut their leg.


    Because there's no way B&M could ever build a launched floorless without chopping someone's leg off!


    I don't even remember posting that...what was i thinking?

  8. Judging by most of the posts in this thread, most of TPR doesn't like rap music...but it's actually my favorite genre. Here are a few of my favorites. (P.S., some of these songs have some naughty words!!1!1!!!1!!)


    This song is going to be played on Top 40 radio stations by tomorrow. Trust me. Best song to do the Whip Dance to.


    I love this song so much. Not only are the beats and the lyrics good, he can sing too.


    The lyrics in this song could be questionable, but it's a very catchy song and they can all sing really good.


    Everybody can love this song, no matter what genre they prefer. It's extremely catchy.


    Last one. This song was just released, and everything about it is amazing.


  9. Little Debbie's Oatmeal Cream Pies



    I love those, I don't understand why you call it a "guilty pleasure"?


    Moving on, I LOVE Hollywood Rip, Ride, Rockit and both sides of Dragon Challenge (finally getting used to the name), even though most enthusiast hate them. The restraints on Rockit are my fav restraints on any coaster, even though most people hate them. I also thought the ride had some nice g-forces and even a little airtime. The music made it even better, even though it would be cool if they updated the song choices.


    I love both sides of Dragon Challenge, I thought both where nice and forceful, espicially the blue side. Most people like the red side better, but I thought the blue side was a bit more intense.

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