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  1. I got the 28th as well, I'm wondering how many people will be there. If you see a kid with brown hair and a gray Full Throttle shirt, say hey!
  2. Totally off topic of the current subject, but still somewhat awesome. Have any of you guys heard of the Full Throttle VIP tour contest for high school students? I entered it a while back in August and last night, I actually got an email saying that I won! I'm pretty stoked. One hour of ERT on Full Throttle and a back stage tour, also get to get into the park before opening, which is pretty cool. I'm excited as this is my first theme park event that I will ever go to. I just hope its "better then nothing."
  3. I'm trying to explain this whole thing to my mom who does not know a thing about roller coasters.
  4. Man I really wish that I have the chance to ride this thing, it uses the hillside perfectly.
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