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  1. At what point is the ride considered safe? Should everyone be required to sit in a full body harness and bolted to the vehicle to maximize safety? Because who knows, if a failsafe restraint isn't safe than how can we trust a seatbelt that is also a mechanical device. I am picturing that this is how all coasters should be: A good video showcasing what is going on when you hear the clicks on a restraint: https://youtu.be/9wi2wIB9IJ4
  2. Six Flags Great America gives more rides than any other park. It has been that way for decades. (Sad! if you consider that SFMM is year round yet doesn't beat a seasonal park) I've also heard Mexico does a really excellent job, likely better than any of the other parks. There is a recent video from ITL that does a good job showcasing SFM's great ride ops.
  3. That ride does not have the failsafe restraints present on modern theme park rides. If it is the same as what I have seen it is literally a bar with an end that is held in place by the door being closed and a latching pin. I don't know of any coasters that a ride operator places a single piece of metal in a hole to hold you in. Perhaps this ride should have had a failsafe backup! But for the other 99.999% of rides that don't hold you in by a pin we are safe without a seatbelt. Like I said every ride should have a failsafe restraint. If it does there is no need for a seatbelt beyond the increased perception of safety by the guests.
  4. Ntag was a ride operator not properly enforcing the ride access policies and allowing a morbidly obese woman to ride with the lapbar on her squishy stomach and not her lap. No mechanical failure. I'm not sure how a raft going airborne with a rider secured by a seatbelt on a waterslide would constitute adding seatbelts to all roller coasters.
  5. What ride has someone fallen out of at a major theme park because of a restraint failure in the past 20 years(carnivals and my Olympus excluded)? Restraints are fail safe... And then there is a second fail safe device. So even if somehow one ratchet or hydraulic fails there is a second one as well. Both systems would have to fail at the same time... Airplanes and a coaster restraint are not the same thing. When has anyone said flying is 100% safe. And by your logic we can't trust the seatbelt either because that could fail as well!
  6. The ride op is 100% correct and doing his job in this situation. Sorry that you were scared of the ride, but honestly, you're fine. You stopping the ride op TWICE to ask to have your restraint re-checked actually delayed the dispatch of the train. Don't do this again! Thank you. Working at a B&M hyper my biggest pet peeve is when guests freak out before dispatch after their restraint has been checked because it is not stapled to their body, and ask a ride op to come and push it down another click, delaying a dispatch. Same at inverts and flyers. I don't know if this has changed but you can see in the beginning of this video that restraints on Silver Star at Europa park are not checked physically unless it is a large rider: I know Whizzer at SFGAm restraints are checked Disney esque where they ask you to pull up on the seatbelt yourself. To those thinking that restraints have been checked since the beginning of coasters are not informed. Whizzer at SFGAm opened without a restraint! And most coasters did not have airgates until a decade or so ago. I know on a lot of older wooden coasters that opened with buzz bars the restraints would be checked as the train was dispatching or not at all. Also, seatbelts on most rides are totally unnecessary. Thankfully Six Flags did not follow cedar fair in adding seatbelts to their hypers and arrow coasters. Hundreds of millions of rides have been given on B&M hypers without incident. They are fail safe... Whole point of a restraint. The seatbelts on OTSR rides are actually there to limit the size of guests who can ride and that is their only purpose. The restraints can not fail! Unless of course you are at a park like Mt Olympus where I would not trust the restraint. But any major theme park inspects every restraint every day. A seatbelt is completely unnecessary.
  7. Tailored trains typically have a higher capacity and lower maintenance costs. Take a typical GCI coaster with 12 cars which can seat a total of 24 people and has 78 wheels. A PTC 5-car 6 seater can hold 30 people and only has 60 wheels and fewer moving parts.
  8. I'm not saying the newspaper is as credible as this user. But just like the user's post, this article doesn't cite a source. The original question I asked is what is that user supposed to say his source is? What would the newspaper say if you asked that question? Does him saying he heard it from someone who works at the park vs not providing a source any different at all? I'm not arguing how true that statement is, I'm trying to figure out what someone is supposed to say their source is for something that there isn't any physical evidence to provide.
  9. This article is written entirely as fact: http://www.sanduskyregister.com/Business/2016/02/11/Shoot-The-Rapids-coming-down.html?ci=stream&lp=10&p=1 Their source? Sources. Are you going to write the editor and ask him what his source is? Most people seem to be fine with them not having a source and now there's something new to discuss about Cedar Point!
  10. He didn't post it as a fact! He posted it as a rumor! But someone asked him for a source. That's why I asked what sort of source he was supposed to provide.
  11. Kingda Ka will be removed at the end of this season. I heard it from someone I know who works at the park. Kingda Ka's days are numbered #goodbye #endof2016 I perceive those exactly the same. The argument here is that you can't just believe what people say because they say it. So you're asking for some sort of source. If he says his source is from someone who works there does that really make it any more credible? He could easily be making that up as well. I seriously doubt that "MOST people" don't understand what he meant with that post and I think it's insulting that you're saying this forum is basically the same as the comment section on a CNN article. If someone said something like "The park just announced Rolling Thunder is being removed" I'd ask for a source. But when someone posts a rumor, what kind of source are you looking for? That's my point.
  12. So "Blackbeards will be changed with the addition of the joker. It will be called Harley Quinn. - a homeless man who lives near the park who is friends with an employee" is different from "Blackbeards will be changed with the addition of the joker. #Harleyquinn?" I'm pretty sure everyone knows what he meant.
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