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  1. Thanks so much everyone - I had a great two days. I was actually pleasantly surprised by both parks! I felt that while they lacked the same amount of attractions as California and Tokyo, the ones they did have were great, and sometimes even better. I LOVED Pirates and Phantom Manor - both great takes on the originals. Space Mountain was awesome as well, but I think I'd give the edge to California due to how rough the one in Paris was at times. Loved the launch and the "steampunk" theme, though! Really bummed that Big Thunder was closed - it looked great! I guess that will give me a g
  2. Hello friends! You all were extremely helpful to me a few years ago with theme park advice when I was in the UK, and also last year when I went to the Tokyo Disney Resort (seriously, your advice really helped me make the most of my limited visit there, and I had an amazing time. So THANK YOU!). Well, now I am traveling abroad again, and about to check another Disney resort off my bucket list. This time it is Paris. I've heard these two parks are the lowest on the list when it comes to Disney parks, but I am still excited to give it a try. I will be at the resort for two full days t
  3. Okay gang - you guys helped me out a ton a couple years ago when I went to the UK...this time it's Japan. Heading on a business trip to Singapore and I'm extending my layover in Japan by a few days so I can hit up TDR and TDS. Always wanted to go to those so couldn't pass up the chance. I will be there for two full days plus an evening when I get there and a morning the day I leave; so a Saturday evening through Tuesday morning. Only other Disney resort I've been to is the California one. Bearing that in mind, I need some help in prioritization. What are the things I absolutely can
  4. Thanks for the info - I did see Thorpe Park as well and that it is much closer. Can you tell me more info about both of these parks? What are the pros/cons of each (other than the distance they will be from where I'm staying)? Just would like to get a better idea of what each one has to offer (other than what i can see on RCDB of course). Thanks again - very helpful info indeed.
  5. Hi everyone, Long time theme park fanatic here - first time poster on this forum. I know a lot of you have traveled a bunch so I thought this forum would be a good source of info. I'm going to be in the United Kingdom (Crawley to be specific) in July this year, and I've got Saturday available to do whatever I want. I really want to hit up a theme park and get some good credits in. Which one would you recommend? I'm thinking Alton Towers (since that's the one I know the most about), but is that the best one? Is there another place that would be more worth it? Thanks in advance
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