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  1. Here is my review for Pacific Rim, I loved it, the best movie I've seen this year. My overall rating: 9.5/10
  2. Triple-looped launched woodie that goes through mountains named...
  3. I was at the park yesterday and I rode Gatekeeper. I found Gatekeeper very fun & enjoyable, an overall better ride than Wild Eagle, and is now in my top 5 roller coasters.(But I've only rode 17 so far) Magnum XL-200 was awesome even if it gets really bumpy(I got my 10 year old sister in love with roller coasters and got her on this ride.). I loved Raptor, but those inversions are really intense, so I now understand why it gets a 54' height limit. I also rode Gemini, Corkscrew (I still rode it even though my sister chickened out.), Iron Dragon, and a couple of flat rides. Overall I had a really fun time at the park hope to visit again in future after my two trips over the past two years.
  4. On NASCAR on TNT, they just showed Juan Pablo Montoya and his family at Cedar Point.
  5. The Marvel Cinematic Universe Movies in order from least to greatest(in my opinion): The Avengers Captain America:The First Avenger Iron Man Thor The Incredible Hulk (Extremely underrated) Iron Man 2 Iron Man 3(At first it was better than TIH/IM2,but the more I thought about it the less I enjoyed it. In contrast the more times I've viewed Iron Man 2 I've enjoyed it more.)
  6. I've never eaten there, so I don't know. What if RMC did a makeover of Mean Streak?
  7. I love your videos. Continue what your doing and you'll have plenty of sucess on Youtube. Plus I subscribed.
  8. I want a chedder, bacon wraped dount cooked in Oreo cream.
  9. My Opinions about the Nolan Batman Trilogy stand as this Batman Begins:Best comic book movie of the franchise. The Dark Knight:A good film mostly because of Heath Ledger's performance,but not a good comic book movie. Plus it is slight overrated. The Dark Knight Rises:This was a very awful movie. Many, many plot holes, pointless main villain,and was a overall boring movie. I love how Nolanites blindly defend this film even though it was crap. The Avengers and Amazing Spider-Man were both better movies in 2012, with The Avengers being my favorite comic book movie of all time.
  10. Outlaw Run Magnum XL-200 or Steel Phantom?
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