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  1. What I got from that is, it's running but only three trains and one being bedded in, this correct ? Today it was apparently running three trains for guests and one with dummies. The four running have recently had wheels changed to reduce noise and tinkering is still taking place as the wheel guards are currently not on the cars. The fifth train is sitting next to the transfer track still under wraps. EDIT: Actually, I think the train with dummies was the one still under wraps - presumably earning testing hours before it's signed off. The other train (the stalled one) is apparently still off site.
  2. Well... not entirely sure what fresh hell has taken over this thread but I've signed up to share my thoughts on this coaster as a previous browser of this site and Alton enthusiast. As a coaster, it is exactly what Alton Towers needed and is a very, very good ride. It's surprisingly well paced despite it's relentless inversions one after the other and the mid-course breaks and lift hill do well to give the riders a break during the journey they are on. If we take it as the theme, it's the halfway point in the 'correction' process and allows guests to relax before going into the second half which is more intense than the first. It's a surprisingly smooth ride, barring the last 3 inversions, and is a spectacle to watch. It's such a complex and thought out layout that it's very difficult to work out where the hell you are whilst on the ride. This is specifically because of Alton's planning restrictions which really bring out the best in coaster designs - due to the lack of space and height they are allowed. Sometimes rides suffer because of this, and also because of a lack of funds (i.e. Oblivion's length and Air in general) but with this you really get a truly finished and unique product. I see there has been a lot of discussion over the coaster seeming like two layouts bolted together but I really don't feel like this is how the coaster works. The second half is definitely more forceful than the first and the two halves compliment each other in such a way that I really don't think that they would work individually as two separate coasters - of course, that's just opinion but it's what I think. It's also refreshing that we get such a long ride in the UK! Most of our coasters are over within 90 seconds to be honest... Equally, in terms of the UK it's a fantastic offering. Yes, an inversion record is a marketing gimmick but it doesn't feel like a gimmicky coaster. Th13teen was entirely gimmicky and the previous record holder, Colossus, was gimmicky in terms of its endless barrel rolls. Fortunately this ride feels anything but gimmicky. In fact, it feels very well thought out and truly a complete package. Of course, the trouble we have in the UK is that without relying on some form of marketing gimmick, our rides run the risk of not standing out to the general public so it is important they can seem like they compete worldwide. Finally, if I can make a point about the whole flame war going on in here... I think it has a lot to do with how well followed TPR is around the globe. The site (and particularly Robb Alvey's opinions) are followed and respected by a large amount of the world's enthusiasts whether people like it or not, even if I don't personally follow TPR that much. Therefore it can be sad for fans of the ride and its construction to see a ride that the UK is so excited about be critically analysed by someone so well known in the realms of theme parks. However, this doesn't mean we aren't all entitled to opinions! xD Anyway, to summarise, the ride is a fantastic addition to the park and well worth riding. It's a unique experience and pulls some incredible force. The 2nd half airtime hill and the last inversion in particular are amazing. The package itself is great fun, with a fun 'pre-show' room and immersive exit route too. The theme itself manages to be dark and quirky/humorous at the same time which is great to see. Overall, it's not a Nemesis beater but it's bloody fantastic! SMILE
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