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  1. 6 hours ago, anonymouscactus said:

    Y'all forget about this patent from a few years back? :) looks like the mine cart coaster "jumping the track" will become a reality!

    No, I don't think anyone forgot, we've known about that for a while 🙂

    The track is already on site and being installed so the only surprise for me is that it's not opening sooner. I think it's being manufactured by Setpoint, so I'm not expecting it to be a thriller, but I think the concept is super cool and I can't wait to see the end result.

  2. Wow, what a great video. I didn't know about the restaurant/bar thing, but the way I understand it is they would only use that when taking the trains off the track, for example for annual maintenance.

    Most parks would just have a roller shutter at the back of the storage building, Phantasialand move the pool table and take the train's carriages through the skylight.

    God, it sounds so ridiculous when you say it like that 😂

  3. Oh they're not publishing one? That's a shame, it could have been the most interesting report they have ever produced. Obviously it would have been all over the place statistically, especially as a lot of their figures are guestimations, but surely it would have been a useful resource and a useful way to see how different countries' approaches to covid affected the industry, plus their editorial analysis is always interesting.

  4. On 8/29/2021 at 3:00 PM, Pedrinho said:

    Of course we know why these restrictions are in place. But as @SharkTums said once: Try to explain a three year old why he is not allowed to ride a ride at Heide Park or Tripsdrill when he is allowed the very same ride at his home park and he knews for sure it's the same ride.
    It's perfectly okay why these things are as they are. Every park is allowed to have its ground rules. But sometimes it's not logical. And if Sue-Happy-Merica is less strict than my average german park, it's even getting a bit funny.

    You were, but not everybody was - one post said 'you'd think that identical trains would have an identical height requirement' so I was explaining what that was not the case.

    6 minutes ago, Haymaker said:

    How about 48 inches on Primeval Whirl (RIP) at AK? Never understood that one 

    It's because there's one restraint for two people, so they're trying to minimise the size differential between riders to avoid the situation where a small child with their parent would have a huge space between them and the restraint. This is quite often the fact with Wild Mice and why modern mice have individual restraints.

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  5. I guess height limits are not only based on manufacturer specifications (ie, the height range for which their restraints are designed for) but by the state or country that approves the ride for operation (some will be stricter than others) and also the park itself taking into account how extreme the layout is. Some parks and countries will be stricter than others.

  6. I do everything I can not to buy them, but they're a nice option to fall back on if otherwise I wouldn't get on a ride/rides.

    I agree you're paying money for nothing essentially, but if I were to visit a theme park, pay admission then hardly get on anything, I'm essentially paying admission for nothing too. 

    I can only think of a few examples where I've got Fastpass; Parc Asterix (15€) when I could only visit on a busy Saturday, Thorpe Park (approx £5 x 3) when it was unexpectedly busy and the queues were a non-covid-compliant mess, and Halloween Horror Nights when it was my only way of getting on everything. 

    I'm glad to see the back of Fastpass, it was an unmanageable mess and I hated planning my days in granular detail two months before I visit. Genie+ at the moment is reasonably good value and not the devil incarnate but it is another twisting of the screw by Disney. I found Boobash far more objectionable. But I am not keen on it excluding some rides and you having to pay extra. Would I pay for Genie+? Probably yes, it will be the only way I can ride everything. Would I pay for the extras? Probably not, I would attempt to rope drop those.

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  7. I think they're fun although I agree they're at the risk of saturating the market but it's easy to see why.

    I'm actually surprised we haven't seen an out-and-back style version of these (or the Intamin Zacspin), you know, quite a bit taller, goes out one direction, then back in the other with smaller camelbacks arranged under the first (sort of like an Ultra Twister footprint, but longer). I feel this would be a more complete experience, could have plenty of cars running, still have a small footprint and not require any turns.

    (PS, with the bamboo supports, does Tumbili count as a hybrid coaster 😇)

  8. The mouse has a 1.4m height limit because of the restraints as it's a single lap bar for two riders which leaves a big gap if an adult rides with a child. I wish they'd just change the restraints or come up with some kind of solution but this is Merlin so that won't happen.

    And yes while this coaster will appear underwhelming to most enthusiasts, Chessington is barely a step up from a Legoland and also has huge problems adding rides (more so than even Alton Towers) due to its location. I am looking forward to it as a pretty quirky, unique coaster. The 1.4m height restriction is a totally wasted opportunity though and would exclude a lot of people who might have ridden it otherwise.

  9. Chessington World of Adventures has applied for planning permission for a new area, code-named 'Project Amazon', which will include a launched shuttle coaster.

    • Weird thing 1: This coaster appears to be a B&M, not a manufacturer you'd expect from this family park
    • Weird thing 2: This is a small-scale winged shuttle coaster, not a type of coaster you'd expect from B&M

    Height restriction is confirmed as 1.4m, train confirmed as seating 24 riders. Train would launch backwards into a beyond vertical spike, then go forwards through a turn, inline twist and then a spiral around a themed animal structure before going backwards.

    Construction would start in November with a view of opening in 2023 (19 years after their last coaster!). This has already passed a public consultation.

    Regarding B&M, this very much seems to be using a hammer to crack a nut, but we've seen recently that B&M are looking to diversify and they are a good manufacturer to work with. The track in the planning application definitely appears to be B&M and Raptor at Gardaland was used as a benchmark for the environmental sound impact part of the application.

    Theme is rumoured to be Jumanji due to the shape of the paths around the area which match that of the board game.

    Full planning details






  10. It appears construction is moving at pace on phase 2 of Super Nintendo World which is expected to include a Donkey Kong coaster. It will be located between the Mario Kart and Forbidden Journey showbuildings to the top right of the existing land.

    I do love Universal's 'get s*** done' approach to expanding their parks, especially with the pandemic ongoing.


    Source: @PUSJJJJ on Twitter


    Source: @LCASTUDIOS_USJ on Twitter


    Source: @LCASTUDIOS_USJ on Twitter

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  11. Visited Paultons Park for the first time yesterday, so my last coaster there was Storm Chaser, a nicely-themed Mack spinner cloned from Knotts' Sierra Sidewinder. Not quite as intense as I was led to believe but such a fun coaster and my favourite spinning coaster in the UK. 

    Sidenote: What a b-e-a-utiful park Paultons is. Makes me realise how most of the Merlin parks in the UK are in absolute rack and ruin. Everything was so pristine and you could tell that would be the way from the moment you drive through the gate.

    Honestly it is one of the best presented parks I have ever visited and I think if you are visiting the UK this should be on your list above Legoland and Chessington both in terms of the credits* but also the park itself.

    (* Although having said that, their coasters are clones, but they're clones of good rides at least)

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