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  1. We (family of 5) had a trip scheduled next week. I cancelled last night. One of the main reasons why we were checking out Dollywood (for the first time) was Lightning Rod. Hopefully we can reschedule the trip for late summer.


    We're driving 10 hours. I'd hate to make that kind of investment in time and money and not even ride the coaster that brought us there. I can't help but wonder how many other people are deciding the same thing.


    Not complaining, just stating the facts.



    Very similiar story here as well. My buddy and our girlfriends were going to make our first ever trip down to Dollywood this weekend but yesterday we decided to go to Holiday World and Kentucky Kingdom instead. I know even without Lightning Rod that we would have a great time at the park but it might be 6 or 7 more years before we ever decide to make the almost 12 hour drive down so it's just better for us to postpone the trip (maybe October) until the ride that finally got us wanting to visit Dollywood in the first place is finally open.

  2. TWEET-


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    Alexander Pope ‏@AlexanderAPope

    @ThemeParkReview I'm at Dollywood and the buzz is that Lightning Rod is opening NEXT weekend...



    I have my fingers crossed that this will be true. We have been holding off on finalizing any plans to make the 12 hour drive down to Dollywood on the 12th until we get news that Lightining Rod is open.

  3. Finally we are seeing some signs of something going on with Lightening Rod. My friends and I have been keeping an eye on the status of Lightening Rod for the last couple of weeks in the hopes it might be up and running for the weekend of May 14th. I am still not very optimistic that Dolly's new toy will be ready by then but in the event it isn't we will head towards Indiana and Kentucky instead.

  4. My buddy keeps telling me how great Minebuster used to be before they retracked it many years ago. I never had the pleasure of riding the old version because back in the day I was terrified of Roller Coasters and you could'nt drag me on one but I will always have a place for Minebuster in my heart because it was the coaster that I faced those fears on and ever since that first ride on it I have'nt looked back...now I just want taller,faster and crazier lol

  5. Man...next year is a pretty stellar year for new coasters but there is only one that really stands out as the most anticipated in my books and that is Lightening Rod at Dollywood. I have been wanting to visit Dolly wood for a couple of years now and this addition has finally gotten me and my buddy seriously considering a trip for next year.


    The second one on my list is The Joker.......love the colour scheme and this coaster plus Twisted Colossus at SFMM has me pondering a trip out to California in the next 2 or 3 years.



    The last few years have been a great time for us coaster enthusiasts and the trend shows no sign of slowing down.

  6. So we took our first trip to Canada and Canada's Wonderland this past weekend and had a great time. This was actually our first trip out of the U.S. and even though in many cases we were so close we could see New York state and my iphone was still getting Verizon service we felt like a couple of regular explorers because we're dumb tourists like that.


    I'll get to the park in a minute but if anyone cares I have just a few comments in the rest of the trip...


    - We stayed in Niagara falls which was absolutely amazing. The town was a very fun little tourist trap and the falls themselves were breathtaking. Everyone needs to take a ride on the Hornblower or Maid of the Mist once in their lives. It really allows you to appreciate the incredible beauty and power of nature.


    - We visited Marineland also and had a ton of fun petting the whales and feeding the bears but the Sky Screamer is one of the best drop rides anywhere and Dragon Mountain is incredibly smooth and fun which I didn't expect at all. We loved this park and so did our fitbits. 30k steps... holy crap, this park is huge.


    - We did the CN tower Edge Walk in Toronto which was ridiculously cool. We're all thrill seekers to come degree obviously so I suggest this to anyone. Wow!!!!


    - Canada in general was great. Sure it's very similar to the U.S. but everyone was very friendly, the little bit of the country we saw (basically the falls area, the Toronto area and the area along the western side of Lake Ontario) was beautiful. We loved it.


    - I have no idea how many liters my car takes and it took me until the last day to get used to looking at the tiny KPH numbers on my speedometer but now that I'm home I have to keep reminding myself to look at the miles per hour.


    - You Canadian's are right, Tim Horton's coffee is the greatest thing I've ever tasted.




    Okay, so onto the park...


    We got there right before opening and followed the plan everyone on here gave us. We went on a Saturday which I thought was packed but everyone there was talking about the light crowds (Leviathan's queue was spilling out onto the Midway and 100% full so I can't imagine the crowds they normally get).


    We got there at rope drop and headed right for Guardian, then went right to the Fly, the Bat and Thunder Run. After we knocked those off we headed back to Silver Streak and Ghoster Coaster and then to Dragon Fire. Sure it felt strange riding all those rides first and ignoring Behemoth, Leviathan and Vortex but we managed to knock out all of the non-Fastlane coasters in 2 hours and were feeling pretty proud of ourselves.


    Of those rides, the only 2 standouts were Thunder Run and Guardian. We actually came back and rode Guardian again later as it was one of my girlfriend's favorite rides in the park and I loved it also. We thought it was a ton of fun and the drop track was a great surprise. Thunder Run was longer than expected and a ton of fun.


    We managed to get on all the coasters except for Taxi Jam and we even had time for some flats... Windseeker (twice... I'll NEVER turn down a ride on one of these), Psyclone, Night Mares, Orbitor and Rip Tide. We also got to re-ride a few coasters, some multiple times thanks to Fastlane. We got multiple rides on Guardian, Leviathan, Behemoth and Vortex.


    Overall the coaster collection is a bit lacking but they have a few great ones, and the great flat ride collection makes up for some of the downfalls of the coaster collection. I won't bother reviewing every coaster, just the standouts as many are pretty standard models that you can find anywhere.


    First the bad...


    Time Warp, Minebuster and Flight Deck: I can't think a park with a trifecta of suck quite like this... all 3 of these rides are terrible and should be removed immediately. Removing Time Warp and Flight Deck would open up a huge chunk of land and even though they do a great job building through Minebuster I'd be totally fine with them removing it and replacing it with absolutely nothing because this ride is flat out horrible... plus Wild Beast is a perfectly solid wood coaster so if people wanted to ride a good woodie they could find one on the other end of the park.


    Now the good...


    Leviathan: This ride was awesome! Great speed, fun floater air and a great drop. It's easily the best coaster in the park and while I don't put it on the level of Fury, Millennium Force or I305 it's a top 20 ride for sure.


    Behemoth I had really low expectations for this ride but ended up loving it. It's one of the better B&M hypers out there and it compliments Leviathan very well. I love it's proximity to water and unlike at Carowinds where I feel like Fury completely stole Intimidator's thunder I feel like this ride can go toe to toe with Leviathan as it's incredibly fun.


    Vortex: I loved the interaction with the lake and the mountain and the ride itself is completely insane and out of control. This is probably the most intense coaster in the park but it's incredibly smooth and fun. I really wish we had more of these.


    Overall we had a great time at the park and we can't wait to go back when they get that rumored new coaster. Thanks to everyone for all your trip planning help... the advice all worked perfectly!


    Glad you had a great time at our park and I disagree on your opinion of the trifecta of suck. Minebuster is quite tolerable when you ride in the middle row of the car which is the only row not sitting on wheels. I would put Wild Beast in Minebuster's place as it is one of the many rides I avoid when I visit.


    Hopefully 2017 will be the year we get a third fantastic coaster but I have an uneasy feeling that we will end up gettting a standard Wing Rider but maybe Cedar Fair will be nice and give us the gift of a Maverick-esque coaster for having Skyriders spot sit vacant for 2 years.

  7. Finally the "secret" is out and we can all quit speculating about whether they changed the name or not. Personally I like the name and am glad they kept it.


    As for the coaster itself...I said it before but I will say it again...I think it's a fantastic addition to the parks already stellar collection of coasters BUT I think it would look better sitting in Skyriders old spot at Canada's Wonderland

  8. Coasterjunkie1975 wakes up,looks at Canada'a Wonderlands new rides,scratches himself and then goes back to sleep to dream about going to Dollywood to ride Lightening Rod.


    spoiled much, can't wait till 2017?



    yup me too. i still need to make a road trip to knoebels next year anyway. Might aim for hershey and kennywood while i am at it.


    Are they going to do anything like fix the rest of wilde beast, or fix the minebuster which is going from YORO (you only ride once) to DERO (don't even ride once)


    just like the leafs, Ya gotta believe ...



    With three off years in a row in regards to significant additions I might just take the year off from Wonderland next year.


    - Guardian.....shootem up ride with outdated graphics and is already seemingly falling apart


    - This year we got a used Water Slide and a used splash pad complex.


    -Next year we get a flat ride almost every other park has and another flat which will probably good fun but won't be worth the inevitable 1 and half to 2 hour wait.


    -our 2017 coaster will probably get "stolen" by Kings Island or Kings Dominion and if it isn'nt I am sure an extra years wait will not be worth it for a Wingrider lol


    The best addition we have received since Leviathan was an upcharge ride in Slingshot.

  9. The more I read about SFMM the more uninspired I am to fly across the continent to go to this park and that's a shame because I really want to ride Twisted Colossus one day but I don't think one awesome coaster is going to justify the money spent and effort to go there. I would rather make the 5 and half hour car ride to Cedar Point



    Go to Knotts or Disney instead, or Cedar Point. Vastly superior parks that are worth your money. Or go to a WCB, where at least you get to be around some great people .


    Otherwise, avoid SFMM at all costs. I'm not joking when I say this park has gone so downhill to the point that I can't get anyone to go to the park with me anymore. They just don't want to deal with abysmal operations anymore.


    The park is filthy, hot, rude and rundown.


    I was just thinking that a few minutes ago... Doing a WCB would be the best way to do a trip out there. All that lovely ERT would be a good way to counter all the other negative stuff I am sure I would encounter during the rest of my day(s) at the park

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