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  1. Awesome and incredible fun with everyone on Lightning! Definitely looking forward to riding it again and again. Also got some laughs out of our little TPR takeovers of Flyer, carousel (its a bright big beautiful tomorrow), and Rip Curl the stationary version. Bench the Ride!!! -Greg
  2. Had so much fun last Monday with everyone! Got a lot of laps in on Flyer, Rip Tide, and even the GoKarts. Had to leave an hour early sadly but looking forward to more in a couple days. Just a question Robb, as long as we were there for pretty much all the filming on the first one, we are still good for this coming Monday, right? Same times? I hated having to leave for work at 4:20 and miss out on the group shot on top of the Skycoaster building. -Greg
  3. Looks like the weather Monday should be fantastic! High of 82, little chance of rain. -Shady
  4. Sounds good, thanks! Living vicariously thru the gang riding GateKeeper today.
  5. Really looking forward to riding these new additions to Orlando soon! So great that we will have a sweet little woodie now. Hope I get an email to do at least one of the filmings, unless the selections have already been sent. Robb, any info there? -Shady
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