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  1. Holy fuck this ride is too good. Just got a back row ride in, getting one in the front before heading home. If you see a dude in a Beatmania shirt say what's up. Edit: I would never say fudge. Edit 2: wtf Riddler's station music is so good, I wouldn't be as into electronic music as I am today if I hadn't rode that as a kid.
  2. I really wish this was one of those polls where I could write in my own answer.
  3. Hell yes. Finally someone in this thread is making sense.
  4. Quoted for emphasis. I've seen moderators on this site say things ten times worse to random non-park affiliated posters and the only thing they got were a hundred people posting that nina whatever likes this image.
  5. Unpopular opinion: I'd rather be in either of those eras than one where the word bae is used.
  6. Maybe because different people have different opinions about things? Crazy, I know.
  7. How does the launch compare to Hulk? Also, how f-ed up does it feel in the back rows?
  8. It would be close between Storm Chaser and Joker if SC didn't have that unfortunate ending.
  9. That is a lot of times in a row to go straight then up then down then straight.
  10. How many times does he have to say he doesn't want to use his data before people understand what he means.
  11. I love how it isn't even fully on the lift yet before it launches. That must be such a strange feeling for the back car.
  12. I said the comparisons would be with the mouse next to it, not with boomerang itself. You know, Coast Rider?
  13. I'm having a really hard time figuring out what hill you're referring to seeing as how the first two inversions are back to back. Also, I think you're combining two different elements when you say "camel back stall".
  14. It would just be compared nonstop to the mouse next to it by the GP (but I guess that's sort of already been happening to that park for sixty years now)
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