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  1. I can't get over how tall the additional wood they added is for the top hat. Can't wait to see the final height on the new first drop.
  2. I'm not sure what you think these forums are for, KJ, but if you think it's for discussing roller coasters under construction then you are obviously way off the mark.
  3. Oh so that's how forums work. Thanks so much for the help, support!
  4. I can't wait until Marine World paves over that lake. Imagine how many coasters you could fit out there! Probably one or two.
  5. Except the top hat is actually physically built and exists in the real world.
  6. Is there a reason why nobody is talking about the immense top hat that's being installed on Mean Streak?
  7. Mixed Reality uses the phone's camera to project the real world in your visor until you get to the top of the lift hill where you'll enter a VR wormhole that puts you into the middle of a huge space battle. Sucks because Kong's lift hill is the only one I've been on that actively scares me. I would have loved to not see the jagged rocks below me while climbing up that hill but oh well.
  8. storm chaser's helix finale is just way too out of control.
  9. Perfect duel on the last train of the day on Twisted Colossus last Tuesday.
  10. I think my personal highlight of Winterfest was being able to ride Gold Striker eight times in a row in the very back with no one else on the train. Thank god for rainy Thursdays right before school gets out.
  11. Oh so that's what a hybrid was. Thank god someone finally explained it to me.
  12. I'm still not fully convinced it's going to become a hybrid.
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