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  1. 3 hours ago, Mike240SX said:

    Cue 100 pages of wild speculation about this conversion only for them to only replace 20 feet of track because Darien Lake

    The corporate earnings call did say they identified rides to add, refurbish, and remove. So sounds like predator was maybe identified as one of the rides to refurbish. They tend to retrack portions of it almost every year with so over time I suppose this would result in maintenance/retracking savings.

  2. On 10/22/2020 at 8:47 PM, DarienLaker said:

    Pandemic or no pandemic, there is not a snowball's chance in Heck that Darien Lake can host a Holiday in the Park for two reasons.

    A: WNY winters get super cold

    B: Snow!

    Festival of Lights at the Fairgrounds would like to have a word with you... It could work for sure even with cold temperatures and snow. That event draws crowds every year.

    Everything coasterbill said is 100% correct though and it would be in everyone's best interest to not start it this year of all years.

  3. We really had a great time at the park during the TPR East Coast/Behemoth 2008 trip... Silver Comet was running pretty great. I'm bummed that this park couldn't find a way to survive.


    I think I was last at FI in like 06 or 07. It was a decent small park then. Recently it had really fallen into disrepair from what I'd heard. Lots of complaints, even the local news did some stories on it. Lots of garbage around the park and poor ops. It seemed that they had totally overwhelmed the park's infrastructure by trying to drive high attendance with very low prices.

  4. I seem to be on my own with my opinion of SFDL, located in the glorious county of Genesee, however I do not see it or several major parks opening this summer. We are looking at it as enthusiasts....the big picture however would ultimately show parks won't be opening. Cedar Fairs new plan (yes I'm aware we are not cedar fair dont mske a post calling this out) with $75-100 mill cuts in the 2020/2021 season shows where the industry is headed.


    It would be interesting to see what they do with the actual parts and pieces for the "Wahoo Wave" or whatever it's called, just drove past the park about a week ago and it was all out in the parking lot - sure just large slide pieces but still. Assuming they open the park at some point (for hypothetical purposes), I'd be curious to see if they just leave those slide pieces in the front the parking lot roped off (which let's be real the way they rope off the parking lot now is sad so I can't imagine they'd do much better if they added more) or if they'd move it elsewhere.


    They have to do something with the thing its already sitting there and I have to imagine it's already paid for if they have it? Total speculation and not at all sure what they actually intend on doing. It's just not something I think folks have considered / noticed yet


    Based on corporate news, it sounds like the budget for construction of anything capital-wise this year has been cut. So the ride itself might be paid for, but it sounds like the money to build it has been cut by Six Flags. I assume they will move it somewhere to store it. Just roping it off wouldn't be enough to keep people out of them if the park was to open, so they'd have to be moved somewhere else.


    And since we're obsessed with that storage building, if it wasn't already built, that's probably been cut too.

  5. I think a frisbee style ride would be a good addition for the park and definitely a possibility if you look at what other SF parks have.


    In regards to Six Flags coaster additions, you point put a good point. Even SF's largest parks haven't seen a coaster added recently like what you would see at a CF park. It's kind of a sad reality.


    In Darien Lake news, Corn Popper is back up and running.

  6. A park obviously needs to make money to survive, even if they are selling passes that is only a one time payment. These people also aren't paying the parking fee and could go every day of the season if they want to. If there is a haunt event in fall they will get free entry to that too. I don't think season pass holders spend money in the park either, they don't buy food because they go for a couple hours and leave and either eat before they leave or go somewhere else to eat after or eat at home, especially if they are low income customers, people who don't have money don't spend money in the park. A park can't survive if they are selling passes and no one is spending any money there.


    Most parks actually prefer to sell season passes over day tickets so that they can get repeat visits from those guests and therefore repeat spending. You're right that not everyone is going to spend money in the park, but most people will on something whether it be food, merchandise, games, rentals, and upcharge attractions.

  7. It keeps getting mentioned that Frontier City is getting a lot of improvements this year, but that doesn't necessarily mean that Darien Lake is going to get the same treatment. We shall see.


    If you look around you will see quite a bit. Repainting at the tolls booths and front gate, the remodeled membership buildings, some roads within the park property being repaved... Six Flags is definitely spending money to bring the parks up to par.


    Off-topic from the park, Live Nation is also working on improving the amphitheater. They posted recently that they are upgrading the screens.

  8. Now the real question. Was Motocoaster built in honor of the 2007 Box Office smash hit, Andy Sandberg's "Hot Rod"?

    With how off the rails this thread has gone I can't tell if you're joking or not. But it was actually originally built "themed" to Orange County Choppers, a show that was on Discovery channel. They gave away one chopper I think and had another on display when it first opened. Then the theming was removed a couple of a years after.

  9. ^ That also leads to a question, if I WERE to buy this deal for Darien Lake, but it's closed, so I wanna go to another park for let's say HITP, could I do it there once I buy it?

    Probably not. You have to go to your "home park" that you purchased your membership or season pass and get the card before you can visit another park. They aren't able to process it at those other parks. What you might be able to do is buy it, then go to the admin building on 77 and get your cards so you can then visit another park.

  10. Its a much needed addition to Darien's lineup of aging flat rides, however its nothing new for me and definitely nothing special, I have already been on the one at FI and the one at the Erie county fair and I can't imagine this being much different. Nothing that's gonna get me into the park especially with a $20 parking charge. I do not have the time commitment for seasons passes. I wish the local parks would coordinate a bit more when it comes to ride selection, as most of the local parks within a 2-3 hour radius have an awful lot of the same type of ride, I get that some rides are staples and are very popular however a little variety when it comes to new additions wouldn't hurt.


    I get your point, but the flash sale season pass has a lot of value. $56.99 including free parking, admission for this year and next year at all SF parks, and a free bottle for the cheap refills. Even if you only plan on visiting once it makes more since then buying a ticket and parking.

  11. The ownership could date back decades to Paul Snyder and they just never split it off. Might not have much value.


    The house on the corner of Sumner and 77 interests me more, is that where the park GM lives?

    It has been used for that in the past but not currently. I think it is used for conferences and special events now. Someone had their wedding on the grounds around that house a couple years ago.

  12. Remember...this used to be a six flags park not too many years ago.


    Btw...is that standup coaster still rotting in a field across the street from the park?


    Yes it is and it will definitely not be rebuilt, it was damaged while they were taking it apart in AstroWorld if anything SF will scrap that hunk of junk. Also IMO good news SF is back in control again, I can definitely see them bringing two trains back for most rides and the retheme of many such as ROS being rethemed back to Superman and the potential that Mind Eraser will get new trains and become the Riddler like they did with the one at SFNE.


    No. It's gone, it was removed this past October/November.

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