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  1. ^I think all of Vegas is hurting. I follow some of the Vegas blogs and there are lots of reports of shows and nightclubs cutting way back.


    Honestly, I do not go to the tourist side of town anymore unless it's a very special occasion.. everything has gotten way too expensive.... and the whole charging you to park almost everywhere... I would not be surprised that the local clientele visiting the establishments has also been cut way back

  2. Rode Calico River Rapids today and it was pretty good. I will give a lot of props to the queue as they did a real nice job building the new “show” house and incorporating the ride experience into it. Some fans are criticizing this but literally the way it’s laid out there was no choice. As for the ride, the theming is great but you’re on a rapids ride, no one is looking at anything except the next possible rapid that may soak them. It really takes away from the amazing job Knotts and Garner Holt did. I paid close attention on the three rides I took to see if anyone looked at the theming, and not one person did. Which is an absolute shame. GP aside, the update is amazing in every way. The TNT portion is gold, I found myself just standing there for a long time enjoying it all. The riders and the TNTer’s were both having a great time. And yes Bigfoot is way better in person!!! My only question is why aren’t the waterfalls working??? And why haven’t they for a long time now?


    Overall: 8.5/10


    Bigfoot Rapids: 3/10


    I asked that very question during one of the West Coast Bash Q/A's and was told that they were having problems with people trying to "move" out of the way of the waterfalls and it was a Safety Issue as Guests were trying to stand up...

  3. Is it true Magic Mountain got rid of the Q-bot flash pass device? I heard it is now a watch, known as a "prism".

    If so, that's cool. I hated the Q-bots, I found them too big to fit in my pocket and annoying to carry around. Also watches are more waterproof. Now I won't be so stressed when riding Roaring Rapids. I read some stories about how people's Q-bots would fly out of their pockets on drops.


    is it like the Schlitterbahn watches?


    The short answer is "it's something they are working to smooth out" but I don't know exactly how much better it can get. It annoys me, too. And it might just be something I'll have to live with, but I'll most certainly try to get it working better.


    I think this is exactly what was bothering me when the ads started, but like I said I don't even notice anymore, I think in part because i've trained myself to not just immediately start reading a page, i give it that extra 2 or 3 seconds for the page to fully load and calm down.


    I also love the video in the upper right corner (the coaster nerd in me goes wild)

  5. Like I get it, we all hate ads. It's not like we LOVE putting ads on the site, but like Robb said, it costs a lot of money to provide the forums and photo/video hosting services for all of our members.


    I freaked a bit when I first saw it, but honestly give it a few days and now it doesn't really bother me anymore. Heck, most of the other forums I'm on have the same ads, if not more, so it's fine.


    I agree, it was very annoying at first, but now... I don't even notice it... Yay!!! we get to continue seeing this great site! and I am thankful for that... Robb, thanks again for explaining everything. I really appreciate getting a full perspective on the behind the scenes picture of what it takes to run a site like this... (TPR has always given us great behind the scenes tours!!!)

  6. Can't really do much to the restraints on a raft ride since there is an ever so slight chance of capsizing. Unfortunately that means dumb guests likely ruined that forever. But I agree the waterfalls were the best part of the ride---hoping it wasn't you getting drenched by them was basically all the fun!


    I used to grab a bite to eat and take a break watching everyone panic when they realized they were about to get nailed with the waterfall

  7. I live in Las Vegas



    Six Flags Great America


    Kennywood (1st time)

    Canada's Wonderland (1st time)

    Six Flags Magic Mountain

    Knotts Berry Farm

    Kings Island





    Universal Studios Florida

    Busch Gardens Tampa

    Kings Dominion

    Sea World San Antonio

    Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

    Cedar Point



    Holiday World

    Silver Dollar City (1st time)

  8. If the last two refurbishments are any indication, I would expect something more than a "basic" overhaul. That entire area from Mystery Lodge to the western entrance could use an overhaul.


    I still miss the waterfalls... I asked during one of the Q&A and they said they were removed because riders were standing up trying to get out of the way.... OMG it needs updated restraints and put those back in... I used to love watching the rafts get nailed !!!!



    1 of the 2 waterfalls are shown for a split second in this vintage commercial... about :24 seconds in

  9. Why does the park run 2 stations on Tatsu with only 2 trains? There are some instances when both trains are out on the track and everyone in the station is just standing there. They should only be doing this when they have 3 trains.


    on the flip side of this, I've seen many instances where the 2nd train is stacked waiting on the slow load time of the first train in a single station operation...it's very uncomfortable....

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