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  1. OK so I think I've stated on here before my mom works for the city of Wildwood so I have her asking around always.


    (THE FOLLOWING IS ALL HEAR-SAY so take it for what its worth)


    Over the weekend she told me she recently overheard an inspector she works with saying that the coaster is totally back on track with construction expected to start very soon AND that Morey's is now working with a European company on the rides design. I kind of freaked when she told me this since I knew it was originally to be built by GCI ("Are you sure?? Can you find out more from him!?!? Can you find out the company name?!?!") so she is going to let me know what she can dig up. Again, ALL HEAR-SAY.


    Hopefully that's the case. I had emailed Morey's last year (August) after my trip about the new coaster and the response I got was from Dino Fazio, Morey's Director of Operations. He said:


    "The wooden coaster we are planning is still in the planning stages. Unfortunately, the investment level is so great that we have not yet been able to finalize construction start and opening dates. I would not expect to see the ride built and operational until 2016 at the earliest. The most important thing that can happen to help us move forward is for it to stop raining. "

  2. From what I've heard, I wouldn't keep your hopes too high for a new coaster next year. The park is supposed to get something new for next year but I'm not sure what exactly it is. Hopefully it's a screaming swing. A ride like that would definitely help balance the park out.


    As nice as a Screamin' Swing would be, the costs are outrageous. You're going to pay over a million for the ride itself, and $500,000 a year in maintenance costs on top of that. Hence why a lot of them are uocharge. But on the flip side, I've ridden the 4 person per arm version at Morey's Piers and it was an incredible ride experience.

  3. I'd say The Great Escape (sadly). It's a park I really like but it really is neglected by Six Flags and I think a lot of the attendance comes from locals, or La Ronde/SFNE season pass holders, so I don't believe that park makes a lot of money. Again I'd hate to see it go because I really like it and have so many great memories at The Great Escape, but if there's one likely park to close it's that one.


    Six Flags wouldn't close TGE unless they really had to. The park is the company's "ATM". The park draws 800,000-900,000 anually (Per town board meetings- TGE also reported attendance at a little over 1 million in the early 2000's during their board meetings for new rides). Like stated before, there is no competition for the park unless you count Darien Lake but that's also hours away. Also like stated above, it doesn't take huge investments to keep people coming back and SFI knows that.


    The park is also in a tourist destination that draws a ton of people. The tourists with big vacation pockets play a huge role at TGE. I'd be willing to bet they'd close a bigger park before TGE. Similar to the sell off a few years ago- note TGE was never on that list. Comet is a draw in itself.

  4. I can understand Silverwood, but I'm not seeing Michigan's Adventure or Great Escape as must-do destination parks... Am I missing something?


    If you are going to hit SFNE, then you might as well go hit the Great Escape. Riding The Comet is worth it just in itself. They have some nice rides and a great waterpark. Plus it's sort of in the middle of SFNE and Darien Lake.

  5. but I would not include Moreys as must visit.


    Like stated above, then you're crazy. Nothing beats the atmosphere, the friendliness, and everything else. And no, it's not only one of the best because there aren't many seaside parks left. Its great because they have a big selection of rides that cater to ALL ages, some unique rides and like stated above atmosphere and friendliness AND cleanness. ...It's a full scale park despite it's seaside location. And with the construction of the new coaster happening now, it will just make the park that much better.

  6. This must be the "Program 6" on Condor's then. A guy who used to run the Condor at the Great Escape explained all the different programs and everything once and he mention Program 6 as being the best one, but they only ran it occasionally because every 1 out of 10 times, Program 6 would make the ride stall and they would have to manually lower the gondolas down the tower. Maybe they fixed the issues with Program 6 or something.

  7. Cliffhanger is 65ft. despite its 60ft. height listing. I too agree skyboxes are awesome. I was actually scared to try Cliffhanger last year.


    As for Twisted Racer (mat racer) I think I was expecting more. It's very short (obviously to be expected) but still very fun. The 1st portion is pitch black and somewhat disorienting and the drop into the finish line provides a nice almost weightless feeling. I prefer a Twisted Racer style slide over the regular bump one just because of the dark section.

  8. Nice to see Canyon Blaster get some decent reviews for a change. Steamin' Demon isn't too bad if you brace yourself for the corkscrews. You get some pretty good forces on the loop. I love Bobsled for some reason-it just has a quirkiness I like. Interesting you like the front better on the Comet. I personally prefer the back just because of the forces you get from the speed of the lift and being pulled over the top on the lift hill. Sounds like you had a nice day.

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