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  1. Oh man, I forgot about the old sfstl.net site. I really miss it. There were some awesome pictures of various construction projects on there.
  2. Yeah, it's been like that all year. This was the first year they charged extra for the burrito.
  3. I have had to bring a lot of stuff in backpacks before. I have a small child and a teenager with type 1 diabetes. Needless to say that we can almost never go without taking a backpack with supplies for either kid. As the little one gets older, we are starting to take less and less for him but we will always have to take a bag for the diabetic supplies.
  4. Remember this was back when you could get a Big Mac meal outside of the park for about $3-4 but the price in the park was about $6-7.
  5. I believe Six Flags handles this themselves now. A long time ago they used to outsource Fright Fest to a company but I can't remember the name.
  6. It has to be in prep for a Fright Fest attraction It's been used as a Fright Fest attraction a long time ago. I think early to mid 90's.
  7. Same here. It seems really early for it to be closed for the season. I remember working on that ride in late September.
  8. Can't say I appreciate the video one bit considering how many times he had his camera out on the ride.... Judging by the video, I would venture to guess he's using a Go Pro. I don't see how else he could record in done of these rides unless it's a head mounted camera. Just my guess.
  9. I've got a question. My son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes last week. We are planning on going to the park this weekend but I'm running into a few issues. There are no nutrition facts anywhere on the website to calculate his carbs. Any idea on how to figure that out? Secondly this one is more for the summer, but when we bring his insulin with us when it's hot out, how do we keep it a little colder that the outside temperature? It doesn't have to be cold just at a room temperature.
  10. I doubt that. There is no reputable source to that. Most likely someone screwing with the article.
  11. A very good idea, except for this little tidbit....... Buffets never go over well unless the food is fresh. Where is this at? I didn't notice this on Sunday when I was out there.
  12. So the local news is having media day on April 28. They say the ride opens to the public on May 7.
  13. I agree 100%. We got our dining passes then too and you're right. The lines were not terrible back then but now they are out of control. I let them know about this in the survey they sent me asking about my experience in the park.
  14. I agree, something needs to be done to address the dining issues. A 15 minute wait for a sofa refill is unacceptable. Waiting almost an hour for food is unacceptable. It's almost like they should have seen this coming and been proactive not reactive.
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