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  1. Good news! Cause I don'ts likes meh strippers with a grassy field. You gots ta mow that shiz. Keep it nice and well kept. There will be tons of bushes and trees. They'll be well trimmed I'm sure, but it won't be just barren.
  2. We take our burgers very seriously here in Southern Michigan (that and beer). I can tell you that we have tons of restaurants, bars and pubs around here that have Peanut Butter burgers and, surprisingly, they are very good (even better if you love peanut butter). Excited to see that menu option added at HW. I will definitely have one and see how it compares to the burgers back home.
  3. The ride has been removed from the parks website. The October 10th thing only appeared on the mobile app and I think that was from last years annual.
  4. The trap door complexes that have been going in across the chain would do great at Michigan's Adventure. The only issue is where to put them. With the new Employee Center opening up on the plot of land that they bought north of the Employee lot , I wouldn't be surprised if the parking area would bend a little bit (but that require taking out a few more trees sadly). And then the waterpark can expand slightly towards the water tower. A nice slide complex could go in there. I don't think they will (near-term). They like having the on-site treatment and that's what they have been fighting to keep. They've been spending lots of money on infrastructure as of late and some of that infrastructure was probably based on them operating their own treatment area. With that said, there is a lot of opposition in the county and townships. They may be forced to hookup to the line eventually. And then there is room for expansion. As for RipCord and the Pavilions. They are in good locations. I think we will see the northward expansion of the waterpark in time. The waterpark itself is one of the only major waterparks to go to in the area and it is largely underrated. Michigan is known as a beach resort state and the waterpark helps fill that for out of town visitors. For the local season pass holders, one of the reasons they have season passes is mostly for the waterpark (and waterpark expansions, such as Carowinds at the present time, is for trying to grow the season pass base). The waterpark, when it opened, eventually ended up being the reason that Pleasure Island (just south of the airport in Norton Shores) ended up closing. Even then it was offering significant competition. It was literally right after he bought the ranch too. The ride operated through 1987. He purchased the ranch in 1988 and immediately began purchasing rides. One of which was the Spider.
  5. You're in luck! Its a Chance model Yeah, carrying the tubes is the only downside of the waterpark, but the tube slides are certainly awesome. Mine Shaft and Funnel of Fear particularly.
  6. No they didn't. MM named it F-U-L-L-T-H-R-OT-T-L-E and said that it was a YOLO kind of coaster as part of the promotion. They don't call it the YOLOcoaster. They call it a YOLOcoaster. There are many YOLOcoaster's and FT is not one of them. If I only had one coaster to ever ride before I died I wouldn't even be in California. Yes, THERE are many YOLOcoaster's that are awesome but only one that is actually named YOLOcoaster! Just so you know, I am totally typing out the name that Six Flags gave it.....YOLOcoaster! There is no coaster named YOLOcoaster. The YOLOcoaster thing is not ment to offend anyone. If someone's that easily offended then I'm genuinely glad that they're offended. I deeply apologize for having fun with a hobby that's completely 100% based on visiting parks who's sole purpose is to cater to people trying to have fun. Sadly you'll need to remove the stick from your A$$ before riding YOLOcoaster. It's considered a loose article and you'll need to put it in a fluffy, fluffy bunny filled with medicine and goo. This policy should ringy dingy ding-a-ling dings a bell... it's the same policy as they have on WindexCyanide at Six Flags New England and on I'm too stupid to spell the word Apocalypse at Magic Mountain. This about sums it up! WindexCyanide FTW!
  7. This is where my nerdiness and my time playing RCT as a kid shows. It's known as the Vertical Roller Coaster in RCT1 and the Vertical Drop Roller Coaster in RCT2. RCT2 is also when they finally decided to change the name of Whoa Belly to what it actually is in real life .
  8. Hahahaha...the "Whoa Belly". Almost forgot about that. Those good ole' launched free falls. If we're using RCT terms, then Valravn isn't a Dive Machine. It's a Vertical Roller Coaster.
  9. ^Loggers Run usually gets long lines. Grand Rapids usually has long lines but is relatively newer (2006) and can handle the capacity flow. Adventure Falls runs a single boat and the line usually backs up there on hot days too. HydroBlaster is hit and miss. Its location confuses a lot of people so some days when the park is busy it'll have no wait, others it will have a long wait. Mad Mouse is a decent ride if you're into that type of thing. Its your run-of-the-mill Arrow Mad Mouse (the same one you can find at Valleyfair and California's Great America). Always found it funny that only 4 of them were ever built and the remaining 3 are all in Cedar Fair parks. Water park is definitely fun! Towards the end of the day though, it usually becomes packed (people usually start on the ride side and then move over, unless they came just for the water park). Funnel of Fear (the ProSlide Tornado) usually has the longest wait, and you have to carry the tube up with you for that one. Snake Pit is a fun, enclosed single person tube slide. The wait there varies. Mine Shaft & Mammoth River usually have decent waits too (tube has to be carried up). The body slides are your run-of-the-mill slidewinders and non-trap door body slides. The Slidewinders body slides sometimes have a wait but the speed slides usually never do.
  10. This has actually been in the works for awhile (this is going on the old site of the Griffing Sandusky Airport). It was discussed here umpteenth pages back after numerous articles about it and then it was finally stated that it was going to happen during last summers Cedar Fair Conference Call. Sports Force operates it and its on Cedar Point owned land (they purchased the airport land following the closing of the airport). With that said, this is a great move for the park, especially with the second phase coming in (finally Mini-Golf back at the resort ;p ). Not only does this attract sports to the area, but it will also mean more hotel rooms being booked at Cedar Point properties (as part of a package for the teams and tournaments). This will be really great for business (and not just for Cedar Point either, but for Erie County as a whole).
  11. Yes, Shivering Timbers is a must ride and I recommend getting numerous laps in on that. A few other rides that may be of interest to you: -Thunderhawk is one of the smoother SLC's out there, so you can ride that if you want. -Wolverine Wildcat is a fun woodie that is loosely based on the design of Phoenix (Knoebels). It can have a long wait during the summer though. -Zach's Zoomer is a nice junior coaster from CCI. It's design is the exact same as Woodstock Express at Kings Island. So skipping that is up to you, but it generally is a fun ride. -Big Dipper & Mad Mouse can be skipped, unless you really want the credit. -Corkscrew can be indifferent for many people. It is definitely one of the more interesting classic Arrow models out there and is the shortest of the existing original Corkscrew coasters. If you're one for nostalgia, then grab a ride, but lines can get pretty long here. In terms of other rides. Yes, HydroBlaster is on the dry side of the park and usually swim suits aren't required. Adventure Falls is your typical Shoot-the-Chutes type ride. Grand Rapids is your typical Intamin Rapids ride and is the most popular water ride in the park. Definitely fun. If you like the older Arrow log flumes, then make sure you ride Loggers Run. Otherwise, with the exception of Lakeside Gliders, everything else is fairly run-of-the-mill. Ride whatever flat fits your fancy. The waterpark is really great, well at least for the area. But if you decide to skip it, I recommend more laps on Timbers.
  12. ^All the articles I have been reading from the past few years throw out "More than 500,000": http://www.mlive.com/business/west-michigan/index.ssf/2011/04/michigans_adventure_optimistic.html Here's the article saying that 2008 (Thunderhawk) was a record breaking year and that it brought more than 500,000 people to the park. All the news stories at the end of the year that come out consistently point out "record breaking years" so I guess it's safe to assume that attendance is growing rather steadily since 2008.
  13. ^How so? Thunderhawk had them break the 500,000 mark the first time in 2008 according to news reports. Not much has been stated since but I'm not sure how close the million mark is. As for that second Wolverine Wildcat train. The less time people stand in line, the more chance they will spend money somewhere. Lines are also causes of complaints (though, if you come to a park, especially on a busy day, you better expect lines. I have never really understood the complaints there. If you really have to complain and you have the money, just buy FastLane). I went on a warm Tuesday (and the waterpark was packed all day), and some of that packing spilled over into the amusement side and I waited over an hour for WW. People were leaving the line because the wait was so long.
  14. It seems like now is a good time to pick some more CF stock. California's Great America is getting a great shot now and Knott's passing 5 million is just great. With that said, check out this article about the "New Book" that Cedar Fair is writing: http://www.iaapa.org/news/funworld/funworld-magazine/cedar-fair-writes-a-new-book---april-2016 A few highlights: -The VR Coaster Experiences are still being tested. Ouimet wants more testing done before the decision is made to include VR on existing attractions or not. -The chain is NOT opposed to "experimenting". Experimenting is how to keep on top of the latest technology. -2015 was the company's sixth consecutive year of record profits and growth. Ouimet is "extremely optimistic" about 2016. -Each park has its own "brand". That's why you won't see too many parks like others in the chain. Each has its own customer/fanbase and the park should be designed around that. Due to that, Knott's has taken a step back from "trying" to be a thrill park and is focusing on providing a unique Southern California experience for families and thrillseekers alike (hence Iron Reef and all the refurbs). -They have found Carowinds strength in playing the local market as well as attracting outsiders. That's why all of the build-up is happening. -Cedar Point's brand identity is "Roller Coaster Capital of the World" and that will not change. But, in off years when coasters are not being built, changes in infrastructure and such that will make the park more family friendly will be planned. Thrills aren't going away, but emphasis needs to be put on better customer experiences. -Ouimet believes that IP will help digital attractions become more cost-effective. For this reason, Electronic Arts (and maybe some more) will probably be the basis for many more dark rides/attractions in the chain in the future. IP is not believed to be necessary for coasters at this time. -Constant changes and upgrades for Food & Beverage in park are ongoing every year. Higher-level chefs were hired. This has to be top quality for parks is the belief. -The Season Pass Dining Deal is a hit. So much so that people who live in the vicinity of the park decide to stop by, ride a few rides and have dinner just like a usual night out. -Seasonal Events continue to be a powerhouse for the chain. This is why California's Great America will have its WinterFest this year and more parks may see such an event in the future. -Emphasis on upgrading resort properties and campgrounds at parks will be a focus. The extended stay aspect is a heavy focus for the chain. New hotels may even be thought up in the future.
  15. For the Wolverine Wildcat second train, I was just thinking of someway to keep that line down. That line gets hefty during the summer with one train operation. Whether the track extends a bit back to accommodate a brake or something, I don't know. That line just sucks during the crowded days. More cars and less blocks doesn't sound like a great idea. Especially on a coaster like Mad Mouse where the wind can really make a difference. If two coasters are past the chain lift and one gets stuck and the other is moving with no blocks in between, then its a PR nightmare and potentially dangerous situation.
  16. Dude! Peep show windows for the spectators. You can watch the train fly through the main stage and the riders throwing their bills makin' it rain for tha talent! I thought the goal was to make it rain from 223 feet up on the holding brake? The person with the closest currency gets the dance. To better your chances, you better make it hail! Change falls quicker and is more precise.
  17. I did just that...because YOLO At any rate, the last coaster I rode was NOT Full Throttle...but was Dragon Challenge (Chinese Fireball to be exact)
  18. No they didn't. MM named it F-U-L-L-T-H-R-OT-T-L-E and said that it was a YOLO kind of coaster as part of the promotion. They don't call it the YOLOcoaster. They call it a YOLOcoaster. Their are many YOLOcoaster's and FT is not one of them. If I only had one coaster to ever ride before I died I wouldn't even be in California. Yes, THERE are many YOLOcoaster's that are awesome but only one that is actually named Full Throttle! Just so you know, I am totally typing out the name that Six Flags gave it.....Full Throttle!
  19. How dare you. I take my strippers very seriously. They are doing the Lords work. And they should be compensated with executive parking. No one I know wants to have to hoof it out to a parking lot miles away after a long shift. My Gawd! Their thighs are already burning from working the pole all day long, not to mention the chafe. Nobody likes the chafe. Do you like the chafe? I don't. The last thing you want is to have the chafe turn to gig butt. And gig butt ain't fun. Granted, it's a small step down from swamp a$$, but swamp a$$ is right around the corner if you already have gig butt. It's a slippery slope if you don't take care of the talent. Cause the talent is what generates the revenue. And without the revenue, the park goes belly up, and you get no more new rides. So tip them well. Guy "Proudly supporting unwed mothers since 87." Koepp On the floor laughing...I may be dead! Calling someone to check on me just to make sure. (But I also wholeheartedly agree with your statement).
  20. An original April Fools joke too...Gotta love those -_- (Rick Rollin will be celebrating its 10 year anniversary soon, the song even longer) Speaking of trains. If possible, a second on Wolverine Wildcat would be nice!
  21. Which one wasn't an actual word? And yeah, Valravn is actually how its spelled in Danish folklore. So I don't understand the fuss! But oh well, still looking forward to the ride. They could name it "Cedar Point's Dive Coaster" for all I care! (Ok, well I do care, but I still don't mind the name Valravn) *fell asleep at my keyboard and woke up and saw I typed this perfectly and clicked submit*
  22. ^He was specifically talking about the Orca shows, which, at least when I have been there, have reached capacity 20+ minutes before the show even begins.
  23. Man, hard crowd to please At any rate, all of the comments on the social media posts from local news sources shows that people who attend the park (a few commenting saying they plan to get season passes) have been positive about this addition. Many of the people who attended when they were younger in the "Deer Park" days are looking forward to it and looking forward to sharing the experience with their kids. Proof that sometimes even a little bit goes a long way. We'll see when it opens up. It might be below a lot of expectations of folks commenting on here, but it doesn't seem to be a bad idea for the local populace thus far. Will it see a major spark in season pass sales or admission sales? Probably not, it will increase just like last year but not majorly more than likely. But I think this is a great way to celebrate the 60th Anniversary. It literally is a good "throwback"
  24. Come on guys....I thought you all would be more excited about this! They have a miniature donkey for crying out loud! And at least they got a thing! Some parks didn't receive a new thing for this season!
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