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  1. I went to SFMM for the first time this past year and I could not believe how horrible operations were there. For being such a popular park you would think they would care more, but no, they don't. Not one ride had good operations. I thought BGT was bad on their off days, but BGT at its worst is probably better than SFMM at is best.
  2. It's a small world, mission space, stich, figment, tidal wave at bgt, any high spinning flat ride and lastly I loathe those stupid jumping rides. Not even sure what they are called but I hate them. They tickle me so damn much and I hate being tickled. F#$_ those things.
  3. Can we talk about the attractions coming to the parks? I for once am excited that San Antonio is getting a new coaster and that they are looking into more dark rides, I hope they turn out better than Antarctica. And to finally branch out to hotels, will definitely help out the parks.
  4. To me the point of a flyer is to be "disoreinting" and not know where the hell is up or down and where are you going. The forces should be part of them too. Airtime would work better on non flyers or non inverted coasters.
  5. I hope that this works out at the end and that other parks follow six flags lead. I bet this will be a nightmare for them to deal with thought...
  6. While I agree with you, I also believe they are criticizing the theme park industry quite blatantly.
  7. Considering that half a dozen have been relocated, is it really 100? To me they have yet to reach that milestone. They are close
  8. That was totally unexpected. At least for me. I'm glad they are adding another quality coaster. Kudos to KK
  9. Can people come at anytime of the night to magic kingdom during the 24 hr event? And how do they transition once the 24 hr is up? Do they clear the park before the next guests come?
  10. It looks interesting. But it seems to lack attractions, I can only count 3 visible rides and beyond that nothing else. Did I miss some details? Any dark rides, shows or other rides?
  11. I went to Olga TaƱon's concert yesterday and it was incredible. The stadium was packed! Not to mention people gathered on the grassy fields on both ends of the stadium. The food was good, above park quality food. However I'm a little jaded when it comes to the cuisine at viva la musica, I'm Puerto Rican. While I really liked the food options and they tasted great, they will never taste like home lol. But props to SeaWorld, I wish they extended this event on Sundays.
  12. Their hashtag is #nothingfaster , which leads me to believe it will be a launched coaster. A b&m launched hyper perhaps? Who knows. I am just happy they are getting a new ride.
  13. I love the fact that they have this ride wrapped up. I bet once they are finished with construction they will tear through all of that wrapping like a child opening a Christmas gift.
  14. It kinda looks like a penis... My head is in the gutter Edit ; Just realized this is my 69th post. Joking aside. This looks like a wonderful addition to the park. SF has been hyping about this ride that even my friends (whom do not live in TX) have been telling me about the ride.
  15. I am in love with the look of this ride!Not to mention the layout is pretty interesting.
  16. You know this ride does not excite me too much (even though I love Dive Machines), But I am glad that there is another inversion besides an imemelman on a Dive coaster and I absolutely love the theme.
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