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  1. It looks good. Not sure how the surroundings will look and the slope on the first drop looks weird. Nonetheless it looks good.
  2. I'm salivating. I think it will be tough call on which is the best ride for 2018. I am bit more excited about CP's new ride but this one just looks fun and crazy.
  3. Just rode mine blower this saturday and I loved it. It was pretty fast , good airtime , and just overall fun. It was a bit shaky but not rough. Hopefully it doesn't age badly.
  4. Woah the layout on that wing coaster looks twisted. Hopefully it is good as it looks. I'm liking the green color too.
  5. Well well well...about time seaworld developed that back end of the park. It will definitely help spread the crowds more and probably have a new restaurant open to cater the attraction patrons. I always felt that people were concentrated in the Antarctica/JTA area but with mako and the new show and this ride opening it will help spread folks more. I am Really excited and hopefully their next project will be wild arctic.
  6. Great to hear and see about this event. I've heard good things about it. Hopefully I can make it next year.
  7. When I first rode Mako the Airtime was pretty decent, right before the MCBR you could feel a bit of an ejector time. it was a top 20 ride IMO, but during soft opening I noticed that the trims were put on much harder which slowed the ride down considerably. Kinda Sad because the airtime that it had was lost. Not to mention that after the MCBR it is kinda slow. I like the ride a lot and it is a great addition to SWO as it rounds out a great collection of coasters, but as a coaster enthusiasts , I'm a little upset that the trims slow the ride down a little too much.
  8. I went to the park yesterday and mako was testing the whole time I was there. It looks beautiful but it was going a little slow in my opinion. I guess some things just never change. But hopefully the ride delivers more than we expect.
  9. Here is to a wishful hope of the trim breaks and mcbr not being turned on lol. This ride looks pretty solid.
  10. I always wanted that ride to be torn down. It was pointless and boring. I can see a better and newer water ride make better use of that space. Now, BGT seems to be getting rid of a lot of rides; sandstorm, rhino rally, gwazi and now tidal wave. Albeit the rides sucked and one was replaced by an awesome drop tower , still leaves some areas of the park... empty and weird. I'm hoping that after cobra's curse they start filling in those unused areas with great attractions. Hate seeing gwazi standing there like nothing and rhino rally walled off.
  11. You just need to write the confirmation number and take it to guest services inside the park ( which also takes care of all of the check ins, redemptions etc.) They will give you the wristbands there. Worth it this week cause I went yesterday and everything was between 45 minutes to 90 minutes. If you have.a 1 day ticket, download them onto your phone and they will scan it at the turnstiles.
  12. I've always been impressed with Dollywood opening dates for their new rides. I just don't know why all other parks can't follow the same pattern as dollywood. It seems so efficient. Even if dollywood doesn't get this ride opened the first week , I'm confident they will get it opened sooner than later.
  13. I just wished the world would stop trying to make VR happen. I hope this is an option because I would hate to ride with a VR. I can see it on coasters that are below average but rides like Goliath at la Rhonde, superman at sfft, and dare devil dive at sfog? Not sure if those need more riders.
  14. I went by today and it looks beautiful. The track gets very close to the pathway. They were working on some theme elements too. It will definitely inject new life to that part of the park.
  15. I really liked the article. It does go into detail regarding our love for coasters. I like it when they explain what we always observe beyond the tracks and trains, The restraints , the wheels, manufacturer, etc. I don't publicly express my knowledge about the rides but I do make it a point to others that I am a nerd when it comes to roller coasters and theme parks and if they have any questions I can try to answer them to the best of my abilities. It makes for better conversation than Intruding into what the gp say about rides. Nonetheless when I hear a nerd talking about it, I don't mind it unless they are being obnoxious.
  16. Not yet but they have a few pieces in place. I'll check it out today or tomorrow
  17. Well I guess kolmarden wants go be something like bgt. A combination of a high end thrill park and zoo. I think bgt is the best example for them to follow.
  18. Montu... and it was my first big coaster. I loved it and started my fascination over coasters. I was 9 or 10 when I rode it.
  19. This and starry night ripper (or whatever is called) is what I think flying coasters should be. Looks intense.
  20. It makes a lot of sense to do so. It gives them more room to play with and fills out empty parts of the park. I have never been here but I heard the park has empty spots, barely any theming and has a generic look... is it true?
  21. I love it when parks tease so early on. Makes me believe it will be something big. Weird how they barely marketed tempesto but now they seem to want to market this ride from the very beginning ....hmmm.... I too hope it is a RMC creation, because if it is then maybe Sea Parks could consider a gwazi makeover if this ride is successful. I can also see something similar to cobras curse. If history taught us anything is that the Busch parks follow a similar trend despite some exceptions. Other than those 2 options (a woodie or a spinner) I really don't know what else the park is going to build. It could be a non coaster ride afterall... who knows. Whatever it is can't wait to see it being developed.
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