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  1. Just because it has trims does not mean they will be used. Banshee had trims and they were never used. They were removed and installed on Diamondback's MCBR
  2. There were 2 versions of that scene. I always though how the heck does a shark explode by being impaled?
  3. All my "firsts" happened at Busch Gardens Tampa. That is why that park is so special to me. In order: Scorpion Python Kumba Montu Sand Serpent SheiKra So my first B&M was Kumba. Check out those plates... (and that Kings Island tan line on my left leg.)....LOL I did not list Gwazi because my first wooden coaster was Beast at Kings Island.
  4. Congrats! I will be returning to Kings Island for my 3rd season on Banshee! Original Banshee Crew representing!
  5. No thanks! I only rode the one at Kings Island because I lost a bet with the Banshee crew... LOL
  6. I just bought an NES Retro that plays original NES games. I currently am playing my all time favorite arcade game with it....
  7. I really can not wait for this coaster. It will be an awesome milestone for me. B&M's 100th coaster will be my 200th.
  8. The only new ride I was able to ride was Woodstock Gliders at Kings Island. I learned the art of snapping, and am quite good at it... lol I also got to operate it during the 2015 season.
  9. Ooops. I withdraw my statement... LOL Have not ridden a coaster with a name starting with "Q"
  10. Always marathon my favorite coasters at which ever park I am visiting. My personal best was the day I rode Diamondback 45 times. That good ole single rider line came in handy when they had it. I didn't intend it as a marathon, but I rode Falcons Fury at BGT 15 times in a row with a walk on.
  11. Banshee lift hill and surprisingly the brake run. "There's a shoe on the blue thing."
  12. I have to say that while I am not really a fan of Brave. (Seen it once, don't care to see it again) I did like the big reveal at the end. The person who killed her father. Sunday can not come soon enough! I think I died a little at the end of episode 8. *sigh* Is it warm in here?
  13. BUMP.. I am loving this season so far. I am also very pleased with the Once version of Merida. Merida in BRAVE annoyed me. Once Merida is more mature than the one in the movie. AND... They hired a Scottish actress for the part. That hair is just amazing also. I think Killian will be the one who pulls Excalibur from the stone, not Rumple. They are already hinting to it like the writers on this show tend to do. Merida is in the woods with Rumple, and says "all a man needs is one good hand." Also, they are casting a male and a female for upcoming episodes. The description is for a “dashing, strapping young man” who is “single-minded in his pursuit of his destiny: to be the greatest hero who ever lived” and a “plucky, 18-year-old female adventurer with a sly sense of humor and a tough, no-nonsense spirit.” Hercules and Meg perhaps?
  14. The one skeleton bent over is Miley Cyrus and the one with the striped suit is Robin Thicke.
  15. I finally got around to watching the new episode. I liked it, except for the memory wipe, AGAIN. I liked how they introduced Merida to the show. Made me glad I watched Brave last week. I would not have any idea what she was talking about when she made the bear reference or having dealt with witches before. Now the burning question is, what the F happened in Camelot??
  16. Riding, I prefer the newer restraints. Operating is a different story. The Gen-II B&M trains like Banshee must have all restraints raised and then lowered every time the train pulls into the station. The Gen-I B&M trains such as Montu and Raptor, do not require the restraints to open at all. So you can imagine every time a Gen-II train comes in, all 32 seats have to be opened and then closed even if there is no one sitting there before that train can leave the station again.
  17. Just a note: If you work at the park, please be careful of what you say and how you say it. Park officials, managers and supervisors lurk in these forums. (Had conversations with some about things posted on here.) I work in the park, which is why I rarely post in here anymore. I will say as an enthusiast, that I hope they get rid of the bins at the other roller coasters. Everything I need fits into a cargo pocket. If it doesn't fit, it doesn't go in the park with me. If a ride host asks or instructs you to do something..... There is probably a reason for the request. (Such as flip flops on Diamondback)
  18. I don't think she is going to be in Storybrooke. I think her story will take place in the Enchanted Forest. Like a supporting character, not a main story arc. Kind of like Mulan. The main focus this season I think will be Dark Swan.
  19. You are my new best friend! BUT, I will have to watch it the following day because I buy it on Amazon. Did you see that a certain red headed Princess will be added this season? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fDJ1rrLvBEg ... and I just realized that I have not seen Brave, so I just added it to my DVD queue on Netflix... LOL
  20. Sorry guys, but I had to bump the thread! I can not wait for season 5 to start next month. Loved the last episode(s) of the season 4 "Operation Mongoose Part 1& 2" I am so excited for Dark Swan!
  21. Then you're doing it wrong. Row 16 on Diamondback is my go to row for maximum airtime. You get airtime on every drop in row 16.
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